Why Twitter Bootstrap Is The Most Popular CSS Framework For PSD To HTML Conversion

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We use different type of gadgets and devices to access Internet these days and the biggest problem faced by most of the developers is the adjustment of the website according to the screen size of the device.

The website owners therefore want their websites to have an optimal viewing experience, so that there is minimum scrolling and as far as its rendering is concerned, text and images are visible without straining our eyes. In technical language, we call it a responsive website.

How to Make a Responsive Website?

In order to make a responsive website, where the text and image size is adjusted according to the screen size of the device, many techniques are used by the developers. One such technique is to register a different domain name such as m.responsivewebsite.com or responsivewebsite.com/mobile etc. But the problem here is that search engines take it as a different website and you have to do renewed efforts for its optimization and promotion, and if you use the same content in both the website interfaces, it would be taken as duplicate content by the search engines.

Common Practices Developers Use to Create Responsive Websites

The other way round is to use CSS style sheets to create a separate and responsive version of the website. Media queries are used to detect the screen size of the device and an appropriate rendering style is loaded to match the screen size by the CSS used. But, the underlying problem here is that the old browsers such as IE6 don’t support the latest CSS versions. But with people using newer versions of browsers, this practice is slowly become widespread.

Why Twitter Bootstrap?


Twitter Bootstrap or just Bootstrap, as it’s popularly known is a prebuilt CSS framework that enables developers to create customized websites. It has the basic style definition of all popular HTML components that are used to create a website. It works upon LESS, an extended version of CSS, which is a dynamic style sheet language. LESS is the fastest extension and is coded in JavaScript, which makes it easier to understand for  Bootstrap developers.

Apart from that it has few other advantages as well that make it a popular CSS framework for PSD to HTML conversion. Some of these advantages are as follows:

A. Bootstrap assists you in writing the style sheet to create a responsive HTML website
B. Bootstrap version 2.0 is designed to support responsive websites
C. Bootstrap can be used to develop all types of sites along with different types of CMS including the most popular ones such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal etc.
D. Bootstrap is supported by all the popular browsers
E. Bootstrap has a cross border compatible code

Why Should We Hire Companies for PSD to Bootstrap Services?

There is a huge demand for companies delivering high quality PSD to Bootstrap code conversion and integration services. As you know, Bootstrap, which is developed by Twitter, imparts advanced functionality to a website. It provides freedom of creating user interface components, as it combines CSS, JavaScript and HTML. You need a team of professionals to create a Bootstrap HTML and CSS code, which should be pixel-perfect and high quality rendering. These professionals would help you change your raw design into excellent JavaScript and CSS markups. You need to hire companies for semantic and hand coded markups that you can read and update easily.

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