Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

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Color wields tremendous shake over our attitudes as well as emotions. In the time our eyes see a color, they interact with a region of our brain, which is often known as the hypothalamus, which in turn sends a cascade of the signals to our pituitary gland, on or through the endocrine system, and finally to the thyroid glands. Then the thyroid glands signal the release of the hormones, which normally causes the mood fluctuation, emotion as well as behavior changes. Studies found that more than 90 percent of all products and services assessment have to do with the colors.

How to Use Colors for Your Website that Work

According to Neil Patel an online entrepreneur, more than 85 percent of products and services purchased on the impact of colors on the website. It is no brainer fact of any website that sometimes colors affect the conversions. The big time for sure. Thus, the bottom line is using great colors, better to say attractive colors and win. Now the question is, why and what colors you should use for your website, and how to use them to attract your visitors that generated leads and finally those lead to the sale your products and or services.

The Psychology of Colors

Before you dive into the concepts of using colors for a website that attract visitors, you should know something about the psychology of colors. In order to appreciate the tips that you need to use that are described below, you will be benefitted from a little information on the psychology of colors. Applying the perfect color on your web site is a science and a virtual understanding of how colors affect human behavior, better to say visitors’ behavior. You should use those colors that are attractive, soothing for eyes and match your products and or services. There are some key facts about color theory and website design that are indisputable.

The psychology of using website colors is a must study area for website owners and designers, especially who are in this web design, web development, creative design and graphic design fields. The color is beyond doubt critical. So, our success in building a great website means applying the great colors that attract visitors and buy your products or services. Let us see what kind of colors and how you use them to attract visitors to your website.

  • Use only nature palate of colors that are soothing for eyes and make sense to your visitors’ mind.

  • Do not use unnatural colors, like bright blue, red or green or even yellow that does not make any sense.

  • You can use white, but that should be cautious. Blue, gray and green colors are good, but try to use them properly.

  • The combination of soft red, orange, and sky blue are good, but make sure which is your segments and what are your products.

  • When your products or services, you are offering are the center of attraction de-saturated colors are recommended.

  • Select only three different colors that are fit for your website and use them consistently throughout the website.

  • You should use colors in your website that build a chromatic harmony. It is important to make a pleasant experience for your visitors.

  • Use the moderate number of light and bright mixed colors that are highly recommended.

  • Bear in mind that colors also denote age, class and gender and even culture, so use them accordingly.

  • People of different ages like different colors, so you should use them on your website that can attract both the group individually.

  • Young people sometimes like bright colors and old people do not, so use the colors of your website accordingly.

  • You can use only bright colors if you have a large number of young visitors, but if you do not have then you need to think of using colors for all people.

You should make it sure that colors say something, send a message to people who visit your website to buy or sell something. You should make sure to send the message through your website that can reach such people as well. Albeit, there are many dos and don’t you have to maintain, but to take care of your website design talk to your digital marketing team along with your designers who think this and that colors to apply on your website.

If you talk to your digital marketing team, you will come to know which cultural groups, genders, age, and the group of people are visiting your website, so that you can fix the colors and patterns of the colors to apply on your website. Colors tell many things. If you apply good colors that speak, you will have more opportunity to get end number of visitors. Think of colors as per your products and services and the people you are targeting your customers.

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