Web Development Technologies Trends That You Should Watch in 2018

web technology trends in 2018
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When we think about the web, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the web has become an integral part of our lives without which leading life seems to be difficult. Digitalization is a term that is gaining popularity ever since web technology came into existence and mankind got inclined towards the perks of using the digital medium. But the scenario has changed because of the fact that web technology is no more looked upon as a luxury, rather it is somewhat like a necessity for everyone now. Due to this increasing demand, the specialists are coming up with new improvements and web development technologies have been setting new trends with every passing year.

Want to know what are the latest trends to watch out for the upcoming year? Some of the major trends that the web development technologies are likely to bring about in 2018 are as follows. Check these out right here and get motivated.

  1. Single page applications to cut down on reload time

Usually, when the users are filling up some kind of forms, questionnaire, surveys, etc, on any particular website, the web takes up some amount of time to go through the whole process. When the procedure is completed, either a successful or a failed message gets displayed on the screen making the user get fed up of the reload and the wait time. To ensure this issue is eliminated completely, web development in 2018 is going to embark a single page application which will function on the run-time. The single page applications are expected to cut down on the reload time to a great extent thus increasing the user engagement. This would not just work flawlessly but would also do wonders in making the user experience a success.

  1. Material design for a revolutionary user experience

Material design web technology revolutionary user experience

When it comes to the latest web development technologies trends of the forthcoming year, the material design is a new idea in the field of motion user interface. It is a type of visual language that is a combination of the Google’s design principles. What makes a web design a hit among the users is the presence of three vital elements which are- responsiveness, motion UI, and certain physical components. When these three elements will work together as one component in the coming year, the material design would turn out to be a great reason for revolutionary user experience. And this latest trend is certainly something that you should watch out for in web designing as it will bring a revolutionary change in user experience.

  1. Conversational user interface to make chats easier

Whenever a visitor lands in a particular website, the first and foremost requirement is that he or she should be well-informed about the services offered by the website. If the website has a user-friendly interface, it helps a visitor to have a conversation in the chat bots. In this way, due to the presence of a conversational UI, the doubts of the visitors get clarified and he or she feels more confident to stay on the site. This is a great way to eliminate the doubts that the visitor might be having. It not only just makes chats easier and simpler but also saves a good amount of time. So, the next time a user would want to know more about the website, they can have a one to one conversation in the chat bots.

  1. Cinemagraph to make virtual reality look real

Cinematography to make virtual reality look real for web development technology

When we compare the impact of photos with videos, videos tend to have a greater impact on the viewers than the photos as per the surveys. But the best part about the latest trend of web designing is the unconventional way of treating photos like a part of the video that has been chopped off where required. Cinemagraphs are likely to be seen in GIF formats that not just leaves a powerful impact on the viewers but is also a fun medium of communication online. The term is also becoming quite trendy as the boomerang effect, due to the rapid minor locomotion of the character or any other object. This usage of cinemagraphs in websites to make virtual reality look real will be making web development full of fun and entertainment as well.

While these four technological trends are expected to change the entire scenario of web development in a positive way, the specialists are not going to leave any stone unturned to make these work flawlessly in reality. You can expect such simple and interactive user interface while browsing through the web in the coming year. So, definitely watch out for these latest web development technologies trends in the year 2018 that will make your web experience truly worth it!

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