All Ways of Increasing Traffic to your Website

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Lack of website traffic is one of the most typical challenges of website owners. Knowing how to diversify the traffic that’s coming to your website is important. You cannot just rely on search engine optimization alone. Here are 15 actionable ways of increasing traffic to your website.

1. Get active on Social Media

Sharing your content through social media isn’t enough. You need to actively participate in the community. Join in group discussions in Twitter and use relevant hashtags. Respond to comments on your Facebook posts and interact with your followers.

active on Social Media

2. Advertise

Social media advertising and internet advertising are excellent ways of gaining new visitors, as well as building the name of your brand. A Web Design with landing pages from advertisements can also increase your conversions. Experiment with some paid channels and weigh the pros and cons before you invest in advertisements.

3. Write catchy titles and headlines

Titles and headlines are the most important parts of content. It’s the first thing readers will see. Without a compelling title and headline, your blog post with great content could go unread. So, think carefully about your titles and headlines before hitting the publish button.

4. Use long-tail keywords

Using a single keyword for every page is old school. A good Web Design focuses on long-tail keywords. This is now the key to optimizing your site. Start optimizing your content by including relevant phrases related to your topic.  

5. Post more frequently

Posting high-quality content six times per week increases your blog traffic. Find the number that works for you and commit to seeing improvement. In many cases, increases in traffic from blogging are easily scalable.

6. Post your content to Aggregator Sites

Yes, this also works. But don’t spam Reddit and other aggregator sites. Content aggregator sites like Reddit are particular about spamming links. So, every now and then, try to submit links that are genuinely useful.

7. Optimize your site for SEO

Every business owner should make their Web Design look as good as possible for search engines. Spending time and even dollars on your site’s optimization is always worth it.

Optimize your site for SEO

8. Examine Your Analytics Data

Google Analytics is a vital source of data on every portion of your site. Your Analytics data will tell you what posts or pages are proving more traffic to your site. By examining your most popular pages and visitor demographics, you can strategize your next moves and improve your Web Design.

9. Work with industry influencers

Working and engaging with industry influencers is undeniably beneficial. Find influencers that are in the same niche as you. Build a relationship with them and let them know about your new post. You’ll be surprised at how many of them link back to your post.

10. Accept guest posts

Guest posting is a great way of increasing site traffic. In the same way, accepting guest posts can achieve the same result. Accepting guest posts is a win-win situation for both parties. It will not just promote your content; you will also be gaining more audience.

11. Cultivate a sense of community

Cultivate a sense of community

Building a forum or community in your website is an excellent way to start a discussion as well as to grow traffic to your site. Your Web Design should have a robust commenting system. Try using third-party solutions like Disqus or even Facebook comments. You may also create a dedicated forum where your site visitors can post their questions. However, you need to manage your community forum to ensure that standards of decorum are followed.

12. Facebook Remarketing

Facebook is such a great promotion tool. But did you know that you can set up remarketing in Facebook? By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your website, you can remarket to viewers who have previously visited your website. Your ads will then be shown on their Facebook account.

13. Twitter Remarketing

Just like Facebook remarketing, Twitter remarketing works in the same exact way. However, Twitter requires a higher minimum number of an audience before you can advertise towards them. Just install the tracking pixel, and you can start targeting your site visitors on Twitter.

14. Don’t disregard Email Marketing

Your Web Design shouldn’t be solely focused on getting new customers via content marketing. Don’t disregard traditional methods like email marketing. Even a modestly successful email blast can result in a significant rise in site traffic. Just make sure to use thought-provoking content and be careful not to bombard your audience with aggressive emails every single day.

15. Launch new products

A friendly email prompt or an advertisement of a new product or service can help you boost up your traffic. Some customers get bored with the same old product or service. Keep innovating to meet the needs of your customers. Launching new products is an excellent way to attract old and new visitors.

While there are more ways to drive significant traffic to your site, these are straight-to-the-point ways for increasing traffic to your website. Some of these methods might not be a quick fix, but consistently doing them will generate great results in the long run.

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