Top 10 Keyboard Apps for IOS and Android

Keyboard Apps for IOS and Android
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With the possibility to use third-party keyboards on smartphones things have changed a lot. Although third-party keyboards were in their infancy back some years ago, they used to offer more functionality and more ease of use. Over time, these keyboards have doubled or even tripled in number, and also have come to offer way more features and advanced functionality.  We can now perform more tasks in less time and have more options in terms of keyboard customisation, typing, accessibility, etc.

There are plenty of third-party keyboards available on the web, both paid and free, for different operating systems, but not all of them offer the same value. Some of them slow down your typing, some are overpriced, some are limited in functionality. In this post, I’ve put together a list of best 10 keyboard apps for IOS and Android devices that offer great value and are super functional along the way. Let’s check them out.

Slash Keyboard

Slash Keyboard

Slash is an advanced and super-charged keyboard that makes it easy to access and share things from your smartphone. It gives you quick access to the stuff on your phone and on the web by letting you connect other apps and services to your phone, such as Google search, maps, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify and more. You can easily access your phone contacts, photos, notes, and share them with friends right from your keyboard.The app also supports a bunch of stickers and GIFs to help you boost your productivity and make your conversations even more fun. Slash works on most of messaging apps and platforms and is available for IOS and Android users.



Gboard is one of the most widely used and advanced keyboard apps available, that’s backed by Google itself. It’s a fully-featured third-party keyboard app, that makes it easy to search and share literally everything right from your keyboard. Whether it’s a link, weather forecast, address or a news article, you can share it with just few finger clicks.  In addition to search, Gboard comes with smart auto-correct and word prediction features, GIF and emoji support, some keyboard themes, glide typing and more. It’s available for download in Apple Store and Google Play store.  

Sticker Market

Sticker Market is a fully-featured keyboard app for stickers, GIFs and faces emojis, which also comes with smart autocorrect and word prediction functionalities. It gives you quick access to hundreds of sticker sets, millions of GIFs and face emojis right from your keyboard and lets you customize your keyboard with light and dark keyboard themes. The app is searchable, letting you easily search and find the sticker sets and GIFs you want. The best thing about Sticker Market is that you don’t need to switch between apps or other keyboards to access the stickers and stuff. Moreover, you can use the available stickers, GIFs, and templates on all top messaging apps and platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.The keyboard has a number of settings you can customize to your needs and is available in both Apple store and Google Play store.



Swype is yet another advanced keyboard app, that contributes to a faster and better typing experience. It gets smarter the more you use it, by paying attention to your writing style and words you use the most. It features an advanced autocorrect and word prediction and that suggests words based on your personal language model. Swype comes with next generation voice recognition and supports over 100 languages and dialects. Also, the app lets you customize your keyboard by adjusting the keyboard height, vibration duration, long press delay, and more. Available on Apple store and Google Play store. 

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Swiftkey is a widely used smart keyboard app for IOS and Android devices. It uses artificial intelligence at its core to learn from your writing style and make the most relevant word prediction and suggestions. Swiftkey makes it easier and faster to type and supports tons of emojis and actually suggests your favorite emojis as you type. The keyboard comes with over 80 colors, designs and keyboard themes to cater to your style and taste. Swiftkey supports 150 languages and provides bilingual autocorrect across all the supported languages. Available for IOS and Android users.



Chrooma is a lightweight and powerful keyboard that offers a high level of personalisation to its users. It comes with plenty of keyboard themes, colors, emoji support, GIF search function , multilingual typing and is pretty customizable. You can adjust the keyboard size, fonts, emoji styles and more. The keyboard is using artificial intelligence to provide better and faster contextual word prediction.You can easily switch between the one-hand mode and split layouts to adjust the keyboard to your writing preferences.  

Hacker’s Keyboard

Hakcker's keyboard

Hacker’s keyboard is great app for those who want  to fully customise their keyboards to resemble the one they have on their laptops or computers. It provides separate number and arrow keys and has the punctuation at the usual place. Also, the keyboard features working Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys, and comes with a number of layout modes you can choose from. Hacker’s keyboard supports over 30 languages and has a number of dictionaries available for download. The app is available only in Google Play store.


Fleksy banner

Fleksy is a fast and fully customizable keyboard app, that comes with some powerful extensions. You can use extensions like GIFs, stickers, cursor control, key pops and more, and navigate apps right from your keyboard. With its powerful features, Fleksy makes it easy to type, copy, paste and edit texts. There is a next generation auto-correct feature in the app, that lets you type faster and error free. You can easily add space, punctuation and delete words with a swipe of your finger.



Thumb is another advanced keyboard with user-friendly design and top-notch functions. It comes with so many customisation options and allows its users to adjust the keyboard to their every need. Apart from the fully featured standard layout options the keyboard has a split layout option, that’s perfect for thumb typing on tablets and iPad. It makes typing more comfortable and faster and makes it easier to access the keys. Thumb supports voice recognition and input, auto correction, swipe gesture, user dictionary, and a lot more features.



Minuum is a smart keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space and contributes to a faster, better typing experience. It’s highly adjustable, meaning you can switch between various keyboard layouts or re position it entirely. It comes with different alphabet arrangements and speeds up your typing with smart word prediction and auto-correction. Minuum learns from your vocabulary and suggests words based on the most frequent ones that you use. The keyboard is also good at voice recognition, so you can switch to hands-free typing anytime you need it. 

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