Top 10 file management modules in Drupal

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Drupal is a popular web development platform with its scalable architecture and an integrated Content Management System. This open-source platform provides the best security to the developers with its multi-tier authorization level, allowing multiple users to access content in a website in different levels.

There are several powerful tools and features in Drupal that are adding to its popularity. However, to begin working with Drupal, one should have knowledge of the File Management Modules in Drupal.


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Let’s learn more about the top 10 File Management Modules that a developer will love working with:

1. IMCE: The IMCE module is packed with file/image uploading and editing features. It can also work as a browser and one can share files and folders with users. It can be used for file sorting and inserting images into the content.

2. FileField: This module is ideal for you if you are dealing with voluminous data and large size files. You can also find FileField as the best module if you have a large number of audios, videos and podcasts on your website.

3. ImageField: The ImageField module allows developers to add multiple images and the thumbnail view of images. They can also manage the image resolution and other image options.

4. AudioField: With the AudioField module, you can easily add some audio file to your website. You can also choose the audio player to play the audio files. Currently, it is supporting six different audio players.

5. Media: You can take help of the Media module to handle all media files on your website. It allows developers to manage all types of multimedia files.

6. Image: Using Image module, you can upload images, with thumbnails and size as automatic options. You need to have a proper permission to upload images and you can group images as per your requirement. You can take help of add-ons such as Image Gallery, Image Import and Image attach.

7. Embedded Media Field: This module will allow you to embed third-party media files such as images, audios, videos or podcasts to your Drupal. It will automatically detect the third-party content and will display it in a proper format.

8. ImageFUPload: The ImageFUPload gives you the liberty of uploading multiple images in a single click. You can also edit all fields related to an image instantly such as title, category etc. Depending upon your permission levels, you can upload the images and edit them.

9. IMCE Crop: Through this module, you can crop images. When you install this module, it adds a Crop field to your dashboard for you to carry out the necessary image cropping task.

10.Comment Upload: This module helps you adding images in your comment. This is very similar to what you can do in Facebook comments. Here, you can also attach videos and audios in your comment.

These ten modules are the most essential modules for a basic Drupal development. These modules will give you an idea about how files can be downloaded or uploaded by users in Drupal. There are many more modules in Drupal and an expertise of using as many modules can be your asset when it comes to Drupal development.

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