Take WordPress at Your Fingerprints with WordPress Mobile App

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WordPress is an open-source and free MySQL and PHP based Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is installed on web server which is either a network host or a part of hosting service. Some of the amazing features are template system and PlugIn architecture. As of April 2016, WordPress has been used by around 26.4% of leading 10 million websites. WordPress is reportedly the most popular and easiest blogging or website management system which supports up to 60 million websites. Released by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg on May 27, 2003, WordPress allows users to install themes and switch between various themes.

Users can then change the overall functionality and appearance of a website without having to alter the health and content of a site. Every WordPress site needs one theme to be there and every theme must be designed with valid HTML, structured PHP and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using WordPress standards.

In the annual conference at State of the Word, ‘Matt Mullenweg’, WordPress co-founder talked about very interesting idea. It is found that only 4% of new blogs actually seen continued use on WordPress.com. It was also revealed that around 31% users use WordPress through iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and other iOS devices. Recently, the company has launched official WordPress App on app store.

About WordPress for iOS

With WordPress iOS app, you can now manage your WordPress website or blog on the move; edit comments, view your stats, edit and create pages and posts, and upload media. All you need is self-hosted WordPress.org website or WordPress.com blog running up to 4.0 or higher version. WordPress app gives you the power of publishing. WordPress is an open-source app. If you are a beginner, here’s how to use the official WordPress app on your iOS devices.

Why Use WordPress for Mobile?

WordPress mobile app is designed to run your website without compromising portability and flexibility, as content is available everywhere. You may upload and record video, take some pictures, write posts while walking around, sitting in a public transport or hanging out with your friends. Now you can take your own website anywhere you go.

WordPress app is designed to be touch and mobile friendly. Hence, WordPress app is completely user friendly. Using this app is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface. For many bloggers, writing with virtual keyboard is still an issue. WordPress mobile app is very touch and mobile friendly and is very simple to use.

It is known to have very user-friendly interface and using it is really a breeze. It combines native touch keyboard on your iPhone with formatting buttons on WordPress app. It is going to be easy and simple to write posts through your iOS devices. As your site or blog grows, you would have to stay online to keep track on any new comment which requires your approval or a new order on your shopping store based on WordPress. These tasks can easily be performed without using your PC or sitting on your desk. You can also use mobile browser to access WordPress admin panel. But the major issue is that WordPress admin panel lacks the smooth interface to cater to smaller screens. On the flip side, WordPress app is designed to have more small-screen and touch friendly interface for iOS devices.

How to Setup WordPress App on Your iOS Devices?

You can now download WordPress App for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from iTunes store for free. When WordPress app is installed on your device, register with your username and password on WordPress and add your website’s URL. Now you can connect your iOS app to your website and access your data. WordPress App for your iOS device has innovative and simple user interface. On the right side, there is a menu to jump to various sections of website. You can edit or write pages and posts, view site, manage comments or access admin area.

It consists of two buttons at the bottom – Photo and Settings.

In ‘Settings’ option, you can configure various options to use WordPress on your iPad or iPhone. From settings page, you can also add several sites and blogs and manage from an individual WordPress app on your device. Several WordPress users using this app on their iPad or iPhone like posting content and photos. The photo button which is conveniently placed lets you to upload images and take picture from your iPad or iPhone to your site within few taps. If you are a travel blogger, it is a great choice for you. Most of the users are blessed with this feature on their vacations in several parts of the world.

How to Write Posts in WordPress App?

It is relatively easy to write post in WordPress app. All you need to tap on “Add Icon” positioned next to posts to continue writing. In WordPress for iOS, the post editor has attractive interface with which you can easily type on your device. On the edit post area, the keyboard interface lets you to add links and perform some basic formatting. It also allows you to upload media and files by just tapping on attachment button. You can find a setting button at the bottom of each post you edit or write in WordPress app for iOS. This way, you can set visibility, post status, add featured image and perform other functions.

How to Edit and Manage Comments?

From the WordPress app, you can directly edit, read and approve comments. You will definitely like this feature, as you can get many comments every day. This way, bloggers can easily change and approve comments wherever they go. Even when you are out of your office, you can always start discussion on your official blog. The WordPress app has seen significant growth over the years. WordPress mobile app is seriously a boon to many bloggers and website owners who don’t have time to spend on their desktop. WordPress mobile app is seriously the best option to keep track on your website on the go.

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