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6 Reasons Why Umbraco Is The Best CMS for Small Business

A content management system is the soul of any website. No website is successful unless it has scaleless, secure, feature-packed and user-friendly content management systems. When it comes to CMS website development, there are a plethora of platform options in the market. But, you should choose the right CMS platform that suits your type of business.

Microsoft CMS development platform is the latest buzzword in the market. There are many Microsoft CMS systems and some most popular CMS platforms are KenticoUmbraco, DotNetNuke, and Sitefinity. In this blog, we will talk about Umbraco and give you much important information about this popular platform. Later, we will compare this platform with other non-Microsoft CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. So. let’s start.

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What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is one of the most popular “cloud-based open source content management system” built using Microsoft ASP.NET framework. This platform is acknowledged for its flexibility to run anything from brochure sites or small campaign to complex applications for Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest media sites in the world. At present, more than 100,000 websites running on this platform.

What is the market share of Umbraco?

Umbraco is getting more popular among masses with the passage of time. Being the only cloud-based CMS web design system, it is being preferred by web developers and users alike.

Here is the country-wise market share of this platform:

Since 2011, many customers are migrated to Umbraco from other platforms owing to its amazing benefits. Here is a breakdown of what customers have eventually migrated from to Umbra co since 2011:

What makes Umbraco popular?

Umbraco is getting more and more popular among people owing to its various advantages. Here are some benefits that you will get while using this platform:

1. It is free

There is no need to pay any amount for using Umbraco CMS development services. The only thing that you pay for is its design service. This platform is open-source which helps you to save money on launching your website.

If you download some additional packages to add advanced features, these sometimes require a payment. As it’s open source, you can always use it for free and you are not tied to anything. So, if you decide not to use the services in the future, you can simply hire another web designer familiar with Umbraco.

2. Huge support community

You do not want to just launch your website and leave it on its own. With Umbraco CMS development websites, you get advantages of a huge support community where you can ask questions and get advice from the expert developers or other community members. They’ll be ready to help at any time of the day, so you are never alone.

3. Perfect for publishing content

Content is the backbone of any website. So it makes sense to use a platform that makes complete management of content as simple as possible. With Umbraco platform, you can use MS Word to create and publish your content, meaning you can enjoy the familiarity that it provides. You can also save versions of your content so you can revert back and compare them.

Inserting different types of documents and photos is especially easy. In addition to this, the media library is easy-to-use, and you can manage your media without having to spend hours learning the process.

4. It’s on the cloud

With Umbraco, there’s no need for waiting or paying for the next software release before you can get the latest updates. Umbraco is a cloud-based content management system; therefore, with this platform, you can save yourself from the hassles of installation and bug fixing.

5. The perfect way to search engine optimization

With Umbraco web design services, you’ll be in the perfect position to optimize your site. SEO requires time and effort after the site is launched, but you want to ensure you are not fighting an uphill battle.

With Umbraco, all sites are ready to start optimizing straight away so you can get the most from your marketing efforts once your site is launched.

6. You have complete control of content management systems

Do you want to add features like a contact form? It is easy with Umbraco CMS web design websites. You do not need to be a web designer for this, and you can simply download a package and install it in just a few clicks.

This gives you greater freedom to add features to your website– all without requiring specialist design skills.

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Wrapping Up:

Being a website development company, one of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘Which platform would you use to manage your content?’ Nowadays, we are suggesting our customers opt for Offshore Umbraco development services for all your content management needs owing to its various benefits. If you have any query related to CMS Website Development, feel free to contact PixelCrayons.

Article Source: 6 Reasons Why Umbraco Is The Best CMS for Small Business

Why Should Migrate From Drupal 7 To Drupal 8?

The new release of world’s leading open source content management platform Drupal is packed with over 200 new features and improvements. With these prominent features, Drupal 8 will set new standards in offering plethora of ways to customize your website content, display data on mobile devices, and build API’s.

 The updated version reveals some of its astounding features, and better arms Drupal users to take advantage of the emerging internet technologies, particularly the digital marketing and social media optimization. It is essential for Drupal users to learn about the software’s continuous evolutions that bring forth new capabilities to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Here is what they all will get in the Drupal 8.Here is what they all will get in the Drupal 8.


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 1. More User-friendly:

Many often use to complain that Drupal is not as simple as WordPress. Drupal 8 has been designed to address all issues that used to make it complex. Now, it’s simpler, and easier to build websites quickly and upload/edit content in an effortless manner.

2. Simple & Mobile Content Editing:
The new Drupal version comes with a built-in WISIWYG editor that makes your task of editing content a breeze. Instead of puzzling at the back-end, now you may edit the content at the front-end as well, so that everything will remain visible to you instantly. Moreover, it allows you to edit content through mobile devices as well.

3. Responsive & Fast:
In Drupal 8, with an optimum JavaScript load, the content caching task is more efficient and faster. That’s why the content becomes available at a faster pace with no wait time. It also makes your website look impressive with more responsive characteristics. Thus, users will love to access your website via multiple mobile devices.

4. Multi-language Support:
If your goal is to build a multi-lingual site to penetrate new geographies speaking different foreign languages, Drupal 8 could be your sensible choice. It allows you to build a website for users speaking multiple languages and manage it more efficiently.


Did you get your website developed in Drupal 7? But now you wish to migrate it to Drupal 8? It’s not a worry! The previous versions of Drupal were not that supportive in terms of the website migration. It was mere supportive. But now with Drupal 8 developers can effortlessly shift the websites that have been coded in either Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. Undoubtedly, this is going to ease the work load of many developers out there, who are always expected to ensure the website compatibility with the new flowing in technologies. Thus, with Drupal 8 it is easy to update the websites for the developers.

Top Reasons That Make Drupal So Popular

One of the leading open source content management system, Drupal is widely used for developing flexible, sophisticated and robust websites, applications and social media networks. In this blog post, we’ve mentioned a core set of reasons why Drupal has been the preferred choice by tens of thousands of websites, from individual blogs to complex social media networks, and why it could be the right choice for your online project.

Drupal CMS

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Reason 1: Rapid and Agile Web 2.0 Development  : 

Rapid and Agile Web 2.0 Development is at the heart of Drupal. Out of the box, you have clean markup code, page and blog publishing, content management, search, polls, forums, user login modules and more. Development time is reduced from week to days..

Reason 2: Plethora of Free Modules

Thousands of free Modules (16,000+) are available in the community to help you quickly add specific features to your website. From CRM, Security, Social Media to SEO, Performance, Backup/Migrate and more. Think of modules as Lego Blocks –  quickly add them to build your online property.

Reason 3: Huge Active Community

A huge community of theme designers have created feature-rich templates to quickly help you realise your website’s vision. Aesthetics, fonts, responsive layouts, stock graphics, adjustable colour schemes and layout editors make working with 3rd party themes a breeze. You can always find one to suit your brand identity. Or simply build your own.

Reason 4: Highly Scalable

Drupal CMS is massively scalable. You can start with 5 pages and grow to 5000 without ever needing to change anything. Performance and Security parameters can easily be managed from the Admin console. Some of the world’s high traffic sites like Grammys, White House, Nascar all run on Drupal.

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Reason 5: Free of Cost

It’s 100% free. As open source software, you’re not locked down with licenses, recurring fees or anything proprietary. Just install the CMS files on your server and you’re good to go.

Reason 6: Enhanced Security

Drupal CMS is known for its rock solid security, dependability and constant security patches and updates. Safeguarding you from any online code exploits.

Reason 7: SEO Friendly

Clean code, powerful modules and modern web publishing make Drupal a very SEO Friendly CMS. There are of course a wide range of 3rd party SEO modules you can plug in to Drupal to take your SEO initiatives to the next level.

If you have any query related to Drupal designing and development, feel free to contact PixelCrayons: the leading Drupal Development Company in India.