A quick process of indexing your new webpage on Google

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Without the SEO, your website is like a wine shop in the middle of the desert. That is why the SEO is must activity that every business owner who has a website should do. However, indexing the website on the Google search engine ranking page is a task which requires time, and you would have to wait for months if you want your website to be listed on the top of Google search engine ranking page. Or, there is the second case too.

Some people who own the website and already getting the services of SEO often struggles to index their new page of the website on the Google SERP. The purpose of adding any new webpage could be different. It could be just another landing page or a new web page for the service or product that you recently introduced. That is why it needs to be listed on the top of the Google SERP so people can know about your services as soon as possible. That is why the need to get it on the top of Google SERP is imperative, but I am here to help you.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you some of the best techniques of the SEO that many top-notch SEO professionals use. The following is a quick process of indexing your new webpage on the Google.



Whenever you have to list the pages on your website, you have to create a sitemap which is an XML document placed on the website’s server. This document is responsible for making the crawling habit of the Google. This document tells the Google that when a new page has been added and how often you make changes on specific pages. You can use different tools and plugins which can help you in making automatic changes and update your sitemap according to it and also submit it to search engines. This is the best practice for those who have the e-commerce website and deals with hundreds of products.

Sitemap submission to Google Webmaster tools:


If you have recently developed your website, then you should take its sitemap to the Google Webmaster Tools. If you have missed this trick, then nothing has lost because you can still make a Google account and then signup for the Webmaster tools. All you have to do then is to add your sitemap to the Webmaster tool by going into Optimization > Sitemaps and then add the link in your website’s sitemap to Webmaster tools which keep the Google updated about the changes in your website.

The Google Analytics:


The Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for the SEO and indexing your website at the top. This tool can also help you in tracking the web pages of your website and all traffic. This is another tool which counts a lot whenever the Google crawler crawls your website. Moreover, it will also help you in making strategy and campaign based on the pattern of your traffic and focusing on the areas from where you are not getting enough traffic that you should get.

Website URL Submission to Search Engines:


If you are getting the services of the SEO, then you’re a concerned agency or any SEO individual would not recommend you submit your Website URL to Search Engine and let the search engine crawler crawl your website on your own. However, it doesn’t hurt anything and will only take a moment of yours. That is why you should submit your URL by signing into your account of Webmaster tool and going to the “Submit URL” option in it. Moreover, you can get some extra reward too, if you register your website on other search engines like Bing.

Update it on Social Profiles:


The crawler of the Google travels through links to links. That is why if you have your links in numerous places, then you can easily get the crawler on your website too often. That is why having a strong social media profile is also important. This is the best and a quick method of getting some clicks or adding it to your new website or new webpage. You can also put the buttons on different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other social media website which you use.

Share your webpage links:

share-signs link

When you have finished adding your new webpage link into your new or existing social media profiles, now this is the time of sharing it with others. Share the link as much as you can and create a buzz on the social media websites because it is important. The links on the social media websites are nofollow however search engines do notice if your link start appearing on the social media websites too often. The reason why sharing a nofollow link is important is that the search engines do track the social signals that are why you have a great chance of not only getting traffic from these websites but also get noticed by the Google and other search engines.



There are many websites which allow you to do social bookmarking. Sites like Delicious or the Stumble Upon are the best social bookmarking websites. This will do different things with your new webpage and the website as a whole. It will get you more visitors than any other practice. All the users of the site on which you place your bookmark will turn into your market and out of those who would be in need of the service in which you do business will definitely contact you. That is why you not only get more traffic from these social bookmarking websites but also get verified customers. Secondary this is another way of sending more social signals to the Google. The many social bookmarks, you will create the mow social signal you can generate which will surely get noticed by the Google or any other search engine. Last but not the least it is another method to speed up your process of indexing. The social bookmarking platforms are one of those platforms which get crawled constantly which makes your link to crawl multiple times too. That is why bookmarking your new webpage you can get it on the SERP quicker than your thought.

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