Complete Guide List on How to Optimize E-commerce Website

Complete Guide List on How to Optimize E-commerce Website

Having a multi-million dollar e-commerce business is every business owner’s dream. But in order to be successful in the e-commerce world, one needs to have a robust website optimization strategy. If not, it can result in negative reviews, cart abandonments and your business going kaput.

So should you invest thousands of dollars into Search Engine Optimization or there are other ways as well? Well, there are several ways you can optimize your e-commerce website. But you need to make incessant efforts and take smart decisions to make it possible. First and foremost you need the right e-commerce store development strategy. Only once you have the right e-commerce store in place you can think of further optimization.

For all those who have been looking for the best e-commerce conversion optimization techniques, here are a few insights on how to do it.

1. Master the art of SEO and get found

Search Engine Optimization is an art very few have mastered. It involves undertaking off-page optimization and creating meaningful URLs helping the visitors to find what they are looking for. So make sure you have content which describes your products and services well and is void of keyword stuffing. When you are describing the products that are similar to your competitors, you might find it difficult to be original. But try to avoid plagiarism at all costs!

A good way to get rid of this is to put the different characteristics of your main product on the same page and use canonical URLs to give the SEO benefits to that product. For example, if you are selling a particular t-shirt, provide the options of different colors on the same page. The buyers just have to click once to be able to find what they want.

2. Build the trust amongst your customers

When customers choose to buy from a particular brand, it is not just the price factor they consider. If you take a look at your analytics, you will observe that people often visit the “About Us” page to know exactly who you are so that they can trust your brand. In order to build the trust, you need to be transparent and provide all the information about your product and services.

In one of the Surveys conducted by Shopify last year, it proved that customer reviews have the potential to boost the conversion rates by 14% to 17%. Also, safe shopping trust marks can make a lot of difference according to Actual Insights. These research studies prove that you have to build the trust amongst your customers before they decide to do business with you. Decide whether you want to do it through a powerful message, genuine customer reviews or trust logos.

3. Provide an excellent UI/UX design

It is a very well known fact that websites that are slow as a sloth lose a lot of visitors and revenue. So when it comes to providing a reasonable UI/UX on your website, the loading speed of your page needs to be improved. Google wants your page to load in few seconds if you want to make successful conversions. And in order to adhere to these demands, companies like Amazon and Walmart enhanced the speed of their website. Thereafter, 1% to 2% of an increase in revenues and conversions were observed.

Also, planning your navigation wisely is another important aspect of enabling optimization. Most of the customers know exactly what they want. So if you provide a smooth navigation experience, there will be lesser cart abandonments and increased revenues.

4. Eliminate unnecessary coding

Developers often use WYSIWYG resources to build a Web page. However, they tend to create a code mess which can make your website slow. It is important to remember that every line of unnecessary code increases the size of your page making it load slowly. So make sure that you get rid of extra space, indentation and line breaks in your code.

Google has provided some steps to minify your coding. Take a look at these steps given below:

  1. Make use of PageSpeed Insights Chrome extension to minify your HTML and create an optimized version of your code. Thereafter, you can run the analysis against your HTML page and read through the ‘Minify HTML’ rule. You can also click on ‘See optimized content’ so that you can get the optimized HTML code.
  2. For minifying your CSS, use YUI Compressor and cssmin.js.
  3. In order to minify JavaScript, use Closure Compiler, YUI Compressor or a Java Script Minfier. Strategize a process through which you can use these tools to minify your codes. Rename these development files and save them to your production directory.

5. Streamline the Checkout Experience

So what makes people abandon the carts? A prolonged process of account creation? A complex navigation process? Last minute surprises about shipping costs? Or lack of time? It can be all or any of the above-mentioned reasons.

A report by Radware revealed that 70% of online carts suffer due to midway abandonments. Also, loading speed of the websites should be good enough if you want to lessen the cart abandonment rates. In order to streamline a better shopping cart experience, do the following.

  • Display a progress bar on the website to let your customers know how many steps are left to checking out
  • Lessen the number of pages and navigation needed to accomplish a transaction
  • Mention about the availability of product on the product page itself
  • Simplify the design of checkout page to lessen distractions.
  • Send cart abandonment emails to let the customers know that you care
  • Follow up with an email if/whenever the product is back

When e-commerce business owners get desperate, they tend to walk on the belief that gaining more traffic is the only solution. But that is not the only way to make successful conversions. If you optimize your website according to the guidelines given above, you will definitely perceive a change for good.

If you think that you do not have the technical knowledge to undertake these steps, consider hiring professionals that can help you with website optimization solutions.

Revealed: 11 Colors You Can Use In A Logo And What They Say About Your Brand!

LinkedIn Different color logo

Undoubtedly, color is the most powerful element of a logo which helps to reflect in the eyes of the customer. For instance, if you think of a big golden m, so ultimately MacDonald’s come in your mind. Whether your logo is red, yellow, green or blue, its colors will play a lead role to entice the potential audience of your brand.

Therefore, it’s vital for you to pick up right colors for your new logo design to stand out from the crowd. Let’s have a look at the information shared in the below passage to unveil what logo color say about your brand.

  1. Red

coca cola red logo

Red color provides a sign of rage and desire. This is why the red color is mostly used by the fashion industry. If your brand is for young people then you should choose the red color for your new logo design. The red logo will provide an energetic impression as well as capture the attention of your young audience. It is used by the world most famous brand like Coca-Cola and YouTube

  1. Purple

Yahoo Purple Logo

Purple is a royal as well as mysterious color. It is a key part of the rainbow and provides a luxuries view. This color is popular for clothing and house painting. Purple is used by some popular brand like Yahoo and FedEx. The purple color is also used by some luxury chocolate factories including Cadbury and Quality Street.

  1. Blue

facebook blue logo

Blue is the most popular choice for many products. It provides a cool impression in our mind because it is the color of the sea and skies. It is also known as the king of logos as world popular brand uses it such as Facebook which is the king of socializing platforms and gap is the king of fashion clothing.

  1. Orange

Fanta Orange Logo

Orange is a cheerful and bright color which can be used for a company logo especially which sells kid’s stuff. It will add the element of excitement and fun in your logo to stand it out from the crowd. World leading brands like Fanta and Nick have engaged this color to enhance their popularity.

  1. Yellow

CAT yellow Logo

Yellow is the sign of energy and friendship because it is the color of sunlight and communication. This bright color easily captures the attention of customers as well as cheer up the review with happiness. Some giant companies like CAT and best buy use yellow in their logo identity.

  1. Green

Whatsapp green logo

Green is the color of peace and provides a fresh as well as the trusty impact on the mind. This is why the green color is associated with many health and financial organization. Top brands like spirit and WhatsApp use green color as their business identity.

  1. Black

Gucci Black Logo

The black color is the sign of boldness and stylish. This dark color is popular because of its luxury look and is mostly used by expensive brands. Expensive brands including Gucci and Nike use black color in their brand logo. Popular TV channels such as HBO and BBC also use the black color logo.

  1. Gray

Toyota Gray Logo

Gray is a balanced color which provides serious and classy look. This color is currently used by some of the world most luxuries brands like Apple, Microsoft, Adidas, and much more. It is also used by many luxury automobile producers like Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, and Toyota.

  1. Brown

Hersheys Brown Logo

Brown color creates a natural and pleasant impression in the mind of people. The simplicity of this color can also help your business to maintain its originality. This color is used by famous courier company UPS and Hershey chocolates.

  1. Pink

Barbie Pink Logo

The pink color is mostly used by kids and lady stuff manufacturer because this color provides a sweet impression. Nothing can attract the mind of girls and kids than a logo in pink color. This is why a famous kid’s brands like Barbie and Baskin Robbins using pink color in their brand identity.

  1. White

Puma white logo

White is a natural color. It creates an economic image in the mind of people. You can use white color with any brand identity. Many popular brands including Puma, Adidas, and Gucci use white color in their business logo.


Different people have a different mindset regarding color. For example, Greek philosopher thinks that seven in a magical number because seven color forms a rainbow. Blue for boys and red for girls is also a common mindset of people. While many culture people think that the black color is for mourning. So there are different mindsets of people regarding color, therefore, you will need to pick up colors that fit with your brand.

Will Windows 10 have any effect on the 3D Printing Industry?

windows 10 3d printing

The 3D Print Industry has been booming since its inception. It is still very young and has its own challenges and is highly priced too. Right from the time Windows 8.1 came in it has been supporting the 3D printers. And now with the launch of Window 10, the support and results are even better. It comes with Network 3D Printer which gives support for even a better range of printers, allowing access from the network. The best part is that multiple computers can share and print from the same 3D printer.

3D printing is the hottest buzz in the printing industry, like any other new technology that comes in the market. Canalys predicted that the global market for 3D printers and its services will from $2.5 Billion in 2013 to $16.2 Billion in 2018 with an annual growth of 45.7%.

Why 3D?

3D communicates the message and idea in a better way. It is more comprehensive as it can represent better to the world we live in. 3D is a multi-billion dollar market and is still growing.

With Windows 10 3D printers can network-enable their printers and can also invite the manufacturers to evaluate the experience from this new system and be able to connect their devices to Windows easily. Everything gets easy when you integrate your 3D printing services with Windows 10. Over the years we have seen Microsoft making rapid changes in technology the result of which is Windows 10. Today every Windows 10 user has access to a 3D printer. And mind you, not just a 3D printer, but a virtual factory of professional grade.

Windows 10 gives you high-quality 3D prints, giving you the liberty to make unique and perfect 3D prints for special occasions. You may be a professional designer or a beginner, Windows 10 will provide you with the best on hand printing experience. 3D printing has made a noteworthy inroad in the printing industry.

Why should 3D Printers go for Windows 10?

  • Windows 10 is the most advanced platform for 3D printing

For a long time, Microsoft has been working towards unlocking the incredible perspective of 3D printing. With the launch of Windows 10, there has been a great revolution in making these 3D designs powerful and handy for the manufacturers to use this in the design process.

  • Windows 10 Has Built-in Features

Windows 10 comes with built-in features that are beneficial specifically for the 3D industry. It allows model repairs service, interactive print previews, 3D model previews, and more. With Windows 10 you can easily get the 3D builder app from the Windows Store for Free. This app includes numerous features that will enhance the 3D printing process and also helps in controlling the entire process.

  • Windows 10 allows to print Irrespective of the Printer type

With Windows 10 it gets easier to generate print for any 3D application irrespective of the printer type or make. This is beneficial to the developer as well as the user because this will give you the best 3D printing experience

Streamlines the User Experience

Customers using Windows 10 will not have to worry about the updates because this new version will have the option to install the latest and newest 3D printer devices directly while you update Windows. It streamlines the User experience. The new UI of Windows 10 is exceptionally simple and easy to use.

Before the increase in 3D printing popularity, it was struck with the spike in publicity. Later it was followed by a decrease in its stock prices, and many thought the industry will now never rise. But in actuality, people are still in love with the effects of 3D print. Let take a look at the stats below:

Here are some statistics from a PwC study concerning the implementation speed of 3D printing:

  • 31.4 percent of manufacturers are using 3D printing for prototyping, 6.6 are using it for end-product production, and 13.2 percent are using it for both; all three of these figures are considerably higher than they were in 2014.

  • 17.4 percent are experimenting with 3D printing – down from 2014 when 28.9 percent claimed to be experimenting with 3D printing.

  • 42 percent of manufacturers feel that 3D printing will be used in high-volume production within the next 3-to-5 years.

Microsoft’s main objective was to increase the output in today’s cloud-first and mobile-first world. Windows 10 comes with enhanced usability for considerable productivity profits. It has unique multiple desktop features that help to increase the productivity of the designers.

Windows 10 3D Builder

Over the last few years, this technology has evolved to a great extent. 3D makes it possible to create any design, shape or any geometric form with the help of the design software. Windows 10 makes this task easier with the 3D Builder. It helps you to capture, personalize and print the 3D model with the help of 3D Builder from Windows 10. It allows you to print directly through the supported 3D printers or you can even order the same to your printing company. It also automatically helps to repair the models so you can print them.

The market share of 3D print industry is going to increase in the future and customization will always continue to be in demand. We all will benefit from Windows latest version. This is going to see a boom in the printing market as people have accepted this new technology with open hearts.


The Impact of Windows 10 on 3D Print Industry is very good. It helps to enhance the speed and overall quality of the print. It gives multiple users the ability to use the 3D printer. It provides you with everything that is needed to make a 3D print. 3D printing with this new version will enable decentralization, saving you on your transport and logistics expenses.

5 Useful Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social media marketing has taken the world of businesses by storm. The way a company behaves and interacts with its fans, followers and customers on social media plays a vital role in determining the success of a company.

That said, realizing all this, more and more businesses today are relying on the power of social media and want to make the most out of it.

But, it is easier said than done. A simple mistake can cost your brand image and leave a negative impression on your followers.

But not anymore! Here are a few amazing social media marketing techniques that would help you in powering your social game. Let’s get started.

  • Recognize your business goals

What do you want to achieve from your social media? This is an important question which all businesses must strive hard to find answers to. Do you only need to interact with your customers, or do you also focus on enhancing your followers’ base? Do you intend to run a social media marketing campaign too?

There are various personalized goals that a company might have and should know before formulating a strategy. It is highly recommended to have at least two primary goals and two secondary goals before you put your best foot forward in social media marketing.

  • Set marketing goals

Once you have identified what your end goal from social media is, it is the right time to specify a few marketing parameters to fetch the most out of it.

Marketing goals are necessary in order to reach point B from point A. You might want to increase your followers, and your marketing goals would define how you can double your audiences in the least possible time.

It is important to mention here that your marketing goals should be achievable, measurable and relevant with the assigned time.

For example, your goal might be to achieve 100,000 new followers within a month. But, is this achievable? Setting unrealistic goals for you would only create worries and be a source of chaos.

  • Identifying the customers

Next, identifying your customers is an important aspect. If you are a brand selling girls’ merchandise and accessories, targeting boys’ community is only going to prove futile. It is thus important to identify your customers in terms of their tastes, preferences, geographical location, interests, occupations, problems, objections, income, likes and dislikes.

Targeting the audiences in Canberra if you are business running in Sydney would lead no outcomes to you and in turn, would waste your resources, time and money.

Thus, it is important to realize who your target customers are. This is where most of the companies fail, and initiate conversations with no outcomes.

  • Have a close look at your competitors

When it comes to social media marketing, always remember – keep your friends close, but enemies closer! This pretty much sums up as to why you should have a close eye on your competitor and analyze how they are working. Research what is working for them, as chances are high that it might work for you too.

Start the process by identifying the competitors in your segment and search their social media handles to analyze their strategy. Analyze the time of the day when they are most active and recognize what type of content they are posting.

This would also help you in understanding how well are you performing when compared to others.

  • Recognize proper channels

There is an array of social media channels today available with us today. From Facebook to Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Myspace and a range of others, it is practically impossible to concentrate on all of them.

The ideal solution here is to identify the channels where most of your targeted audiences reside. If you are a company running a food and hotel business, Instagram might be a good choice for you as it allows you to post enticing pictures. However, if you are a corporate company, LinkedIn might be a great option as it lets you connect with the professionals readily.

You are getting the drift, right? The bottom line here is to analyze the channels which might work best for you and focus your energy and resources there. Once done, you might gradually shift to other channels as well.

Your Turn

That said, social media marketing strategy might be tough to plan but can help you a lot if executed well.

Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind while framing a social media strategy for you. However, if it sounds like tough to you, it is highly recommended to hire a social media marketing company who will take care of all the aspects for you.

What are your views on this? How do you take care of your brand socially? Do let us know in the comments.


Author BIO

Tom Blake is a digital marketing guru at Media Shark digital agency in Gold Coast, and all round entrepreneur. Running his own businesses since the age of 20 his work has seen him travel the world living in various countries. Now heading up Media Shark in the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. He’s passion lies in helping people with online marketing and providing technical SEO and digital strategies with one goal ROI.



How to create a competitive edge in an e-commerce store for T-shirts?

T-shirt ecommerce

Have you come across talks or discussion where people ask questions on how to create a unique T-shirt design? Or which site or store will help them to create a unique and stylish t-shirt design? Some might even ask where they will find the latest t-shirt designer software. These are a few questions customers have when they are looking for the aptest place to create a personalized and unique custom t-shirt design. They are not concerned with the kind of features your store has, all they want is a window where they can demand and the supply is given just as asked.

t-shirt eCommerce

Fourth drupa Global Trends Report 2017 Reveals Positive State of Printing Industry, it said that:

 Nevertheless digital print has an ever-increasing hold on functional print with inkjet as the dominant technology for most applications – from 61% in 2014 to 74% in 2016. Digital printing also continues to grow rapidly in commercial print and wide format print: from 37% in 2013 to 50% in 2016. The highly anticipated growth of digitally printed packaging is starting, with 34% of packaging printers offering digital print, up from 24% in 2014.

So, now you need to ask yourself that is your t-shirt print commerce store competitive enough to roll others out of the competition. Do you have only the basic features or you have something more on your platter to offer? Buckle your shoes and get ready, because this race where there are already so many offering print on demand t-shirt you need to know where you stand. The youth today does not like to wear a t-shirt that has the common prints and design. You need to provide a t-shirt like a blank canvas, where they can draw what they want.

Hence, you need to know how to give tough competition to other online print t-shirt stores.

  1. Competitive Storefront

A competitive storefront that is fully responsive and mobile friendly both can be the first point to get ahead of the others. Does your platform give you all the control over the design, content, functionality, and presentation of the store? If no, then you need to find someone who can customize the entire thing based on the demands of your customers. Your storefront should be competitive and user-friendly. It should give the customers the liberty to custom design their t-shirts.

  1. Competitive Design Studio


You should have a design studio fully loaded with features. Your customers should find it fun and exciting to create the design with the t-shirt design tool. Most importantly, is your design studio user-friendly and does it allow access on tablets and other smartphones? You need to have a design studio that has a completely customizable interface. It should be quick in loading the designs and images, has preloaded fonts, and clipart images. It should support local languages.

  1. Easy Quick Editor

Think of this feature for yourself, when you just need to make minor changes in the current design and don’t have to navigate all the way to the design studio. How delightful would you feel being able to edit the product page itself? It makes the work 50% less. Similarly, you will have to be sure that your storefront has this feature enabled where your customers can edit the content or replace images quickly.

  1. Personalization

t-shirt e-commerce

Does your T-shirt Print commerce allow personalization? If no, then you must have this feature enabled. Designing your own t-shirts is all about giving the personal touch to it. Some like to have particular designs and some prefer to have words that will attract the others. So personalization is a very important for your industry. With so many different choices, you cannot always be ready with a design; hence allowing customers to personalize their t-shirts and other items become important to give tough competition. The more customization they can make the more customers you will be able to fetch.

  1. Text Features


There must be a fully loaded font library because you never know what kind of fonts your customers may want. Single line text has become an old tool, but having multiple line text features will add more to the advantage. Here customers will be able to add a whole message. If your storefront allows the customer to decorate the text with different fonts, color, and size along with shapes, then you are going to rock it. Customers are going to love this feature. Being able to add a text in different shapes like a curve, arc, bulge, wave, etc. will be like icing on the cake.

  1. Upload Images

What more will a customer want if your storefront allows them to upload their personal images and use them to add on the T-shirt? You can allow your customers to upload their images, which will also be saved in their gallery for future use. Having the freedom to upload images and use them gives the customer a satisfaction of creating his own design, it also enhances your growth chances because there are very few or only a couple of companies who have this feature. In this feature also you can have additional features based on the type of requirements you have been receiving from your customers.

  1. Name/Number Feature

This is a very important feature for those into sports, associated with some sports club and even companies who have sports days where they need their participants to wear T-shirts with names and numbers. Sometimes customers face problems where they are not able to print both on the same side but find difficulty in doing so, having this feature enabled will make sure your customers are not going to any other print commerce store. You can apply shape, color and size change to the number and text both.

  1. LIVE 3D View

Giving a 360 Degree rotation to the image with 3D preview will give a clear picture to the client of what they have created and how it will look. With the 3D preview, you can get the best outcomes of what you have created. You may already have a 2D view but creating a design in 2D and previewing it in 3D will add an extra flavor to it. To stay up in the competition you need to offer competitive features.

There are many more features that can be added, the list can be on-going, but the print Commerce is getting tough and so is the competition. Add features that will not only retain your customers but will also help you acquire you more.


In the era where everything is digitalized, why leave printing. And when printing t-shirts and other stuff comes online half the world will be ready to show their skills. Having a print commerce storefront for t-shirts that has unbeatable features might not be that easy. With not so many players in the market, you ought to offer the best. The competition will remain tough among the few, but you need to make sure that your store is giving the competitive edge. The youth today wants something new and creative and they will not pay a single dime for anything they don’t like or is not unique. Your printing store has to be enabled with features that will allow them to customize and design their own t-shirt if you want to beat the rest.

Author Bio:


Amy Watson has completed her education in information Technology sector and then she has started working in eCommerce we to print research & development segment at Design’N’Buy. After getting more than 5 years of experience in web-to-print technology market segment as well as Print Commerce product customization software development & solution she found best interaction model about it. She really enjoys her success in research and development for start-up business by extending the current model with highly reflective ROI model.

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Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Right Color

Color wields tremendous shake over our attitudes as well as emotions. In the time our eyes see a color, they interact with a region of our brain, which is often known as the hypothalamus, which in turn sends a cascade of the signals to our pituitary gland, on or through the endocrine system, and finally to the thyroid glands. Then the thyroid glands signal the release of the hormones, which normally causes the mood fluctuation, emotion as well as behavior changes. Studies found that more than 90 percent of all products and services assessment have to do with the colors.

How to Use Colors for Your Website that Work

According to Neil Patel an online entrepreneur, more than 85 percent of products and services purchased on the impact of colors on the website. It is no brainer fact of any website that sometimes colors affect the conversions. The big time for sure. Thus, the bottom line is using great colors, better to say attractive colors and win. Now the question is, why and what colors you should use for your website, and how to use them to attract your visitors that generated leads and finally those lead to the sale your products and or services.

The Psychology of Colors

Before you dive into the concepts of using colors for a website that attract visitors, you should know something about the psychology of colors. In order to appreciate the tips that you need to use that are described below, you will be benefitted from a little information on the psychology of colors. Applying the perfect color on your web site is a science and a virtual understanding of how colors affect human behavior, better to say visitors’ behavior. You should use those colors that are attractive, soothing for eyes and match your products and or services. There are some key facts about color theory and website design that are indisputable.

The psychology of using website colors is a must study area for website owners and designers, especially who are in this web design, web development, creative design and graphic design fields. The color is beyond doubt critical. So, our success in building a great website means applying the great colors that attract visitors and buy your products or services. Let us see what kind of colors and how you use them to attract visitors to your website.

  • Use only nature palate of colors that are soothing for eyes and make sense to your visitors’ mind.

  • Do not use unnatural colors, like bright blue, red or green or even yellow that does not make any sense.

  • You can use white, but that should be cautious. Blue, gray and green colors are good, but try to use them properly.

  • The combination of soft red, orange, and sky blue are good, but make sure which is your segments and what are your products.

  • When your products or services, you are offering are the center of attraction de-saturated colors are recommended.

  • Select only three different colors that are fit for your website and use them consistently throughout the website.

  • You should use colors in your website that build a chromatic harmony. It is important to make a pleasant experience for your visitors.

  • Use the moderate number of light and bright mixed colors that are highly recommended.

  • Bear in mind that colors also denote age, class and gender and even culture, so use them accordingly.

  • People of different ages like different colors, so you should use them on your website that can attract both the group individually.

  • Young people sometimes like bright colors and old people do not, so use the colors of your website accordingly.

  • You can use only bright colors if you have a large number of young visitors, but if you do not have then you need to think of using colors for all people.

You should make it sure that colors say something, send a message to people who visit your website to buy or sell something. You should make sure to send the message through your website that can reach such people as well. Albeit, there are many dos and don’t you have to maintain, but to take care of your website design talk to your digital marketing team along with your designers who think this and that colors to apply on your website.

If you talk to your digital marketing team, you will come to know which cultural groups, genders, age, and the group of people are visiting your website, so that you can fix the colors and patterns of the colors to apply on your website. Colors tell many things. If you apply good colors that speak, you will have more opportunity to get end number of visitors. Think of colors as per your products and services and the people you are targeting your customers.

Author Bio:-

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign, a professional logo design company.He loves to share his thoughts on logo design, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, and more.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Design A WordPress Site


In this fast moving and modern world, everyone wants to have a nice looking and professional website to build a solid web presence and meet the ultimate goals of his/her business. However, the concept of creating a website is disastrous if you are a non-technical person and have no knowledge of different programming skills.

Nevertheless, with the help of open-source content-management systems, you can easily create your dream website with a little investment. WordPress is one such platform. In this write-up, we will discuss the essential steps to creating appealing websites with WordPress. Just get started.

1. Choose A Professional Domain Name

Choose A Professional Domain Name

A domain name is your website address (URL) on the Internet. It is used by visitors to access your site. A good domain name helps you to create a solid online presence easily and quickly. Therefore, you should try to choose a good domain name for your website.

Most of the people try to book their site’s domain name with .com extension. But, they face problems with it because the domain name they look for is either available at expensive costs or are already registered by someone else. Don’t get dejected if you face this problem. Try to register your favorite domain name with other extensions.

Always keep in mind that your site’s domain name must be short, unique, easily memorable and identifiable. It must reflect your business fully. Therefore, be careful while selecting the domain name for your site and choose the best name.

2. Select A Reliable Web Hosting Company

To run your website, you need to choose a reliable web hosting company. There are multiple options available in the market. All of them make tall claims about the services they offer. Just be clever and check different hosting companies by different parameters, such as cost, bandwidth allowances, storage, script support, scalability, server configuration, Tech support, uptime, security, etc.

Based on your specific needs, choose the right hosting company for your site.

3. Install WordPress

Now, you need to install WordPrss on your local computer. To do that, follow the below-mentioned process-

  • Unzip the downloaded file and keep that in a folder on your computer,

  • Upload your files to the web server using FTP, File Manager, or SSH

  • Create MySQL Database in MySQL Users section and provide a username and password to Create a user.

  • Once the installation process is over, use the login details to sign into your site.

4. Choose A Good Theme For Your Site

When you install WordPress, it comes with a default theme which is unattractive. Based on your specific needs, you should choose a good theme for your site. It will help you to change the visual appearance of your site and make it more attractive.

There are lots of free and premium WordPress themes available on different web locations. You should have a look at different WordPress themes, evaluate them from various angles and choose the best theme for your site. Don’t get confused between free and premium themes. Think about your business needs at first and take decision accordingly.

5. Add Necessary Plugins

Add Necessary Plugins

WordPress plugins are one of the main reasons why the popularity of this robust CMS is increasing with each passing day. Actually, they are useful tools which allow you to add additional features to your site and increase its performance up to a great extent. So, depending on your specific needs, you should install some essential plugins on your site.

Always keep in mind that installing too many plugins on your site can make it slower. So, use only those plugins which are essential to meet your business needs.

6. Add Content To Your Site

Now, you need to add content to your site. Based on your needs, you can create certain pages. But, initially, a site should have the following pages-

  • Home

  • About us

  • Contact us

  • Terms and conditions,

  • Privacy policy,

7. Customize Your Site

By Now, your WordPress site is almost ready. You need to customize the site to make it look more appealing and eye-catching. WordPress provides a lot of customization options using which you can groom your site easily. You can try the following options:

  • Use the static font on your site. It will help readers to view your website content easily.

  • Make sure that your site is easy to use and has no navigation problems. Arrange your categories and subcategories in the simplest form.

  • Use just 2-3 color patterns. Keep the color pattern uniform all across the site.

  • Design clear CTA buttons, such as subscribe newsletters, read the related content, download e-products, etc.

  • Add useful widgets and image sliders.

8. Test And Launch Your Site

By now, your site is ready for launch. Just review all essential elements once again to ensure that each and everything is okay. Once you finish the evaluation, make your site live and start publishing content for the targeted audience.

Final Words:

WordPress allows people to create websites easily without seeking any help from professional web developers. These are some important steps using which you can easily create a WordPress site and start your WordPress life without any fuss.

Author Bio:

Tracey Jones is a prolific writer, WordPress developer and bit of a geek who shares her knowledge in the form of tutorials, tips and tricks guide. In this blog post, she’s exploring for beginner’s that how to design a WordPress site. Follow Tracey on Twitter.

Best Features of Laravel 5.0.1 Framework Most Useful for the Enterprise App Development

laravel web development

Laravel meets a various scope of programming requirements and functions, from learner to cutting edge, and is appropriate for enterprises of different types and sizes – from fundamental scripting to large enterprise applications. It’s based on top of a few Symfony segments that guarantee a strong system for delivering very much tried and tested code.

Laravel is a most well-known PHP framework which has demonstrated itself in a limited period of time. Today it is a standout amongst the most demanding PHP application development framework in light of its speed, augmentation capacity, and brisk implementation. This framework is the free open source web application development framework that takes after the MVC design.

Let’s check out some of the best Laravel features for mobile app development:

  • MVC, as previously mentioned, it is a Model View Controller Framework
  • Routing, to direct incoming requests to appropriate views
  • Eloquent ORM, an objected oriented interface for DB tables
  • Migrations, version control for databases
  • Seeding, invokable scripts to inject test data
  • Blade, a template engine that supports inheritance of layouts

It is the most recent and best web application framework with cutting edge query syntax framework that makes web development extremely basic. It is useful for creating web applications for various ventures like tourism, finance, education and much more.

Top enterprises that are relying on Laravel platform:

Laravel has rapidly turned out to be a standout amongst the most prevalent PHP frameworks since its introduction in 2012. Laravel is used by the developers to make perfect responses for testing issues and creating delightful web applications.

There are tons of web projects developed with Laravel, from startups to large enterprises. I have listed out the top five enterprises that have websites with Laravel.


Laravel has clean API that enables an application to quickly begin sending messages through a local server or a cloud-based server. Laravel permits utilizing PHP code for database storage and migration rather than SQL thus gives the facility to change the structure of the database. Here, are some most vital components of Laravel version 5.0.1 which make this PHP system a perfect decision for creating different sorts of enterprise web applications.

1. Completely new directory structure:

Laravel 5.0.1 accompanies an altogether new directory structure. Laravel 5.0.1 utilizations PSR-4 autoloading standards that mean all of the classes are completely namespace now. In this adaptation, config, storage, and database folders are moved from the application folder in the new structure. Furthermore, It offers the new resources folder for containing language and template files.

2. Route caching:

Route caching feature accelerates the application Route registration. This element is perfect for such development project that has vast quantities of routes. In any case, once the route caching is turned on, any progressions that you make to the application routes won’t produce results. Route caching is for the most part executed as a piece of the deployment procedure.

3. Inbuilt Authentication System:

Authentication is an exceptionally crucial piece of any web application since developers are investing the heavy amount of time for coding verification of any enterprise system. Validation made more straightforward with Laravel 5.1, as it accompanies inbuilt verification. Designers just need to arrange database, controllers, models to make this framework work.

4. Multiple File System Support:

Laravel 5 offers extraordinary support for the various file system for that it utilizes third-party package, Flysystem to offer help for multiple files. It gives an alternative to developers to utilize local or cloud-based storage to give basic configuration. Additionally, developers can set the storage options in config/filesystems.php file.

5. Enhanced Method Injection:

Method Injection has enhanced a great deal with the Laravel 5.0.1. Until this refresh, web developers need to request inversion of control to give a class instance. But, now they can declare the type hinted class instance in the controller method’s signature.

6. Contracts:

Contracts are essentially a set of interfaces that characterizes the core services. On the off chance that developers need caching in a package, they can without much of a stretch do that by utilizing Illuminate\Contacts\cache. It enables developers to do cache programming utilizing the concrete cache class without requirements to change the package code.

These are probably the most imperative components of Laravel 5.1 development. Aside from these, there are different elements like queue and task scheduling, request object, Laravel socialite and so forth. With this version, Laravel framework has enhanced a considerable measure from the architectural point of view.

Laravel web development companies, like Excellent WebWorld, gives speedy and exact web development services utilizing Laravel. The organization has the incredible experience of growing very captivating and intuitive applications utilizing this web advancement stage. Our Laravel developers are all around familiar with every single present day highlight of the Laravel system, consequently, we can give the best PHP application development services.


Author Bio: Anchal malik works at Excellent WebWorld as a Creative Content Writer and looks after content marketing. Always smiling and keen to learn new things. a fitness freak with a foodie attribute. I have keen interest in Laravel web development , Mobile app Development, App Marketing.

Fixing Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Errors

Data Error Cyclic Redundancy

Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) in short is a data verification method that your operating system uses for checking the information on your storage devices, such as the hard drive and CD/DVD ROM Drives. This cyclic coding process is utilised because of the many it advantages it has, such as:

  • Cyclic codes are very adept at detecting single and double bit errors and also odd number ones also.
  • CRC codes can very easily be implemented in both hardware and software.
  • When utilized in hardware, they tend to work very fast.

A cyclic redundancy check error can occur for a number of different reasons. These kinds of errors tend to be rather severe and can lead to further damage to your hard drive typically, if not quickly addressed. Hard drive failure being one of the several risks that your storage device could inherit. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to address this problem, all of which I intend to highlight in this article, so please continue reading.

What Causes Cyclic Redundancy Check Errors

As I previously mentioned, these errors can be caused by a number of different things, such as registry corruption, cluttered data within the hard drive, failed installations, misconfigured components and files, and much more. Cyclic redundancy check error is a serious issue and something you’d want to address as soon as possible, as what initially may have been a simple fix could very easily turn into a major problem.

In addition to those reasons, other reasons why this error may occur include:

  • The data cable between the hard drive and motherboard is either damaged or faulty.
  • The read/write head on the hard drive is physically damaged.
  • Cables inside the computer have come loose.

Other Causes

There are those rare circumstances when a cyclic redundancy check data error is actually caused by a driver issue. However, in most cases, the CRC error will usually occur right after the end user has installed a RAID controller, not months or weeks later.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even brand new storage devices are sometimes shipped out defective. There are many reports of end users purchasing damaged components. Even I have had such experiences in the past.

How to Fix This Error

There are so many reasons why this error may be occurring on your computer. The error could just as easily be hardware related. In the event that your hard drive (or other storage devices) is physically damaged, the only way to repair it would be to physically replace the drive. There are many backup tools that you can use to transfer the data to the new drive.

But let’s assume that the error is software related, as it typically is, 80% of the time. There are two things that you should immediately adopt when fixing this problem. They are the following:

Use Check Disk

Check disk is a built in Windows repair tool, designed to scan and repair errors on your hard drive. Check disk is capable of locating and repairing those small data corruption issues on the drive that may be causing the cyclic redundancy error. You can run this tool by doing the following:

1. First, boot into your computer with full administrative rights.

2. Then press Windows Key + R, type into the Run Command box and click OK (or simply press Windows Key + E).

Fixing Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Errors IMG_1

3. When My Computer loads up, right click on the Drive(s) that you are receiving the Cyclic Redundancy Check error on, and select Properties.

Fixing Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Errors IMG_2

Note: If you receive the cyclic redundancy check error when attempting to load data from a CD or DVD disc, then the cause is most likely due to a scratch or dust on the disc itself. Consider cleaning the disk using a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider investing in a CD repair kit.

4. Once your Hard Drive Properties applet loads up, click on the Tools Tab, and then click on Check Now, under Error-checking.

Fixing Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Errors IMG_3

5. A small Check Hard Drive applet will appear; from here you’ll want to tick the box to Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors and then click on Start.

Fixing Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Errors IMG_4

Note: Since cyclic redundancy check errors are typically caused by damaged or corrupted sectors on your hard drive, you need only tick the box next to that option. That said you can select automatically fix file system errors, as this could potentially improve the performance of your hard drive.

6. A notification should appear asking you whether you could like to schedule the scan for the next time you reboot the computer. Select yes, and then restart your system.

Note: The entire scan process may take several hours, depending on the size and amount of data on your hard drive. So make sure to run this scan in your spare time, as you will not have access to your computer for a considerable length of time.

If you start to encounter these cyclic redundancy check errors more and more over time, then that is a good sign that your hard drive is nearing the end of its life cycle. You’ll want to replace the hard drive before it actually fails, as you will lose all the data on the drive when that actually happens.

Use Third Party Software

There are a number of third-party disk utility tools that you can use. When Check Disk is unable to repair the error on your hard drive, a third-party solution may be your only solution.

Some popular options include SeaTools and HDDScan, both of which are proficient, able to scan, detect and repair a plethora of issues on your hard drive. So definitely check those tools out.

Many of these disk utility tools are available for virtually every version of Windows, so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue for you.

If you try any System Cleaners, make sure the product was developed by a reputable company. Many of these tools tend to have disk utility features, which are capable of repairing and optimizing your hard drive, so definitely a good option there.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website

How to Improve Your Magento Ecommerce Conversion Rates?


Every Magento Ecommerce store need to change the way it promotes its’ products and engages its’ customers periodically. For a magento ecommerce development company, it is not enough to build an ecommerce website for their client. They should also keep the following things in mind while developing an ecommerce store, so that the client can be benefitted by the website and the app developed by the magento development company.

Keep It Simple!

Simplicity takes the ecommerce business to the longest way possible; it is the major source to grasp attention from the visitors. A simple and easy to use website and app can gain more customer base and a higher attraction from the customers. Make sure you have not made the signup process difficult for the customers. Also, you can provide some offers at the time of signing up to gain more customer base to your ecommerce store. You should make the signup process just in two or three steps, avoid taking more and more information about the customer. Not only signup, but view of the products details regarding product and many other things can be made uncomplicated to avoid the bounce rate on your ecommerce store.

Keep the Design of the Magento Ecommerce Website Mobile-friendly and User-friendly

This is one of the most important things to be kept in mind. Every ecommerce website must be mobile friendly. As we more than 40% of your customers would be ordering from mobile. So, if they find it difficult to search a product in mobile, they will probably leave the website and this can lead to bounce rate or abandonment of the products. So, while developing a website, develop it from the user perspective so that you will avoid errors faced by them. A responsive/mobile friendly website is a tool that will ensure the survival of your website online. Along with being responsive, never miss to test the best menu option for your website. These days, 3 bar menu has become the latest trend. 

Also read: Mistakes to Avoid When Developing an eCommerce Website

Maintain the Quality of the Graphics & Product Photographs

Graphics of your website and the product photographs matters a lot in marketing. If you have ever been to Domino’s you may know that the pizza you have eaten is not as sparkling as it is shown by them in the pictures. That is what makes the difference. For an ecommerce store, every product should be shown in the image with smaller size as if the product image would be bigger, it will take longer to load and will make the customer frustrated and so they will surely leave the website without even having a look on the product. As it should be a motto of every ecommerce store, that the better the products look more they are supposed to be purchased.

Showcase the Customer Reviews

Let us say, for an instance, your ecommerce store got a product that your potential new customer is looking for, and now he want to justify his purchase. Ideally, A layman would simply go and check out for the reviews given by the other buyers. Hence, genuine product reviews can help you to influence his decision. For any customer, a positive review can increase a level of trust in a particular business. So, you must showcase your customer reviews and you can even take help from certain review system that help you create fake reviews as well. You can even ask a customer for rating your service once they buy a product from your website. Ratings from the customers can make others trust your business.

Speed-up the Performance of Your Magento Ecommerce Store

It is kinda General Knowledge for a person working with Information technology field and dealing with websites on a regular basis that speed of the websites sometimes can be a biggest reason for higher bounce rate. Speed of a website is not only a Google’s ranking factor but also a major reason behind the higher conversion rates. Not only in loading the product list, but speed of the website also should be better while showing the product details. There are many ways to speed up the website but hosting is a major factor behind the speed of the website. So, if you are not using a guaranteed hosting service, switch to one as early as possible.

If you find anything missing in this post, contact us and let us know today!

Author Bio:

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a professional Magento development Company & global IT consulting firm. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.