OnePager Review: Build Attractive Business Websites With More Enhanced Features

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With the invent of dot-com world, people have become crazy to get presence on the web for themselves and their business both. Initially, several website designing and development companies emerged in the market. Every corner shop was offering website designing services at very cheap rates.

Taking services from any low grade company would be more like spending your hard-earned money into trash. In stead, we suggest you to get a well-finished single page website designed for your business. A website designed with simple and out-of-the-box thinking can do wonders to grab huge traffic to your business.

OnePager: A Great Solution To Build Great Websites

Onepager is one such company offering easy-to-make one page website using templates. You can create your good looking business website in not more than 10 minutes. What better it could be for small-sized businesses, who have an urge to get web presence to get noticed in the flock of companies trading online. With various settlements in flexibility of a website, OnePager is one of the compelling website builder that is worth trying.


Ease of Use

The main aim of OnePager is to provide easy website building features. Even a novice person can create a webpage without any hassle and technical assistance, as they believe in keeping it easy by doing less, but with perfection and 100% client satisfaction. Matthew Moore, Co-founder of OnePager said that “we think we can help out more people by [doing less and doing it well] than by having a feature-rich product that is overwhelming”. They charge for the commitments and promises they make to their clients. One can add pretty standard types of content like images, request forms, tagline, service list, and many more.

Customization is made very easy with an edit-in-place pop-up that enables content editing. The user-interface is clear and straightforward to manage without wasting any time in poking around.

Some of The Main Features of OnePager

1. Search Engine Optimization

We all know that mere having a website is not enough to create web identity for a business. Search engine optimization is really important to get your website ranked high on the search engine result pages. For which, OnePager does all the SEO activities like formatting HTML, meta tags, descriptions, sitemap, etc. So now, you can get ready to beat your competitors and get higher search engine rankings with OnePager.

2. Zero Maintenance

Maintenance would cost nothing as you would pay for the website creation. Be it in changing your services, updating new content or anything else, all you need to do is log into your account and update your account with ease via OnePager editor. Drag, and drop is the style that they follow and what could be easier than this?

3. Amazing Templates

OnePager is loaded with numerous beautiful themes to choose for your simple websites. It offers you to customize the design by changing the background photo, choosing colors, fonts, etc. Also, they offer a custom CSS feature, where in you can make changes in the styles and layouts of your website. This feature allows flexible options to make changes in your one page website. Making it unique is the advantage to define your own business.

4. Custom Domain Offering

Domain name is the first thing that creates recognition about the business, and OnePager offers you custom domain selection for your business website. Custom email addresses can be created with the domain name, to be accessed on the web or through a desktop client like outlook, thunderbird, etc.

5. Mobile Amiable

Easy accessibility of your website on any mobile devices is the demand of the current generation. OnePager website comes with a mobile-friendly version, without charging any extra cost.

6. Traffic Analytics

OnePager allows you to keep a track on your website’s traffic and thereby using the analytics data to increase your business’s search engine rankings. Existing Google analytics account can be integrated easily with the tracking ID in the OnePager Dashboard.

7. Easy Selling

Selling services and products online has become latest trend in the market. OnePager website can be easily converted into an online store. This would help you gain more customers, streamline your sales process and thus increasing your return on investments.

All in Just $8/month, what could be better than this??

Start Building your website with OnePager now. OnePager offers compelling deals to create and host website with zero knowledge about technicalities involved in designing a website.

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