How to Improve Your Magento Ecommerce Conversion Rates?

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Every Magento Ecommerce store need to change the way it promotes its’ products and engages its’ customers periodically. For a magento ecommerce development company, it is not enough to build an ecommerce website for their client. They should also keep the following things in mind while developing an ecommerce store, so that the client can be benefitted by the website and the app developed by the magento ecommerce development company.

Keep It Simple!

Simplicity takes the ecommerce business to the longest way possible; it is the major source to grasp attention from the visitors. A simple and easy to use website and app can gain more customer base and a higher attraction from the customers. Make sure you have not made the signup process difficult for the customers. Also, you can provide some offers at the time of signing up to gain more customer base to your ecommerce store. You should make the signup process just in two or three steps, avoid taking more and more information about the customer. Not only signup, but view of the products details regarding product and many other things can be made uncomplicated to avoid the bounce rate on your ecommerce store.

Keep the Design of the Magento Ecommerce Website Mobile-friendly and User-friendly

This is one of the most important things to be kept in mind. Every ecommerce website must be mobile friendly. As we more than 40% of your customers would be ordering from mobile. So, if they find it difficult to search a product in mobile, they will probably leave the website and this can lead to bounce rate or abandonment of the products. So, while developing a website, develop it from the user perspective so that you will avoid errors faced by them. A responsive/mobile friendly website is a tool that will ensure the survival of your website online. Along with being responsive, never miss to test the best menu option for your website. These days, 3 bar menu has become the latest trend.

Maintain the Quality of the Graphics & Product Photographs

Graphics of your website and the product photographs matters a lot in marketing. If you have ever been to Domino’s you may know that the pizza you have eaten is not as sparkling as it is shown by them in the pictures. That is what makes the difference. For an ecommerce store, every product should be shown in the image with smaller size as if the product image would be bigger, it will take longer to load and will make the customer frustrated and so they will surely leave the website without even having a look on the product. As it should be a motto of every ecommerce store, that the better the products look more they are supposed to be purchased.

Showcase the Customer Reviews

Let us say, for an instance, your ecommerce store got a product that your potential new customer is looking for, and now he want to justify his purchase. Ideally, A layman would simply go and check out for the reviews given by the other buyers. Hence, genuine product reviews can help you to influence his decision. For any customer, a positive review can increase a level of trust in a particular business. So, you must showcase your customer reviews and you can even take help from certain review system that help you create fake reviews as well. You can even ask a customer for rating your service once they buy a product from your website. Ratings from the customers can make others trust your business.

Speed-up the Performance of Your Magento Ecommerce Store

It is kinda General Knowledge for a person working with Information technology field and dealing with websites on a regular basis that speed of the websites sometimes can be a biggest reason for higher bounce rate. Speed of a website is not only a Google’s ranking factor but also a major reason behind the higher conversion rates. Not only in loading the product list, but speed of the website also should be better while showing the product details. There are many ways to speed up the website but hosting is a major factor behind the speed of the website. So, if you are not using a guaranteed hosting service, switch to one as early as possible.

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