Green Logos and What They Can Say About Your Brand

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What is the first thing your future clients pay attention to when they see your logo for the first time? It’s the whole visual impression they get that is given by the color of your logo. How do people choose a color palette? Are they driven by their own taste or do they do a careful research about the influence of every color on human’s conscious? Actually, they do both.<!–more–>
One of the most popular color decisions for creating a logo design is green. It can be used as a single color or in combination with others. Also, different shades of green create a different impression. So, let’s try to figure out what green logos say about your company and make a list of the best and worst logo design decisions that used green.

Green color in psychology
Psychologists proved a long time ago that every color has a special effect on human’s conscious and should be used if one wants to influence people’s behavior. They even came up with a special science called Color Psychology that explains the impact of colors on people’s perception and therefore helps to use it up to your own purpose.
As for some special properties of green, psychologists believe this color reflects the balance in different ways. It includes harmony between a human and nature, it’s a sign for resurrection, refreshment, and universal love. It depicts peace, restoration, and even environmental awareness. It is situated in the center of the spectrum and can add emotional strengths to those who use it. Green is associated with spring and the beginning of something new and beautiful. That’s why if you want to make an accent on the fact that your company has plenty of fresh ideas and is secure, you should choose green as your main color.

Color of the year
The US company color institute Pantone, famous for the Pantone Matching System used by paint and fabric manufacturers through all over the world, has proclaimed 2017 to be the year of green or, as they also call it, the year of Greenery.

No wonder its popularity has increased so much in the recent months and is expected to grow even more soon. 2017 has become a perfect year to choose green for designing a logo. Moreover, Pantone also offers some perfect combinations of green with other colors so that they will look great on a logo.


Queen in green: companies that chose green for their logos and didn’t lose
Which companies chose green for their logos? Judging by the description of its qualities, green should be chosen by organizations that fight for environmental protection or have something to do with agriculture. However, it’s the biggest mislead thinking that green logos can only serve in such a narrow area. Green shows competence, it’s a sign of your reliability, intelligence, and success in terms of growth and development.
One of the most famous green logos nowadays is Android icon. The green color of this emblem symbolizes movement, development, and vitality. It grows all the time, keeps improving itself and gains more popularity with every passing day. Android proves that green color can be catchy and fabulous. Green logos are recognizable in the world of software first and foremost because of Android, that’s why if you want your brand to develop in software’ niche, the green logo will be a perfect solution for you.

Starbucks is completely different from Android in terms of market, product placement etc. There is one thing they have in common: green logos. Although these companies use various shades of green, this color still serves in a great way. Starbucks uses deep green that makes its visitors calm and relaxed. Even though green is mostly used by organic and vegetarian brands, Starbucks became widely recognized (and even copied) for its shade of green.

Carlsberg is another company that uses green for its logo. The shade is similar to the one that Starbucks uses but they didn’t copycat each other. Carlsberg uses another font and has no significant visual image. Still, the company is world’s leader in beer brewing and has upgraded its logo several times but has always sticked to green. The main idea this logo carries is to make its clients relax and not think about any problems they may have.

Another popular brand that is similar to Carlsberg and uses green as well is Heineken. Except for using purely green this company decided to flavor its visual image with a splash of red, placing the red star near the company’s name. This method worked in a great way and the logo became really distinctive.

Animal Planet has gone even further choosing a logo that combines several shades of green. Its logo has developed as well. First, the logo was depicted by an elephant carrying the Earth on its trunk. The background still remained green. It’s only logical that such a significant member of the media industry has chosen this color: in such way the company shows it’s friendly towards the environment and wants to save it. Using different fonts in the new logo just helps it be fresh and memorable.

The green color is also used by lots of oil companies. It makes their clients think that the gas they get there is pure and of the highest quality. Also, this is the way they show they take care of the environment.

Other companies that like plenty of green on their logos are banks. Green is associated with security and prosperity, that’s why people tend to choose banks with green logos much more often. An interesting tendency is the largest banks through all over the world have green as the main color on their logos. Switzerland, Britain, USA and even Russia are no exceptions. Perhaps the main reason for this is that green is the color of the American dollar, world’s most popular currency. That’s why if your business is connected with finances and financial security, you should definitely consider green as your company’s color.

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  • To be honest whilst green does make people think “eco”, it is a bit done to death and if someone isn’t that interested in eco stuff, it may actually make them less likely to pay attention to a green logo than something in another colour. I would think along “nature” tones, eg browns or blues, or maybe deserty yellows and oranges, so you still have the eco touch, try to link a natural element to your product eg if it is a washing powder or something like that maybe blue for water, and maybe have a little bit of green in the logo if you want to, but just to be different and stand out from the crowd I wouldn’t use a lot of green.

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