Experience is Everything – 5 Reasons Why UX Is Important for Your Digital Presence

Experience is Everything – 5 Reasons Why UX Is Important for Your Digital Presence
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UX design and it isn’t just how sparkly your website or application is. UX is the underlying structure built with your ideal customer in mind. This system isn’t easy to create and employing a website designer or experienced app developer or designer may be needed if you don’t have the time or skill set but need results quickly. Why is UX important? Here are five things to consider:


We have all been to a website we didn’t quite get. You try to navigate through, but it’s not intuitive and you are left frustrated. Don’t let this be the case with your online assets! If a user is seeking out your company for help or to purchase products, they shouldn’t have to labor to figure out how to get around your website or app. With a well thought out, user friendly UX plan, conversion rates can increase by as much as 400%. Your e-commerce or brochure website should be organized for top performance and ease-of-use for visitors.

First Impressions

“Love at first sight” may be cliché, but it is very much real in the online world. When a customer lands on your site, it takes only seconds for them to decide if they like it or not. If they’re uncomfortable, they are 88% less likely to return. Thoughtful UX design can create sites that are not only sleek in appearance, but also functional so the client feels quickly engaged as a user, and are more likely to return.

Easy Shopping and Check-Out

With skillful UX design, you can reduce or eliminate the frustration clients encounter throughout the checkout process. Include too many hoops to purchase and you’ll likely end up with an abandoned cart. Continuously analyze your shopping and checkout process to ensure your users have an easy, intuitive experience with as few steps as possible. This will encourage them to complete their purchase and buy from you again in future.

Digital Integration

Integrated Digital Experience is a new buzzword in the industry. Ever notice how every Walmart or Target store has pretty much the same layout? People like to feel comfortable and familiar when they visit bricks and mortar stores, and the same is true of the digital experience. Ensure consistency between all your digital assets such as apps, website and PPC landing pages, as well as smooth, simple transition between each of them. This will help your users feel at home and comfortable so that they will want to keep coming back.

Time Saving

How long is too long for a page to load? Well, according to numerous studies, if it takes longer than three seconds, you can expect to lose 53% of mobile users. Don’t let poor UX functionality slow down your loading speed as this can cost you dearly. You should constantly optimize your design so things run as smoothly as possible and avoid customers experiencing delays that will have them turning somewhere else.


When your company goes digital (and it should), you need to start off right with proper UX design. Research the target users of your site or app to create a layout and platform with them in mind. UX, in essence, is the ability to make the complex simple. You want your client to instantly connect your brand and become familiar with all the ways you can help them. To have a competitive edge in today’s world, you need to create a digital presence that sweeps the client off their feet and invites them back again and again. After all, if it doesn’t work for them, it certainly won’t work for you.




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