How to create a competitive edge in an e-commerce store for T-shirts?

T-shirt ecommerce
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Have you come across talks or discussion where people ask questions on how to create a unique T-shirt design? Or which site or store will help them to create a unique and stylish t-shirt design? Some might even ask where they will find the latest t-shirt designer software. These are a few questions customers have when they are looking for the aptest place to create a personalized and unique custom t-shirt design. They are not concerned with the kind of features your store has, all they want is a window where they can demand and the supply is given just as asked.

t-shirt eCommerce

Fourth drupa Global Trends Report 2017 Reveals Positive State of Printing Industry, it said that:

 Nevertheless digital print has an ever-increasing hold on functional print with inkjet as the dominant technology for most applications – from 61% in 2014 to 74% in 2016. Digital printing also continues to grow rapidly in commercial print and wide format print: from 37% in 2013 to 50% in 2016. The highly anticipated growth of digitally printed packaging is starting, with 34% of packaging printers offering digital print, up from 24% in 2014.

So, now you need to ask yourself that is your t-shirt print commerce store competitive enough to roll others out of the competition. Do you have only the basic features or you have something more on your platter to offer? Buckle your shoes and get ready, because this race where there are already so many offering print on demand t-shirt you need to know where you stand. The youth today does not like to wear a t-shirt that has the common prints and design. You need to provide a t-shirt like a blank canvas, where they can draw what they want.

Hence, you need to know how to give tough competition to other online print t-shirt stores.

  1. Competitive Storefront

A competitive storefront that is fully responsive and mobile friendly both can be the first point to get ahead of the others. Does your platform give you all the control over the design, content, functionality, and presentation of the store? If no, then you need to find someone who can customize the entire thing based on the demands of your customers. Your storefront should be competitive and user-friendly. It should give the customers the liberty to custom design their t-shirts.

  1. Competitive Design Studio


You should have a design studio fully loaded with features. Your customers should find it fun and exciting to create the design with the t-shirt design tool. Most importantly, is your design studio user-friendly and does it allow access on tablets and other smartphones? You need to have a design studio that has a completely customizable interface. It should be quick in loading the designs and images, has preloaded fonts, and clipart images. It should support local languages.

  1. Easy Quick Editor

Think of this feature for yourself, when you just need to make minor changes in the current design and don’t have to navigate all the way to the design studio. How delightful would you feel being able to edit the product page itself? It makes the work 50% less. Similarly, you will have to be sure that your storefront has this feature enabled where your customers can edit the content or replace images quickly.

  1. Personalization

t-shirt e-commerce

Does your T-shirt Print commerce allow personalization? If no, then you must have this feature enabled. Designing your own t-shirts is all about giving the personal touch to it. Some like to have particular designs and some prefer to have words that will attract the others. So personalization is a very important for your industry. With so many different choices, you cannot always be ready with a design; hence allowing customers to personalize their t-shirts and other items become important to give tough competition. The more customization they can make the more customers you will be able to fetch.

  1. Text Features


There must be a fully loaded font library because you never know what kind of fonts your customers may want. Single line text has become an old tool, but having multiple line text features will add more to the advantage. Here customers will be able to add a whole message. If your storefront allows the customer to decorate the text with different fonts, color, and size along with shapes, then you are going to rock it. Customers are going to love this feature. Being able to add a text in different shapes like a curve, arc, bulge, wave, etc. will be like icing on the cake.

  1. Upload Images

What more will a customer want if your storefront allows them to upload their personal images and use them to add on the T-shirt? You can allow your customers to upload their images, which will also be saved in their gallery for future use. Having the freedom to upload images and use them gives the customer a satisfaction of creating his own design, it also enhances your growth chances because there are very few or only a couple of companies who have this feature. In this feature also you can have additional features based on the type of requirements you have been receiving from your customers.

  1. Name/Number Feature

This is a very important feature for those into sports, associated with some sports club and even companies who have sports days where they need their participants to wear T-shirts with names and numbers. Sometimes customers face problems where they are not able to print both on the same side but find difficulty in doing so, having this feature enabled will make sure your customers are not going to any other print commerce store. You can apply shape, color and size change to the number and text both.

  1. LIVE 3D View

Giving a 360 Degree rotation to the image with 3D preview will give a clear picture to the client of what they have created and how it will look. With the 3D preview, you can get the best outcomes of what you have created. You may already have a 2D view but creating a design in 2D and previewing it in 3D will add an extra flavor to it. To stay up in the competition you need to offer competitive features.

There are many more features that can be added, the list can be on-going, but the print Commerce is getting tough and so is the competition. Add features that will not only retain your customers but will also help you acquire you more.


In the era where everything is digitalized, why leave printing. And when printing t-shirts and other stuff comes online half the world will be ready to show their skills. Having a print commerce storefront for t-shirts that has unbeatable features might not be that easy. With not so many players in the market, you ought to offer the best. The competition will remain tough among the few, but you need to make sure that your store is giving the competitive edge. The youth today wants something new and creative and they will not pay a single dime for anything they don’t like or is not unique. Your printing store has to be enabled with features that will allow them to customize and design their own t-shirt if you want to beat the rest.

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