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7 Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Your Project

AngularJS is a solid JavaScript framework that was designed and developed by dedicated developers from Google to simplify front-end development.The resource comes with so many frameworks and plugins for designers as well as developers. It’s hard to imagine the development of a modern single page application without Angular.js. It helps developers to build most architecture and maintainable applications. Thus AngularJS is also termed as a next big thing for the web applications. In this blog post, I’ll mention some benefits of AngularJS that make it suitable to use in your next web application.

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Address some problems in your software architecture

  • When writing web applications, I have objects in the server-side code that often times aren’t represented as objects in the client-side code. For simple apps, this might be OK, but when it gets complicated, it can be a big help to mirror these objects on both sides.
  • Also leads to a terminology issue, a Person object on the server can’t truly be talked about as a Person on the client side because it doesn’t look or feel the same way. Doesn’t have the same methods, isn’t represented as code, sometimes is stuffed into hidden inputs or in data attributes.
  • Managing this complexity can be very hard.  AngularJS  web development has ‘ng-resource’ which you use to create services that hook up to REST APIs and return back that object in JSON and you can attach methods to that object so it can be a fully functional object.  It feels more like something familiar to what you are working with on the server side.
  • All without much work on your end, you have methods like save(), get(), update(), that map to REST API endpoints and are most likely the similar methods you might have in your Data Mapper on the server side.
  • AngularJS encourages you to also deal with models on the client side just like you have them on the server side, big plus there.

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I also don’t feel like the design using jQuery + Mustache is elegant when it comes to having an object that has properties represented in different ways within the web UI.  An example, you have a table of Person objects from the REST API, you have a button for each Person to denote they have “Accepted” an invitation, so when they click, you want the checkbox to change and you want the style on the row to change.

In jQuery, you listen for the checkbox change event, then you toggle the class on the button and the row. In AngularJS, the model is the source of truth so you build everything from that.

Angular JS Development

 Enable you to create software more quickly and with less effort

AngularJS having the ng-model and ng-class directives alone cover so many of the common operations that we all have been doing in jQuery.  Two-way data binding and saving to the server now takes a small number of lines in AngularJS, but in jQuery would require creating your own object, and several different click and event handlers. Switching from watching elements and events to watching a model is a big shift in the right direction.

  Result in software that is more maintainable

  • AngularJS encourages using the model as the source of truth, which starts to get you to also think object oriented design on the client-side.
  • This allows you to keep in mind the same object-oriented design principles that in general make software more maintainable compared to procedural.

 Improve the testability of your software

Angular js web development  has dependency injection at its core, which makes it easy to test. Even the documentation on the AngularJS site has testing as a part of every tutorial step, which almost makes it hard NOT to test.

Using Directives

As its pattern language Angular.js uses HTML. It is expanded with directives(for example, <calendar></calendar>,

) that add into the code information about the necessary behavior. Directives make you focus on creating logics and thus allow you to work more productively. You can reuse them in order to improve code readability.

We can use directives as a HTML elements
<listing> </listing>

custom class names
<div class="listing"></div>

or custom element attributes
<div listing></div>

Encourage good programming practices

Model as the source of truth, dependency injection, ability to create directives that can decorate elements that lends to reusable and shareable components, REST API connection to your server, lots of benefits from just following AngularJS development basic usage.

 Allow you to collaborate more easily with other people

  • Using models as the source of truth is something that is familiar with anybody who is doing object-oriented MVC server-side software, so this should make it easy to pick up for most web developers.
  • Also, being able to create directives in AngularJS and dependency injection makes it easy to create components that can be shared easily between developers and really has excited the developer community.
  • Lots of existing projects have developed AngularJS directive bridge libraries so you can use their code by tossing an AngularJS directive to decorate an existing element with new functionality.
  • Like Infinite Scroller,  Select2, Bootstrap, and Angular has its own UI companion suite.

 Allow you to become proficient in a reasonable time

It took me around 2 full weeks to feel like I was proficient, where I was starting to pick out and understand best practices and look at some of the finer points of the framework.  Where I started from is that I have a lot of experience developing with jQuery, jQuery UI, Javascript, and also implemented a project using Backbone.js earlier this year which is one of the other Javascript frameworks built to solve a similar type of solution as AngularJS.  I felt like knowing how Backbone.js works helped a lot with picking up AngularJS.

Wrapping Up :

AngularJS is a great choice if you look for JavaScript framework that allows advanced web application development. It’s especially good for building single page applications that became quite popular in recent years as it improves a web user experience by simplifying navigation and presenting all the information in a fresh easy-to-digest way. Since AngularJS development was designed and developed by a talented developer’s team from Google, it has got a solid foundation and is well-maintained. Interested or excited to choose AngularJS development services as your next web development project, outsource skillful Angular js developers to develop great framework best suited for your single applications.



6 Quintessential Plugins that WordPress Developers Should be Aware of

You are all in the mood to cook a delicious burger. What do you do ? First, you need to bake the burger buns. Next follows the vegetable patty that is stuffed in between the buns. Vegetables that will go over the patty. Now we have the special sauces like the red chili sauce, mustard sauce, barbecue sauce and the list would go on. It is the chef who decides which sauce should go so as to accentuate the taste of the burger and these sauces are already available in the market and you just have to slather them in your burger. Same applies in the case of a website development. You just add the ready-made sauces in your burger, making it even more tastier and delicious. Plugins are like these sauces which when added brings in the desired flavor in the website.  

The developer should have an idea as to what are the different plugins that the technical world has on its platter and how to use them for a delectable website. When you are employing a developer make sure that he is well acquainted with not only the website creation process but also the thousands of WordPress plugins that helps in creating an eccentric website. You could consider to hire WordPress developers at and many such companies who provide the facility of outsourcing their developers at economical rates. 

Let us discuss about the enticing WordPress plugins that every developer should be well acquainted with to create a really good website.

WordPres Plugins to socialize:


Jetpack is one of the fully loaded plugins that float the convenience of the WordPress powered website. Packed with more than 30 functions, Jetpack is getting all the attention as it is the one-stop solution for getting the best of both worlds. It has the ability to effortlessly create sharing paths for contents that have been posted on the website. Moreover, one could also create a customized sharing button to make the process of socializing even more effective in nature. 


SumoMe is one of the best plugins that WordPress has come up with to make your gorgeous presence felt on the social media platform. This plugin allows you to add the sharing widget that makes the process of sharing fun and much adorable in nature. Moreover, it also helps you to garner traffic through email marketing apart from giving you updates on the number of visitors. 

WordPress Plugins to create a multilingual website:


Making one’s presence felt all across the globe is the need of the hour. Hence creating a website that is in more than one language helps in curbing the greater section of the society. WPML is one such WordPress plugin that helps in establishing a bond with people who are comfortable in languages apart from English. A great plugin that accentuates the accessibility of the WordPress website by creating websites in different languages. 


WPGlobus, yet another important WordPress plugin that helps in creating websites in more than one language. It permits you to configure a set of desired languages which can be viewed by a drop-down language switcher through the custom menu. 

WordPress Plugins for SEO:

Yoast SEO:

One of the most powerful plugins that highlight the path to your website. With over one million active installs, Yoast SEO leads the race of the most sought after WordPress plugin to get yourself noticed by the google crawlers. 

W3 Total Cache:

The WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache is yet another SEO WordPress plugin that not only improves the user experience of your website but also helps in accelerating the performance of your website. Content Delivery Network Integration is one such attribute of the WordPress Plugin that helps in reducing the download time of the website.

Final Note:

Plugins help in accentuating the functionalities of a website with less effort and time. A great WordPress developer should not only be well acquainted with the plugins but should also know how to develop websites that contribute to its accessibility as well as functionalities, defining the greatness of a website.

Common WordPress Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

Getting a website developed is no longer an extremely technical task due to the fact that you do not need to have strong understanding of programming languages and coding. The introduction of Content Management Systems revolutionized the way websites were designed and with the passage of time, more and more people from various industries including entrepreneurs began to prefer a CMS to be used for their website development. Out of a number of popular systems, the one that gained immense popularity worldwide is WordPress.

WordPress is preferred over other CMS because of the fact that its interface is highly user-friendly and the features are countless that helps developers design a variety of websites using different plugins and themes. The customization option means that programmers can edit or create their own themes and plugins to suit their needs of the website. A lot of these plugins and themes are available for free for you to try before purchasing other ones. Some of the strongest and most interactive websites are made using WordPress and if hosting is done properly, the website seldom crashes regardless of the traffic you get. However, following are some WordPress mistakes a lot of beginners make which must be avoided at all times:
1)Backing up the website content: The worst mistake that beginner WordPress developers make is that they do not backup whatever they do on the website. This often leads to significant losses that you may not be willing and able to suffer. Although majority of hosting service providers claim that the data is backed up automatically with their hosting, you must mention it separately to them to back it up to be on the safe side.

2)Ignoring the SEO plugins: A lot of beginner WordPress developers are not concerned about search engine optimization as they think that if a website is attractive enough, they can get traffic through own efforts in social media and other forms of marketing. This mistake must be avoided because SEO is an essential part of website development without which the traffic will be negligible and whatever the objective of your website is, it would not be fulfilled. There are numerous free and paid SEO plugins that can help your website get listed in the top most order in search engines. This eventually means that your website will receive significantly higher number of visitors.

3)Being more concerned about traffic: Since a major objective is to get as much traffic as possible for your website, beginners tend to keep checking the traffic stats again and again which leads to a waste of time. Instead of spending time checking the traffic stats, work on it so that you get more traffic. If your work is efficient enough, you will observe that traffic will automatically rise overtime. Focus on the keywords needed for efficient SEO and improve the content of website and check the traffic stats once a week or twice at maximum.

4)Do not fall for free plugins: Although free products are better than anything else in terms of budget, it is not always a very good idea to choose them over a better product that cost a few bucks. You might be able to get every plugin for free but do not fall for this trap as this can lead to a poorly designed website with uncountable bugs to deal with. Instead, purchase a few plugins that work efficiently especially for important purposes like SEO and plugins for online transactions. It is always better to spend some money to get a high return on your efforts and investments.

5)Changing username and password immediately: As a beginner, you will start working with the username “admin” and a common mistake that beginners make is that they forget to change this. When you have not done much work on the website, it might be safe to work under admin username but eventually as your work gets recognized, the risk of hacking increases. The competition means that developers try to get new talents down in any way possible so change the username and keep a complicated password.

6)Focusing more on design than content: It is undoubtedly true that the design and theme of a website is a major determinant of how attractive a website is, the content matters a lot as well. What you write in the about page, home page and blogs affects the traffic you get because at professional level, visitors are more interested in the content rather than colors and designs. So make sure the content you write is written in an attractive manner with no errors in vocabulary and use of words.

If you successfully avoid these common mistakes, you can become a great WordPress developer earlier than usual.

Author bio: Davidson Francis is an IT consultant who is currently working in a consultancy firm in Boston at Assignment Help Online. He obtained his postgraduate degree in IT and worked as an IT manager for six years before becoming a consultant.

5 Web Design Trends, Now Losing Sheen



Are you planning to redesign your website for your growing business ? Then this is the right time for your business to go digital with new web design trends and latest techniques. In today’s digital world it is really important to match your inputs with audience aspirations. While building a website it becomes key essential to design a digital storefront that is, above all, usable and appealing to your ideal customer.

Thus, to keep yourself update here are 5 website design trends that are losing shed with the growth of digital trend –

1.) Autoplay videos and music –

It becomes nuisance for a user when he/she is already logged into their channel of choice, automatically playing music. Suddenly, when a visitor loads your site isn’t “classy” or “hip”. It is necessary to have playback or volume controls available, but do your visitors a favor and never make them to hunt down the “turn off music” buttons when they reload your site in the middle of something. Similarly with videos: autoplaying videos can be extremely disturbing for users and creates less chances of enjoying and spending time on your site and coming back again.

2.) Mobile-only sites –

In today’s digital world of web and Internet Mobile friendly websites have acquired great importance. According to recent Google update, responsive website or mobile friendly website is more than just a buzzword in web design. Creating a separate mobile website will require optimizing, updating, maintaining, debugging, and supporting .Beyond all these customization and maintenance it will cause duplicates issues with content.Thus, it is a smart idea to hire professional designers and developers to create a responsive website rather spending to build separate site.

3.) Splash Pages –


Image Source –

Usually we intend to create splash pages and flashy intros that forces user to read the entire content before they get to landing page.This is the finest way to make your website look flashy but is it a smart choice to grow your business or just a tricky way to gather email address (pretty terrible for the users ). Don’t even get started popups or splash pages that exist solely to display a third-party advertisement.

4.) Using Flash –

I love flash websites having interactive multimedia, animations and huge images………..Said no one, ever. It would not be wrong to say that Flash is getting an extinct species or going on the way of dinosaurs. Nowadays professional firms have started using open source platforms which are totally compatible with mobile devices (responsive website ). It takes more time to create flash content and ignored by Google crawlers too.

5.) Image sliders –

Image sliders better known as image carousels. They are in great demand as a website design trend for good reason. The mere disadvantage of Sliders is that people ignore it intentionally thinking they are ads. Sometimes they are very fast or too slow, people distract from content through these sliders. It can decrease your conversion rate sometimes rather increasing it. So its better to show one static image accompanied by some text .

If you are thinking to make the website appealing, usable and eye catchy that doesn’t mean a website should be flashy or full of images. It means that a website should be well designed in terms of usability and easy navigation. Redesigning a website is not being a champion with classic websites but considering websites that have clean designs, easy user and search engine navigation, effective planning and strategizing for right traffic like or