Toy – Perception of Future

The very newest of toy’s today are just an indication of what is to come in the near future. Toys are taking on more and more of a technical look to them and pretty soon they are not going to be just ordinary toys any more. What is next in toys? The answer to this question is anyone’s guess if it is touched by the ever-changing hand of advanced technology. So this is an answer in itself basically. Because tomorrow is today and today is becoming tomorrow. If this makes sense, hopefully it does.
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21 Mind Blowing Magazine Cover Design

There are numerous magazines published every month, but only few of them are able to create their unique identity as a high quality magazine.  There are many reason for the same, a qualitative and informative content is considered as one of biggest reason. But, as it is well quoted “A picture says thousands words” reveals the fact that the cover page design is the foremost thing to be taken in priority. This is why it makes the first impression in viewers mind.
Well, the cover page is the first thing that readers are going to see while come across a magazine. When he/she gets attracted towards the magazine cover page design, he/she automatically get compelled to open it. Hence, it make sense here that how important is to create an attractive and sensible cover page design in order to increase the readership of a magazine. It would not be wrong to say that it is quite similar to a website. When people like the website design, then they start reading the information provided in it. In the same way, when people find the cover page alluring, they start reading the content.
Magazine cover designing is now a days become one of the favorite task of designers as the usability of graphic design has become a crucial task in cover page designing.


Magazine Cover Design


20+ Logo Designs Using Numbers For Your Inspiration

You might have heard about WikiPedia; an online encyclopedia stuffed with millions of information in numerous languages. Also, it is the sixth most popular website in the world. Just because of this site, the word “Wiki” has been extensively popularized across the world.  One thing that most of you are not aware about is that Wikipedia is developed by the Wiki Software called MediaWiki, and just like Wikipedia, there are number of websites created on this platform. In today’s post, we are making an effort to familiarize you with the 10 most useful and popular websites powered by MediaWiki, including Wikipedia.

1)    Wikipedia–  The very first website developed on MediaWiki, and of course the most popular website using this script. It is an online encyclopedia that gives variety of knowledge & information, and that too with maximum relevancy.

2)    Conservapedia– It is also an encyclopedia that does not allow any partiality or deformation of the truth in its articles.

3)    Wikiquote– In Wikiquote, you would find famous quotations from famous people, movies and literature.

4)    WikiTravel– This is one of the most popular travel portal on the World Wide Web.

5)    Wikihow– This is the largest pool of ‘How To’ articles on the World Wide Web.

6)    Wikicars– Here you will find the maximum knowledge & information on cars.

7)    Wikia– It is a free web hosting services for wikis.

8)    Wikisummaries– Here you will find numbers of books’ summaries.

9)    Game Programming Wiki– This is one of the best resources for game developers, as they can get tutorials and code for programming video games.

10)    The TV Iv– Here in this site you will find articles on all aspects.

60+ Creative & Inspirational Newsletter Designs

As web designers, we know how to build a modern, semantic and accessibility-oriented website, with proper XHTML and CSS. We understand all the necessary ingredients in making a good website and their implementation.

How about creating an equally good newsletter that matches its company’s standard. Many companies practice sending newsletters periodically/occasionally to their clients. Many do it because their competitors are doing, but some do it purposely. Among many reasons couple of reasons which seems logical to us are: –

  • Spreading awareness and giving an insight to the customer/client about what is going on in company.
  • To create an impression about themselves as a company, sort of brand building practice.

So, as far as both these reasons seems to be real important from the company perspective it becomes designers responsibility as well to understand the gravity of the matter and react with the same seriousness.

Below is the list of over 60 beautiful newsletter designs compiled for you to see and get inspired.