Common WordPress Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

Getting a website developed is no longer an extremely technical task due to the fact that you do not need to have strong understanding of programming languages and coding. The introduction of Content Management Systems revolutionized the way websites were designed and with the passage of time, more and more people from various industries including entrepreneurs began to prefer a CMS to be used for their website development. Out of a number of popular systems, the one that gained immense popularity worldwide is WordPress.

WordPress is preferred over other CMS because of the fact that its interface is highly user-friendly and the features are countless that helps developers design a variety of websites using different plugins and themes. The customization option means that programmers can edit or create their own themes and plugins to suit their needs of the website. A lot of these plugins and themes are available for free for you to try before purchasing other ones. Some of the strongest and most interactive websites are made using WordPress and if hosting is done properly, the website seldom crashes regardless of the traffic you get. However, following are some WordPress mistakes a lot of beginners make which must be avoided at all times:
1)Backing up the website content: The worst mistake that beginner WordPress developers make is that they do not backup whatever they do on the website. This often leads to significant losses that you may not be willing and able to suffer. Although majority of hosting service providers claim that the data is backed up automatically with their hosting, you must mention it separately to them to back it up to be on the safe side.

2)Ignoring the SEO plugins: A lot of beginner WordPress developers are not concerned about search engine optimization as they think that if a website is attractive enough, they can get traffic through own efforts in social media and other forms of marketing. This mistake must be avoided because SEO is an essential part of website development without which the traffic will be negligible and whatever the objective of your website is, it would not be fulfilled. There are numerous free and paid SEO plugins that can help your website get listed in the top most order in search engines. This eventually means that your website will receive significantly higher number of visitors.

3)Being more concerned about traffic: Since a major objective is to get as much traffic as possible for your website, beginners tend to keep checking the traffic stats again and again which leads to a waste of time. Instead of spending time checking the traffic stats, work on it so that you get more traffic. If your work is efficient enough, you will observe that traffic will automatically rise overtime. Focus on the keywords needed for efficient SEO and improve the content of website and check the traffic stats once a week or twice at maximum.

4)Do not fall for free plugins: Although free products are better than anything else in terms of budget, it is not always a very good idea to choose them over a better product that cost a few bucks. You might be able to get every plugin for free but do not fall for this trap as this can lead to a poorly designed website with uncountable bugs to deal with. Instead, purchase a few plugins that work efficiently especially for important purposes like SEO and plugins for online transactions. It is always better to spend some money to get a high return on your efforts and investments.

5)Changing username and password immediately: As a beginner, you will start working with the username “admin” and a common mistake that beginners make is that they forget to change this. When you have not done much work on the website, it might be safe to work under admin username but eventually as your work gets recognized, the risk of hacking increases. The competition means that developers try to get new talents down in any way possible so change the username and keep a complicated password.

6)Focusing more on design than content: It is undoubtedly true that the design and theme of a website is a major determinant of how attractive a website is, the content matters a lot as well. What you write in the about page, home page and blogs affects the traffic you get because at professional level, visitors are more interested in the content rather than colors and designs. So make sure the content you write is written in an attractive manner with no errors in vocabulary and use of words.

If you successfully avoid these common mistakes, you can become a great WordPress developer earlier than usual.

Author bio: Davidson Francis is an IT consultant who is currently working in a consultancy firm in Boston at Assignment Help Online. He obtained his postgraduate degree in IT and worked as an IT manager for six years before becoming a consultant.

5 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails for Web Development

Ruby on Rails is one of the hottest technological trends for 2015 which has taken over the web development industry. Ruby on rails developed in Ruby programming language is an open source web application framework. Rails is the software library which extends the software code that are added in Ruby Programming Language.


Comparison of summary statistics of Node.js and Ruby On Rails

About Ruby On Rails :-

Ruby On Rails

Ruby Programming Language is one of the most popular open source framework which helps to develop simple or a complete web applications. It has the capability of rich interactivity and functionality which makes ROR as the one of the best framework for developing powerful web applications also. It is developed with the help of Model view controller design pattern. This helps ROR to be agile nature of development framework unlike other platforms.

5 reasons to choose Ruby on rails for your upcoming project which are :-

1. Quick launch :-

Ruby on rails modules and solutions

Rails consists of ROR programming software library which comprises of extensive set of ready-made modules and solutions. These tools saves at-least 30% development time and ensures quicker launch of results.

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2. Cost -Effective :-


Ruby on Rails provide an excellent platform for web development spending less time. This saves the cost and you don’t have to compromise with the quality of the project.

3. Built in testing :-

Built In testing for ROR

Ruby Programming Language uses advanced algorithm for testing process. Unlike other frameworks it consist of a built in system where manual testing is not required. In simple way it runs on a test driven development methodology where codes exists after they are tested. This process saves cost and time both.

4. Flexibility :-


Ruby on rails is readable and that is why it is easier for the programmers to take up an existing project and update them. ROR provides excellent flexibility for the easy modification of a project in future.

Ruby on Rails Web Development

5. Complex Websites :-


The ready-made built in solutions of Ruby on Rails provides excellent solutions for building complex websites. Moreover it is much easy to find the solution of any complex problem which occurs at the time of development of website

Why Use Xamarin For Mobile App Development?

Developing a mobile app can turn out to be a expensive and long process. With the advent of new technology Xamarin, cross-platform mobile development has become quite easy and prompt. In this blog post, I’ll explain some benefits of Xamarin as a cross-platform mobile development tool.



Xamarin offers some astonishing efficiencies for cross-development applications that appear and perform like native apps on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Regardless of the cross-development tools that programmers use, seamless integrations with their companies’ systems are essential to get the most from code-sharing or building native apps for the major systems.




Here are some advantages of using Xamarin as an cross development tool:

  1. Xamarin helps in building mobile apps faster

You have write most of the codes only once and can share it on Android, iOS, and Windows. In this way, you can also decrease your mobile app’s time-to-market. By cutting down on cross-platforms code duplication, you will have more time for adding functionality to your mobile app.

  1. Xamarin helps in delivering a native platform experience

Xamarin is fully integrated with the SDK of each platform. This allows developers to use the common API to access native controls that provide an authentic native experience.

  •   3

  •   .With Xamarin you can easily avoid bugs; therefore, increase software quality

Probably the greatest benefit for users of apps developed with Xamarin is an increase in software quality due to code reuse. It stands to reason that the chances of introducing platform-specific errors can be dramatically decreased when app code is written once and shared on different mobile platforms.

  1. Xamarin helps in developing code using a full-featured IDE

It increases productivity of developer with features such as code completion, a powerful debugger that works with either an emulator or hardwire devices, support for easy app publishing and an interactive UI builder.


Why Mobile App Marketing Is Important?

Industry gurus are preaching that mobile app marketing nowadays means walking miles uphill. But the question is how to market? How to make your app another Angry Birds or Temple Run? How to, the least we can say, make your target audience notice your app? We have answers to all these questions, and this post is completely designed to discuss the top mantras that can help you in your marketing efforts.

So it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is! It’s now a question of using the statistics to understand how consumers behave when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are.


Mobile Stats vs Desktop Stats Users

Mobile Stats vs Desktop Stats Users


Before moving to check the best Mobile App Marketing trends 2016 let’s first check the statistics which best summarize the importance of mobile devices today.


1. Time Spent on Mobile is greater than the Desktop and other Media


How Mobile App will help you to reach your targeted Audience.

How Mobile App will help you to reach your targeted Audience.


2. Trend in Mobile vs desktop Mobile Usage

                                         Fig. shows how with the time users average time spent on Mobile Increases

3. Mobile Media Time – App vs Mobile Site Usage?

                                                                     Monthly Usage Of Mobile and App Web


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4. Average time spent on Android and iOS Devices

Here are the top five App marketing ways (and some interesting tweaks to them) that should be remembered at all times – even before starting with the Mobile app development:


1. Your app should be unique, not just a carbon copy of a similar popular app. And even if you’re not building a one-of-its-kind app, strive to give a one-of-its-kind experience. Clear, a to-do list iOS app, for example, gives a great list-keeping experience to its users and has risen far above many existing apps that serve a similar purpose.

 2.Exploit all the social media channels, be it Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Run  contests, update content regularly and keep people engaged so that they really start anticipating your offering.
3. Don’t always try to cater to everybody, for sometimes having a smaller audience  yields better marketing results.
4. Create a website for your app with that what-is-there-for-the-users element in it. The website of WhatsApp is a good example here. Create a teaser video of your app, incorporate it in your website and share it across all the possible platforms (have a look at the video of Dropbox). Creating a slide that highlights “what changes after your app” would also be a great idea.
                            App usage shows the dominance of games and social networking and the potential of utilities.
5. Contact all the top review sites and get featured on them. Let’s face it: No matter how amazing your app is, at times its increased visibility and authority of people appreciating it are the only things that matter.
Wrapping Up
There is no limit to how much you can market your app. You can end up spending hundreds of millions of dollars on app marketing without having any idea of where your money, as well as your app, is going. So, it’s all about playing smart. Doing things right. And doing them on time.
We hope that this post gives some direction to your marketing efforts. If there’s any point you would like you discuss on further, you can shout out below or contact PixelCrayons: the leading mobile android app development company in India.
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How To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company

Mobile app development for your brand is an important and pricey affair. If you don’t have manpower to develop an app yourself, then it is sometime daunting knowing how to approach a mobile app developer. This is especially true if you don’t have enough knowledge of app development cycle. However, if you have a precise idea of what you want in the app, then it should not be a big problem for you. Here’s an elaborative guide to finding the right mobile android app development company or developer and getting a great mobile app made for your business.

1. Company can Develop Apps in all Operating Systems
Now, mobile apps are widely used across various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. If you want to have a greater reach to your potential customers, you should ensure that the developed app is compatible with all major platforms. An ideal app development company should have the ability and knowledge to make the mobile app efficiently work on all platforms.

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2. Carefully Check Client References and Samples
While choosing a mobile app development company, you should ask for references and samples. In this way, you will get an idea whether the developer can provide you solution as per your specific requirements. A good app development company can easily provide you samples and references. You can also contact the references to know the pros and cons of service. By watching the previous works of your app developer, you can easily judge their credibility and technical depth.


Mobile App Development

3. Company can Customize Apps for Your Business

Before choosing an app development company, make sure that it provides you with personalized mobile apps according to your company’s business requirements. Make sure your mobile app has great performance and visual appeal. It is important to have a good design for your app; therefore, make sure that the User Experience and User Interface designs of your mobile applications are up to the mark.

4. Ask Company for innovation, quality and features in App
As there are many app development companies in India, opting for an iPhone or Android app development company with experienced developers can be a tough task. But, before choosing the company you should inquire about the details like how many quality apps they’ve developed, how innovative they are, and what are the special features that your app will carry.
In addition, you can also ask about the published apps links in the app stores. It is really not good if a developer has developed 100+ apps and none of them is published in the mobile app stores. Hiring such app development company can completely ruin your business and you may face monetary loss because app development is a costly procedure.
App Development
5. Ensure Long Term Association with Company
App development is not a one time task. A mobile app need regular updates in order to keep pace with the changing market trends and company requirements. Therefore, make sure to select a company with whom you can ensure close professional rapport for many years to come.