Advantages of Hybrid App Development Services:


What is Hybrid App?

A hybrid app is a combined element of Native and Web application.
Hybrid app bares often mentioned in mobile computing environments and Native application is a specific platform which installs in a computing device.

What is a Hybrid app development?

Hybrid app development combines the best (or worst) of the native and HTML5 worlds. We define hybrid as a web application, built primarily using HTML5 and JavaScript, and then wrap it in a thin native container that provides access to native platform functionality.

Hybrid App development technologies:


Xamarin is one of the key hybrid mobile app development frameworks used in many organizations, and this is a good reason to have a strong community of more than 1.4 million developers worldwide.

Microsoft has retreated and supported all the technical support that the tool can request.
More than 70% of the code can be reused between iOS and Android, writing less code for your own business applications.
Easy to run tests for these applications Xamarin ensures you get the same level of performance as your Native Mobile app.
Xamarin Forms is a tool that gives you platform-specific features beyond the reusable code you can use.

PhoneGap is another open source hybrid app development framework and is considered to be the simplest cross-platform framework. Creating applications with this tool is done using the Web API. In other words, it is developed under the wrapper native application shell and then implemented in native storage for various available platforms.
Anyone with basic hands-on JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 can start PhoneGap development from day one.
Compatible with Windows 7, Android and iOS.
Easily skip multi-platform verification and focus on the UI.


Ionic is a completely open source SDK for hybrid app development created by Drifty’s Max Lynch, Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley in 2013. Ionic provides tools for developing hybrid mobile applications using Web technologies such as CSS and HTML5. And service and Sas.
Develop once and immediately put them on all supported platforms.
You can use it and AngularJS to build rich and powerful applications.
Due to CSS, JavaScript and HTML are more reliable – the code is easier to maintain and ensures faster development.
Intel XDK:

The next one on our list is the Intel XDK, which allows individuals to develop cross-platform applications for different available stores. This includes everything from web services to rich content plugins, interactive mobile apps, and responsive apps that are known to run on any type of device.
Provides many developer-friendly features and serves as a one-stop shop for all development activities.
Newer versions extend support for Android, iOS, and Windows.
The tool also allows users to use the live preview option on connected devices when you are in the development phase in an integrated environment that uses other tools.

Appcelerator Titanium:
Appcelerator Titanium is really a better solution for creating hybrid mobile apps, and to get started, you can continue to download Titanium Studio. The Titanium SDK is powerful enough to have all the fast development capabilities of mobile apps.
This tool provides a hybrid development environment experience for tools such as Xamarin and PhoneGap.
Mobile apps created with Alloy can be easily reused across different applications and platforms.
Kendo UI:
Kendo UI is another hybrid mobile application development framework and an HTML5 framework widely used for cross-platform mobile application development. It is supported by Telerik.
One of the biggest advantages of using Kendo UI is that it’s not hard to learn because most developers are already familiar with jQuery.
The second advantage is that it is a freely used open source framework.


VuForia is an augmented reality software development kit. This allows developers to create applications based on augmented reality (AR) technology.
VuForia recognizes and tracks a wider range of objects.
It extends support for most available high-end handheld devices.
It provides the ability to create a basic best AR experience for all major devices.
Ability to create virtual buttons that applications can view and respond to.
Provide video playback support.
The 3D experience can be built using the VuForia Mobile Vision platform.

React Native:

One of the main purposes of this framework is to develop native applications on a hybrid application running on a web view. The code for your application will still be done via React and JavaScript. One of the features is that it is not customized for beginners, but its active community can help you solve problems as quickly as possible (if any).
Many ready-to-use components accelerate the development process.
Provides rules for copying codebases between iOS and Android.
Provide hot deployment without developers saving changes
Errors can be easily identified when programming is done in a declarative style.
Benefits of hybrid mobile app development services for businesses:

Low cost and easy to develop:

Building a hybrid app development technology is more valuable than the native and web application development process.
Hybrid development, using some standard tools and a different set of libraries, takes less effort and time from the developer. The built apps are available in any mobile app store, which also saves a lot of money and time.
The hybrid framework allows developers to build a single version and write and maintain separate code bases for various platforms. This approach saves a lot of money for small companies that want to save a lot of money and attract more revenue.
In addition, if you want to make any changes to your application, you can do it bravely, because you don’t need to make changes to all the devices that the application works on.

Offline support:

Hybrid mobile applications, such as native applications, use the device’s API to store data offline. This has proven to be a big advantage for customers who are poorly connected or are observing the cost of data.
Some mobile users are less connected to their mobile devices, and they are also impressed with the offline usage features associated with hybrid applications. Therefore, they will be able to use the mobile app without frustration.

Meet the online market qualifications:

Google Play and the Apple Store follow a rigorous guide to the types of apps that can be published in it. Application developers must respect these two leaders in the application market because it has a large number of global users (nearly 17 billion downloads).
Google and Apple are very strict in the applications they choose, and they tend to welcome native or hybrid applications. If you submit your app to these stores, you’re most likely getting a lot of downloads.
No qualified mobile app developers will risk not considering these mega-mergers, which is why it is highly recommended to build hybrid applications that qualify for the online marketplace.

As I mentioned before, it is based on HTML and JavaScript. As a result, regular web developers can develop hybrid applications with additional training.
Some mobile users have trouble downloading and installing new mobile apps. However, a large percentage of users will continue to use the mobile app after downloading. According to 2013 statistics, smartphone users have downloaded about 80 million applications. However, this does not mean that anyone who downloads the app will continue to use them. Hybrid mobile application development can keep application users away from the frustration associated with this.

Creativity can meet the target audience:

A normal web application does not keep in touch with the device’s operating system and built-in environment. They are not as smart as today’s evolutionary applications, nor can they mimic good native applications. Hybrid applications are spruce and complex because they subtly combine the device operating system with its inherent functionality without much overhead.
This allows application developers to consider more ideas to achieve more functionality through hybrid development and to attract the attention of their target audience.
Conclusion: Mobile apps are a must-have tool for every business to quickly penetrate the market and stay competitive.

If you are looking for hybrid app development services, Frontend Development Services, iOS app development services, and many more development services, contact PixelCrayons.

Top Software Development Talent For a business in 2019

Top 10 Ultimate Practices for Successful Software Development Projects

If you are in the market to Hire App Developers in India, or to hire Full Stack developers for a business then certainly its going to be a tough task to find a one for your business. A recent study estimates that there are approximately 12 million Mobile App Programmers or Mobile App Developers active, also new tech developers are trying to build their presence such as Electron Js Developers and that figure is expected to rise by two million more in the next few years. But, given the abundance of options, this does not mean that finding the ideal developer for your project will be like a stroll in the park. You should not only make sure that the potential candidate skill set has reached the desired level but must be confident that it will be a good cultural event.

With this in mind, here are some recommendations which will help you to hire a developer with the right amount of experience and expertise to suit your marketing team’s needs.

Ethereum Development


Ethereum in its essence is a Blockchain network used for the development of Decentralized apps or DApps. It is basically a different application of the Blockchain technology.

If you’re looking to hire ethereum developers in india for your implementation of the platform, now is a perfect time. The use of “Smart Contracts” in ethereum has an incredible potential and a wide variety of applications which can possibly help negate middlemen in transactions and related activities.


Hyperledger isn’t a technology, nor is it a company or an application of an existing technology such as Blockchain. Hyperledger essentially is a hub for open-source blockchain development run by the Linux Foundation.

For businesses looking forward to hire hyperledger developers, the most suitable open-source projects include Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Burrow.


Full-stack Developers

The hiring of full-stack developers in India has rapidly increased over the past 3 years. The reasons are quite obvious. In the midst of constantly emerging new technologies, companies are finding it difficult to hire new developers for projects. In such scenarios, outsourcing development services make the most sense.

Electron developers



Electron is an open-source library for development of cross-platform desktop applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Electron makes desktop application development easier and uses Node.js and Chromium for desktop app development.

If you want to hire electronJS developers, you’d first need to first understand how a desktop app can really be useful.


Which Technology Trends are Going to Rule 2019 for Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development as of today stands as one of the most important technological innovations moving the world. In addition to being the no. 1 job in the US, its the driver of fields such as Blockchain, IoT and AI.

Just as how the Internet fuels this the age of Information, Custom Software Development is creating new forms for its implementation through diverse platforms which serve consumers and businesses with each of their needs & requirements.

In the year 2018, the business potential for these platforms are extremely high, with firms now running around looking for Custom Software developers and outsourcing IT services to power their dream projects.

As per Statista, Custom Software Development stands as the most outsourced IT service as of 2017, and takes up a whopping 64% share out of the various services in IT outsourced today. This itself shows the desperation of global firms today for getting ahead in this race to utilise the most advanced technologies fuelled by the Internet.

So how would you define custom software development services in 2018? In simple words, it’s a march towards a more secure, automated and simpler future which would redefine the way we interact with the environment. But don’t be misled by the term “simple” here. Simplicity would definitely be the core of future advancements in technology, but achieving this would be far from Simple for those who create them.

Today, progress in Custom Software Development is more of a necessity than an option for companies. Custom Software products today amalgamate with services in order to create greater levels of efficiency in the delivery of nearly every kind of service imaginable. 

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In 2018, several new technologies trends in the way of its development define Custom Software Development as a whole. I’ll delve deeper into the most important of these to give a better understanding about how your business is likely to be impacted by these trends.

1. The transformation of DevOps

At the time of its introduction about 5-6 years ago, DevOps was considered just a buzzword, and wasn’t really expected to become as big as it stands today. DevOps in its essence is basically the amalgamation of Development and Operating teams, which sync the coding and testing aspect of Custom Software Development together to ensure faster delivery.

This expansion of the Agile Development process is now implemented in large-scale Companies. AWS claimed the lead here since 2011, with its continuous delivery practice deploying new code every 11.6 Seconds! DevOps has evolved a lot since then, yet there are many firms lagging behind with their development approach. With BizDevOps and other new perspectives coming ahead, it’s only about time until Custom Software Deployment and delivery scales higher peaks than ever before.

2. The explosion of Blockchain

Blockchain is no longer just a buzzword. Many blockchain development companies are taking notice and are getting in a rush to jump on the hype. While its use was pioneered by Bitcoin, its scope beyond the same is clearly visible. The distributed open ledger Technology has an incredible potential and its Immutable, transparent and decentralized nature is central to the imagination of a better future, from both a consumer and business standpoint.

The use of Smart Contracts in Blockchain is another aspect explored by organizations today. Smart Contracts can be a viable replacement for escrow services, and the way it could automate the flow of transactions provides an incredible scope for new use cases.

In addition,  Blockchain Technology could eliminate the use of paperwork, and along with it also create a medium of universal trust, not on corporations or governments; but on technology. 

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3. The case for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The potential and use of Artificial Intelligence is highly argued upon by the leaders of today. The use of AI allows a Custom Software to identify objects and other elements which are otherwise impossible to be done through the means of Traditional Custom Software Development alone.

Thus its imperative that AI and its application techniques such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning be embedded in the Custom Software of the future. Top dogs such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have already entered the realm of AI and ML. In 2016, the investments by Businesses in AI reached a total of $39 Billion and it has been growing ever since.

Along with AI, investments in Machine Learning have also been expanding for a long time now. A report by Market Insider suggests that the Machine Learning market will grow to around 8.81 $ Billion USD by 2022.

4. The replacement of traditional applications with ChatBots

ChatBots are generally misunderstood to be more of an intelligent and human-like assistant rather than an application. The fact though is that a ChatBot is just as much of an application as any other traditional one. What makes it different is its capability to be more interactive, and display information based on user input rather than presenting all information within the interface for the user to find.

Thus in essence, it’s an application interface which makes communication between a business and a client easier, and provides outputs based precisely on the inputs given. It isn’t something meant to replace human interaction; and that’s not even possible with our current expertise in AI, machine learning and Deep Learning.

The sole purpose of a ChatBot is to explain and convey information in a comprehensible manner to whoever it interacts with. This is ideally the perspective with which ChatBots are developed. In fact, ChatBots can even be used by the custom software development companies itself in order to provide consistent updates on the progress of development and operations to the clients.

It calls for a wide scope of application today, especially at a time when technology is becoming more complex than ever, and when an easy understanding of such information is a necessity. 

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5. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps can be considered as an extension to a mobile browser which performs similar to an application, but without the need for it to be installed on a device. Progressive web apps offer a wide range of advantages compared to a native mobile App. The most significant advantage is that a Progressive web app (PWA) costs less to develop than a native one, and at the same time provides an app like interface.

Additionally, a PWA is also able to access a phone’s functions such as Microscope, geolocation, push notifications and camera. It also can be saved to the homescreen of the device just like how you’d save any other natively installed app.

A PWA only requires a browser to be accessed, and creates a highly accessible platform for smartphone users. The only limitations to these are that developing a PWA requires adhering to standards set by Google for the same, and it probably won’t be implemented on other platforms such as iOS as quickly as on Android.

However, PWA’s do offer a good proposition for business owners on a low budget, for it offers several advantages of an Android mobile app with lower-development in comparison.

6. The Altered Reality (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality)

Though initially, VR was expected to take the cake as the tech having more potential and application. Today, VR seems to be more apt for high-level entertainment experiences more than anything else. Augmented Reality, on the other hand finds a lot of use cases beyond entertainment, and when combined with AI, its capable of creating a platform which can change the way we view our world.

While AR finds its utility in compact devices, the potential of VR is only completely accessible through devices with decently powerful hardware. When this situation is viewed from a Custom Software Development standpoint, it can be said that AR has come a long way since its initial uses, but Virtual reality development still needs a lot of time to come at PC with its augmented counterpart. 

So what lies ahead?

In a nutshell, the generation is witnessing a rapid advancement in the need for Custom Custom Software Development Companies and related services. As more new technologies keep coming, the need for skilled developers would increase in a parallel manner.

As dependence on technology keeps increasing, the complexity of its expertise and knowledge will also go hand-in-hand. The greatest threat here is the gap in IT skills between the top companies and all the others, which is expected to increase more than ever before.

While it may not seem to be such a big problem on the surface, it could cause a chaotic scene if we are led to a future where technological expertise and knowledge only exists in the hands of elite businesses, and those who capitalised on it at the earliest.

Technology is only becoming simpler for those who use it, but for those who give it its form; things are getting more challenging, yet thrilling at the same time. As for those of you willing to put your business on the global map, Custom Software Development must be where your investments go, for it may be no longer be just a necessity in future; but a demand.

How can Brands Leverage eCommerce Development to Reach Emerging Markets

A Report about eCommerce development recently published by the Boston Consulting Group revealed that the number of Internet users in emerging markets would witness a jump of 0.9 billion by 2020. In a parallel manner, the growth in users is also increasing the demand for eCommerce, which is expected to eat up 20% of total retail sales three years from now.

If these predictions are anything to go by, then cloud and internet based businesses are in for a flood of new customers in the years coming ahead. eCommerce, being one of the largest Internet-based businesses will be the most to benefit from this growth.

The emerging markets and developing economies of the world churn out new sets of customers for eCommerce companies to serve. It is these companies which can leverage eCommerce website development to create and enhance platforms to appeal to the newer audience.

So how would you, as a business owner; cater to the 0.9 Billion upcoming users of the Internet? An eCommerce website development company set up in a developing country could prove to be highly useful for brands looking to cater to unfamiliar audiences.

In terms of business propositions, eCommerce can and will always have a wide scope. Amazon and Alibaba have are the best examples of companies which made the best out of the overall potential of eCommerce. However, there are many companies out there already fulfilling requirements of specific sets of customers.

Take, for example, a couple of eCommerce websites like Senior Shelf and Seniority. These eCommerce companies are built for the needs of senior citizens in the Asian sub-continent. In a similar fashion, the new and upcoming set of 0.9 billion customers from emerging markets could perhaps seek alternative and unconventional sources for online shopping.

Every eCommerce company isn’t an Alibaba or an Amazon, and may not have such a massive scale of success. But there’s an audience for everything, and in the new emerging markets, there’s a whole new set of trends and demands yet to come.

All that matters is whether the right people are able to look up your business at the right time. The highest priority for any business, be it eCommerce website or any other type of an entity; is to increase its reach towards a wider audience. As I expressed before; there’s an audience for every type of content and every kind of business.

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Making the Most Out of the Latest Development Trends 

Today’s top eCommerce development companies focus on harnessing software development trends such as AR, Machine Learning, AI and Chatbots to fulfill the needs of its ambitious clients.

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However, in emerging markets, the focus of ecommerce website development may shift towards simplicity and functionality more than attractiveness. This is where platforms such as Progressive web apps and the use of Lite mobile app development can be useful. The key benefits of these can highly benefit businesses looking to serve wider audiences in rural areas with low-bandwidth networks and low-spec devices. The eCommerce giant Alibaba has already succeeded in increasing its customer base with the development of a PWA for its eCommerce platform.

The emerging markets of the world have a few weird peculiarities which make them so complicated. One such quirk is the unfamiliarity of users with new concepts. Thus its difficult to determine the exact need of customers. However, no matter what the industry is, companies are highly likely to succeed when it focuses on adaption rather than domination.

Such practices implemented by ecommerce website developers in India would require flexibility while maintaining the robustness and scalability of an eCommerce platform. However, if you are a business owner looking forward to making use of eCommerce for the next billion internet users, the time is ripe!

Top Digital Transformation Trends in 2019 to Evolve your Business


  • IN 2018 we all know that half of the world has experienced a very unsatisfactory chatbot experience. But, nice things, natural language processing, and emotional analysis methods continue to do huge steps. In fact, NLP will shake the entire service industry in ways we do not imagine.

With NLP, digital transformation companies  can gather insights and improve services based on that. Approximately 40% of large companies adopting it by the end of 2019, and it is becoming one of the trends of digital transformation in 2019. 

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  • It’s too complicated for lay people to use right now, and there’s no standard way to use it. The only way to get mass blockchain adoption is to create a plug-and-play version that all can use and understand.
  • My guess is that many of the smart blockchain development companies are still working to realize the possibility of block chains in 2019 but it will take another 2 or more years to start seeing the promised traction as I am thinking.

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  • As shown in the recent data, we have created the world’s 90% figure in the past year, research also shows that we are simply using 1% of the data. Often being 1% above is a good thing, it’s a 1% that should be embarrassing about most of us preaching the analysis of the report. Marketing, in the form of Microsoft, SAP, SAA and sales force (just names), is a marketing lead in an unlikely business analysis, such as companies’ problems, towards data-related organisations There’s so much to be done. The data they collect and data are stored on.

If there is something that you know for sure, the digital transformation will change the way you do business in all sectors. Although it may be difficult to see the expansion, some of these technologies are now, the way we work, the socialization, the possibility of exchange is wonderful, its meaning far exceeds a year ahead.

There are few Digital Transformation companies which provide the best services, one of them is PixelCrayons. The company is a leading digital transformation agency in India. It has over 14 years of expertise and has delivered solutions to 4800+ clients with 97% client retention. 

7 Reasons Why Hiring a Dedicated Development Team Makes Sense

Experience is Everything – 5 Reasons Why UX Is Important for Your Digital Presence

Modern technologies allow business owners and employees to become more flexible and robust. What size is your office? – Usually can be put in a bag or sometimes even pocket. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices allow us to communicate with colleagues or partners from anywhere, anytime. Share reports, approve strategies or action plans, work on presentations, discuss wired frames, and participate in conference calls without leaving your home.

This mobility has left its impact on business processes, human resources operations, and business approaches. Hiring a dedicated development team, remote or distributed teams are not new these days. Enterprises of all sizes apply to external custom development teams for benefits such as:

  1. Strong Skills
  2. Flexibility
  3. Collaborative Engagement

7 Reasons why Hiring a Dedicated Development Team makes sense :

  • Lack of IT talent or lack of specific technical skills in your area;
  • Cost savings, in terms of infrastructure and overhead, compared to the increase in your local IT staff;
  • Shorter running cycle, in contrast to the internal team arrangement;
  • Ability to focus on core strategies and services, delivery of development work to an external agency;
  • Small efforts from your end to create a team;
  • Minimize risk with appropriate project management and reliable operations;
  • Periodic or seasonal workload with strict deadlines.

The recruitment of a dedicated development team with a higher level of experience will be able to execute the project brilliantly. The strict and skilled IT consulting firms & there IT project management team will focus on problem-free implementation throughout the project cycle with minimal disruption to your business. To reduce operating costs and improve productivity, the highest priority for companies is to maximize the use of the latest technology available at the enterprise. In this digital world, there have been rapid innovations in technology and software platforms.

PixelCrayons has deep experience working with companies in all sectors, ranging from healthcare providers to financial services companies. Regardless of the challenge or technological goal, our technical advisors recognize the challenges facing developing companies. Even if your organization already has CIO or CTO on staff, PixelCrayons can help you improve your IT capabilities.

Final Words

The popularity of It consulting companies is easy to define, as it combines low-cost software development with highly skilled employees. This is a useful choice for long-term contracts with large projects and constant workloads. A dedicated business model is for those who keep in mind that they will invest in the project workflow, potential pitfalls, ongoing and ongoing development of quality solutions.

Perks of Software Consulting

Traditional software is divided into two sections: packaged or custom. The custom-made software is fully adapted to meet consumer needs, in contrast to the packaged software that is pulled from the shelf and has the same features for everyone. Software consulting company designed to meet the specific needs of each organization. With their resources and the exclusivity of solutions to business issues are guaranteed.

Benefits Of Software Consulting Company

When it comes to business operations and software development, there is no such thing as a solution to a size. Although there is much high-quality software available with relatively slim possibility that it will fit seamlessly into your organization. Changing some built-in features of your packaged software can meet a small requirement but it can not be compared to a software solution built from the start specifically for your business.

Custom software development company ensures that your software is able to handle all of your daily processes. The personalized software can be as complex or intuitive as you want, and it makes perfect choices for businesses of all sizes. When you have software designed to do exactly what you want it to do, it helps make your day easier.

The growth of your business brings new needs. Off-the-shelf software that seems perfectly fit to your needs today may not always be measurable. It is not necessary to accommodate changes coming tomorrow as a result of your organization’s growth. Above all, you have trouble training your workforce everywhere. 

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PIXELCRAYONS known for its best software solutions, they can make sure it’s scaled to support the growth of your business. In addition to setting up the initial solution, they can maintain the program, in the long run, make sure the levels are effective. It is better when you can allow your business to grow without being limited or held back through your software.

For many businesses, the fulfillment of their different needs creates the need for many software programs. However, it can be a bother to use and maintain some programs. Businesses in this position of need can enjoy the operating benefits of a custom-made software program designed for integrating multiple processes. It helps them to do more than what is needed while reducing stress.

Hiring a dedicated development team may be pricier once but it proves to be worth the money in the long run. Software development may include additional costs for licenses, etc. But with PixelCrayons firm scalability and integration, your business can save a significant amount of money in the software development. PixelCrayons can address the gaps in your IT staff, and provide comprehensive solutions and consulting services based on your individual IT needs. For more information please contact.

Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?


More than 50% of all mobile applications, whatever their platforms, today must be completely rewritten or replaced in the next few years. These alarming statistics underscore that a very annoying, wealth-rich and complex process that is running a mobile application through competition and successfully proves.

After the survey on hundreds of mobile app development companies, we compiled this list for the top 5 reasons, while most mobile applications fail to meet the expectations of mobile app developers:

# 1: Creating a Complex Mobile Application

Listening to it all: Keeping things easy: Business web applications and websites work in a common way – navigate through user logs, different pages, find the page that it finds it to run a desired job and access manipulation / data.

On the other hand, mobile apps are completely different, they are improved with a limited limited scope and help users run these tasks quickly when running with some of these navigations.

Mobile applications, such as an enterprise or product website, have to create simple, single-mile navigation gateway for more complex, large-scale offers.

It’s easy, if you create a mobile application that is like your website, you probably will fail!

A reliable mobile apps company can help you in achieving a responsive and successful mobile app for better conversions and sales.

# 2: Unnecessary Resources

According to a recent Forrester Research, developing an enterprise application is around $ 250,000 and is close to around one year. It is already at greater risk, and the lack of judgment or lack of support to find the right mobile app developer may increase the complexity.

Mobile application developers are currently enjoying a high quality worldwide, in which they usually opt for mobile app development products and they want to work.

Unfortunately, a business-based mobile reorganization of an enterprise portal is not often as stupid as a startup application that is not large. Therefore it is required to take help from top IT consulting firms in order to choose right resources wisely.

# 3: Security Risks

One of the most difficult parts of mobile application development is creating a face-to-face API that gives consumers access to your functionality and data. This process usually takes about 12-24 months.

Any time mobile application developers deal with access permissions and commercial logic, they consider it a huge risk and multiply the levels of complexity.

The more you can develop without the argument through APIs, the more stable your solution will be.

# 4: Download the Lower Application

Typically, app developers only spend a lot of money and time on developing a mobile application to find out if it’s a fussy people who care for it to download it on their device. SAP discovered that more than 75% of apps are downloaded and are not used later.

It’s important to collect responses with measuring measurements even after their launch in your mobile applications.

The more often you provide users updates for your applications, the higher your app’s rating will be.

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# 5: Mobile Application Marketing is Difficult

The cost of application development is expensive and expensive. Even when the complex, long process is completed, you only win half the battle. To gain more exposure and visibility in the industry than to the marketplace satisfied with your competitors, there are a lot of questions to ask and more investment.

CPC ads on leading advertising networks are generally the first step taken by App Publishers for their new apps; However, many mobile apps have returned print advertising calculations in newspapers and magazines and, if there is a budget opportunity, then the app advertising works great on the TV platform.

The credit adds great benefit to the mix due to their crazy fan, and that’s why dominant marketing is something that you can underestimate today.

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In-a-short, when planning your next ambitious mobile app, you can avoid jeopardizing these 5 blunders to ensure your hands. Be Careful while choosing Custom Software Development services.

With the expertise of a Mobile Application Development-Board, you can make a great difference in the final outcome of your project as an experienced agency.

Everything About Mobile Application Development Process From A to Z

mobile application development

Planning to innovate an incredible mobile app for your business? Before taking the next steps, you need to redefine a progressive pathway that encircles the entire mobile app development process. Undoubtedly, the creation of a successful mobile app is a tough task as a developer needs to determine each & every aspect of favorable mobile app development. Right from the customization of app’s UI, features, & functionalities, it is important to choose right platform & making it useful for your target audience.

So, if you want to achieve an awesome mobile app, make sure to go through the complete guide that will help you in understanding every significant phase of result-driven mobile application development. Prior moving to the development cycle, you are required to consider the basics of mobile app development from A to Z & prepare a step-wise list as we have described below:

Step-1 Research & Planning

Research & Planning

If you have an idea for mobile app & you think that it is feasible, pre-planning & in-depth research will work for you. You must write down a well-defined plan that will help you strategize the next steps. The mobile app development plan must include various aspects of your app idea including its feasibility & relevancy to your business. Ask the below-given questions to yourself so that you can go further in the process:

  • What is the main focus of your app?

  • Does your app idea appropriately relates your services or products to business?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • How your app idea differs from your competitors?

  • Which platform favors the success of your app?

You can determine the time & resources required for the app once you are able to answer all these questions. The next big thing is that your competitors never leave any stone unturned to lead among the customers and therefore, you need to construct a foolproof plan to stay ahead of them. You can check out your competitors’ app & analyze their major features & the functionalities. This will help you outline your budget, time, and the entire mobile app development plan.

Step-2 Imaginative prototyping

Imaginative prototyping

Your creative & inquisitive mind will guide you in this phase. In the previous step, you have done a lot of work on research & planning but now, you need to sketch out your app idea with your imaginative skills. Whenever you chalk out the initial structure or design of your mobile app, you will get more and more ideas to turn it better and finally, the best. Remember, the visual representation is important to unveil the expected design of your app right from the initial phase. You can take feedback from your friends & discuss your app idea to learn their perspective or expectations from your app. By taking introductory reviews from others, you can find out the loopholes & figure out ways to tackle them.

Step-3 Note down the technicalities

Note down the technicalities

Technical issues may affect your app’s performance. In other words, you need to analyze whether your app’s back end system is compatible with its functionalities or not. For back end development, you need to define its structure, monitor & authenticate user accounts, APIs, data diagrams, servers, & more. In the next step, this approach will definitely benefit you in modifying the wireframes either for Android or for iOS application development.

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Step-4 Create your app’s prototype

Create your app’s prototype

Prototyping is important to display & experience the interactive features of your app. You can define the responsive functionality of app & analyze if it favors user engagement or not. A prototype acts like a mirror of your fully functional mobile app & your users can touch and respond to it in order to understand your app’s work flow at once. You can add useful wireframes & modify them to build a user-friendly prototype of your app.

In this phase, a mobile app developer showcases the app’s prototype to the client for review or feedback. Similarly, you can test your app’s prototype among the target users, your friends, & interested colleagues and take the acceptable reviews from their side. Don’t forget to read their minds & note down their reactions when they see & access your app’s prototype.

Step-5 App designing & development

App designing & development

Now that’s what you are waiting for, right? Every developer is excited to get into the designing & development process as it’s quite interesting & equally important to achieve success. When you design your app, it becomes necessary to construct its layout along with its elements that are meant to deliver astounding user experience. You can refer it as a multi-step process & it is crucially done to interpret the final look of the app along with the visual representation of its layout and other customized elements.

Step-6 Customization & development

Customization & development

After creating a customized mobile app design, you must follow agile methodology as proposed for iOS & Android mobile app development process. It enables a developer to make a right utilization of resources, perform error-free coding, carry out precise testing effectively. During this phase, you might face some issues but the concept of agile app development will allow you to transform your app, integrate new features, and make some suggestive changes that you want.

Step-7 Testing


Obviously, you can never take any risk by launching your app without testing its features & performance. When you have done with the customization & development process, it is important to test the functions of your custom-built mobile app. Either you have designed it for Android or iOS platform, make sure that it is compatible & functional on all devices.

UAT testing & Beta testing are two important phases of app testing. UAT test is directly performed among your app’s target users & you will receive feedback on the basis of overall user experience. On the another hand, Beta testing involves an active participation of interested people to test & analyze the functionalities of the app under realistic circumstances.

Step-8 Launch time

Launch time

Finally, you are successfully done with the entire process of mobile app development. This step is last but not the least as you need to submit your app to app store when its development process is completed. Furthermore, your responsibility still remains as you have to update your app’s version & add new features to make it successful soon after the launch.

Ending notes

At last, you have adorned your prospective app idea & achieve an innovative mobile app. You must go through the above-described phases of mobile app development cycle & follow these steps in order to get an extraordinary mobile app for your business.

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Experience is Everything – 5 Reasons Why UX Is Important for Your Digital Presence

Experience is Everything – 5 Reasons Why UX Is Important for Your Digital Presence

UX design and it isn’t just how sparkly your website or application is. UX is the underlying structure built with your ideal customer in mind. This system isn’t easy to create and employing a website designer or experienced app developer or designer may be needed if you don’t have the time or skill set but need results quickly. Why is UX important? Here are five things to consider:


We have all been to a website we didn’t quite get. You try to navigate through, but it’s not intuitive and you are left frustrated. Don’t let this be the case with your online assets! If a user is seeking out your company for help or to purchase products, they shouldn’t have to labor to figure out how to get around your website or app. With a well thought out, user friendly UX plan, conversion rates can increase by as much as 400%. Your e-commerce or brochure website should be organized for top performance and ease-of-use for visitors.

First Impressions

“Love at first sight” may be cliché, but it is very much real in the online world. When a customer lands on your site, it takes only seconds for them to decide if they like it or not. If they’re uncomfortable, they are 88% less likely to return. Thoughtful UX design can create sites that are not only sleek in appearance, but also functional so the client feels quickly engaged as a user, and are more likely to return.

Easy Shopping and Check-Out

With skillful UX design, you can reduce or eliminate the frustration clients encounter throughout the checkout process. Include too many hoops to purchase and you’ll likely end up with an abandoned cart. Continuously analyze your shopping and checkout process to ensure your users have an easy, intuitive experience with as few steps as possible. This will encourage them to complete their purchase and buy from you again in future.

Digital Integration

Integrated Digital Experience is a new buzzword in the industry. Ever notice how every Walmart or Target store has pretty much the same layout? People like to feel comfortable and familiar when they visit bricks and mortar stores, and the same is true of the digital experience. Ensure consistency between all your digital assets such as apps, website and PPC landing pages, as well as smooth, simple transition between each of them. This will help your users feel at home and comfortable so that they will want to keep coming back.

Time Saving

How long is too long for a page to load? Well, according to numerous studies, if it takes longer than three seconds, you can expect to lose 53% of mobile users. Don’t let poor UX functionality slow down your loading speed as this can cost you dearly. You should constantly optimize your design so things run as smoothly as possible and avoid customers experiencing delays that will have them turning somewhere else.


When your company goes digital (and it should), you need to start off right with proper UX design. Research the target users of your site or app to create a layout and platform with them in mind. UX, in essence, is the ability to make the complex simple. You want your client to instantly connect your brand and become familiar with all the ways you can help them. To have a competitive edge in today’s world, you need to create a digital presence that sweeps the client off their feet and invites them back again and again. After all, if it doesn’t work for them, it certainly won’t work for you.