Benefits of Blogging for Business

benefits of blogging for business
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Blogging is the go-to means for promoting businesses these days. Blogging helps to market your business far and wide. With the increase in internet usage and access to smartphones, maintaining an online for a business has become essential. Let us see what how beneficial is blogging:

1. It Helps to Drive Traffic to your Website

Blogging benefits

Every online business craves traffic. If there is no traffic, how else the word concerning your website is going to spread? Visitors who know you and are your customers is traffic as well but that does not contribute to an increase in traffic. What we aim to achieve is an increase the online traffic.
The means available to businesses other than blogging are bombarding potential and returning customers with emails. It can become a nuisance for users as it spams their inbox. You are practically shoving content down their throats in the hopes someone would click and read.
Also, in addition, you could try placing paid ads but that is an expensive method of doing things. With blogging, you can solve the traffic problem by writing posts. When you write a post, your website is enriched as a result of that post because that page is indexed.
Indexed pages develop the likelihood of showing up in search engines and is an organic way of driving traffic towards your website. Why? Because creating a page (writing a blog qualifies) tells Google that your website is active and not lying dormant so crawler should be checking it for updated content.
Blogging also enables you to be found through social media. The content when shared via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ your business gains a competitive advantage over your rivals as you attract the new audience.
When you have blog posts in your arsenal, your brand does not get lost on social media. You do not have to always ask your social media manager to come up with a new campaign or post to get in action. Your blog serves as a repository of content and can be turned to in the time of need.

2. It Helps to Convert your Traffic into Leads

business blogging

The first and foremost step of bringing in leads is to have traffic on your website. Now that we have latter out of the way, let us focus on the leads. As we have seen above that when you write a blog post it adds to the list of indexed pages and hence each page per se packs a lead generation opportunity.
How does it work? You have to simply insert a call-to-action (CTA) on that page viola! You are all set to convert that traffic into leads. These CTAs often lead to the download of free eBooks, fact sheets, subscription to free webinars and so on for anyone who is willing to share their email addresses and other particulars.
But that is not to say that by means of this technique you can convert every visitor into a lead. However, you need to put in 100% of your efforts by placing CTA on every blog post you create. When you see that conversions are happening, seek to capitalize on it by increasing the conversion rate against a set benchmark.

3. It Enables you to Establish Authority

business blogging benefit

Authority in the sense of being an expert on the subject. Blogs are meant to answer questions and provide with actionable takeaways so that after reading, the reader can easily enact or practice them in their lives. That is the beauty of a blog and thus, blogging is such a big deal for a business.
If you are constantly churning out content for your target audience which is proving to be beneficial for them, your word will become the word of Bible. The audience will know that if an opinion or insight on the said subject is needed, they need to refer to your blog for it.
Consider this, if a prospective customer is finding answers to his queries on your blog, what do you think he will do? He will definitely check out what you have to offer in terms of services or products by visiting your website. They will approach your website and make an informed decision.

4. It Drives long-term Results

blogging in business for benefit

Naturally, the blog post that garners views and has resulted in leads will not only remain relevant for a few days after it is posted but rather it will continue to bear fruits further down the road; weeks and months. In the long run, that same blog will generate several hundred thousand views and leads.
According to studies 70% of the traffic that lands on to your site are courtesy of old posts than newer ones. This holds true for lead conversion as well. More from the old blog posts than those published in the current month – up to 90%. Thus, write “killer” blog posts.

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