9 cool things to know about Drupal

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Before writing on the topic I assume that all the readers have some basic knowledge on Drupal. If you are a novice reader about Drupal then you can go through the post Top 10 file management modules in Drupal and get some knowledge on Drupal.


 Now, whenever I go through the reviews, promotional contents and sales pitches I hear the same words like excellent CMS, Open Source, Free and have the support of powered and efficient community of developers. But I can tell you that Drupal is more than that. I chalked down some cool things about Drupal so that readers could get a vivid view.

  •  You can create landing pages targeted to facebook

You can pull any Drupal Page on your website as the landing Facebook page for the users. Just you have to adjust the page setting so that it gets fit to the size of the box which is available in Facebook. But it is much more convenient than building a landing page from scratch.Just follow some simple steps. First you have to log in Drupal site, make adjustments according to your page requirements, click on ‘save’ button and then you are done.

  •  Build Facebook Applications in Drupal

Do you want something more interesting than just making a landing page in Drupal? Then there is a good news for you. You can make the entire application in facebook using Drupal.

  • It helps users to log in to your site through social networking websites

 It is much time consuming and hectic for users to make new accounts in social networking websites. Just allow the users to get logged in your website through their accounts in social networking websites. There are some new methods through which new accounts can be made automatically for the users. So one major advantage is that is any social giants shows off or changes then you will not be losing your community.

  • Make your website mobile responsive

 Now a day a mobile friendly website is required because most of the users get logged in with the help of mobiles. You can check out the website mobile analytics. Drupal makes attractive mobile themes like Imega and Adaptive theme which gives users a fantastic mobile experience of using your website. 

  • Nirvana- SEO

 Drupal provides each and every thing that is required to provide SEO control on your website. It includes meta tags, meta descriptions,custom page titles, copy, URL’s and it gives excellent results with Google Analytics.

  •  Provides the option of Cool mapping features

 It provides excellent mapping features where users can input their address with Zip code and can interact with the map itself. So there are many ways of powering up your website using Drupal.

  •  Customizable E-Commerce solutions for the website

 Drupal module offers perfect solution for online store. Drupal offers specific store for that. It can be integrated with the shipping services like UPS and USPS to end the legacy of store experience. Rather make them interested in your company and company services by filling the orders. 

  • Video and photo integration

Drupal accepts different pictures and videos which can be displayed on other devices also. You can easily upload videos in YouTube automatically. The vice versa can also be done with the help of TwitPic through which you can display any video from YouTube to your website.

  • Security

The codes of Drupal.org is scrutinized regularly by a smart public community of smart developers. The main task of that community is to focus and enhance the hold of security on the websites. 

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  • A learned a lot of things about Drupal. This platform is the most powerful CMS I have ever used. This post emphasizes more on it. Thanks for the post man.

  • I enjoyed the last updates on Drupal. It gave me the opportunity for drag and drop administrative tasks. Excellent CMS. Post is excellent. Will be waiting for more.

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  • Drupal has always been a favorite CMS for me. I don’t know why people under rate it when it is compared with WordPress. Best article I have ever read about Drupal.
    Thanks Sir

  • I knew it from the first time when I left using WordPress. It is quite excellent CMS for the business owners and profitable too. Thanks for letting us know and giving full descriptions.

  • What are the properties of Nirvana SEO? Is it more flexible than the SEO algorithms followed by WordPress?

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