7 Productivity Management Apps for Web Designers

Productivity Management Apps for Web Designers
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Web designers face numerous challenges throughout their web design journey. This includes ensuring smoother integration, securing the website, delivering an exceptional user experience and making your website responsive and speedy. Add to that the tight deadlines and annoying clients and web designers have their work cut out. How could a web designer stay productivity even when they are facing such challenges? This is where productivity management apps for web designers come into play. These productivity management tools can help you in streamlining your routine tasks and maximize your productivity.

In this article, we will look at seven productivity management apps that can make web designers more productive.

  1. Clear

Try every other To-Do list app and you will soon realize that there is none better than Clear. With its innovative gesture-based interface, beautiful design, intuitive interface and excellent functionality, Clear has become the most popular To-Do app among the masses. Tight deadlines are the norm for web designers and Clear help you create a list of tasks and prioritize them so that you don’t miss any deadlines again.

  1. TaskQue

TaskQue is a task management tool that uses an intelligent task assignment process to maximize your productivity without exhausting your resources. Batch together similar web design tasks and assign it to a group. Track progress and make real-time adjustments in order to complete design projects successfully. Conduct result-oriented meetings with clients and collaborate on web design projects with your team members to keep all stakeholders happy. Try TaskQue for free or sign up for the premium account to unlock excellent productivity enhancing features. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, users do not have to download and install anything to use TaskQue.

  1. Webflow

Don’t know how to code? Do you want to design websites without coding? If yes, then Webflow is a wonderful web-based app that let you design website without coding. Vlad Magdalin, co-founder of Webflow explains how Webflow came into being, “Webflow was born out of the frustrating workflow between my brother Sergie (a designer) and I (a coder) while we were building sites for clients, It now helps web designers create and publish custom responsive websites much faster.” Designing a code-free website has never been that easy that it is now, thanks to Webflow. You do not have to be a coding wiz to design websites anymore.

  1. InVision

There is no better tool than InVision when it comes to design collaboration. In fact, this tool goes well beyond the scope of designers and also cater to the needs of marketers and managers. Creating interactive mock ups and sharing them with clients and remote teams, conducting fruitful discussion and getting useful feedback is no longer an issue, thanks to InVision. With its extensive feature set, building fully functional prototypes is no longer a hassle free process. It even let web designers and web developers to evaluate the products before coding initiation.

  1. Evernote

How can we leave out Evernote app from a list of productivity management apps? Well, we cannot. Do you think of Evernote as a note-taking app? If yes, then you are very wrong because it does much more than that. Collect design inspiration, share them, create To-Do list, present your designs, set deadlines, alarms, reminders and do much more with its intuitive interface. With support for any platform you can think of, keeping your notes and To-Do list in sync across devices is not a problem anymore.

  1. Pattern Lab

Are you working on a large web design project? What is the first advice you will get? Break down the large project into smaller, more manageable bits. Pattern Lab give a unique twist to the same concept with its Atom Design that let you break larger tasks into atoms (smaller parts). At the end, you can combine atoms to form molecules and organisms (reusable web components). The ability to stitch different user interface elements and patterns and dynamic data working capability makes pattern lab stand out from the crowd.

  1. MindMeister

Are you having a lean patch as a web designer or stuck due to a mental block? Create mind maps with MindMeister that get your creative cells going again. Brainstorm your way out of a design block by creating hand drawn mind maps that helps you connect the dots. Share your mind maps with your team members and clients and get feedback. The brainstorming sessions for web designer are incomplete without MindMeister.

All these productivity management tools can make the life of web designers easy by automating minute tasks. If you know about any productivity management app that can help web designers to stay focused and be more productivity at the same time, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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