6 Awesome Tips to Make Your Print Commerce Website Successful

Tips to Make Your Print Commerce Website
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Print commerce (or web-to-print) is a relatively new concept. But thanks to the growth of eCommerce, internet, and digital technology, by the year 2022, the global print commerce market is expected to reach US 1.3 billion. If you are an entrepreneur who has recently adopted web-to-print technology and find it difficult to make your business presence felt in the market, we are here to help.

In this article, you will find tips to establish your foothold in the web-to-print business and gain popularity with time. Let’s go through the journey of making your print commerce website engaging, interactive and competitive. Here’s what you need to do.

Develop an online presence-1
1. Develop an online presence

First of all, people must know that your brand and services exist. And in order to make that possible, you should develop an online image. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to go about it. Ask yourself questions like “What words or phrases are commonly used by prospects or potential customers?” Using these keywords on your website will help you rank higher. Apart from keywords, several other factors are taken into consideration by Google Search Engines including the number of external links on your website, the quality of content, the newness of your website, optimization of meta-tags etc. Responsive web design can also be a crucial contributor when you work on strategies of getting discovered.

2. Narrate your story

Since web-to-print technology is in its nascent stage, you are sure to have faced challenges. Through testimonials, reviews and other content on your website, you can reveal how you have resolved these challenges and delivered solutions to your customers. Encourage the people connected with your brand to be vocal about their needs and the ways in which you helped them. The visitors on your website can read and relate to the kind of projects you have implemented. This will definitely create a good impression and convert such visitors into permanent custom

3. Convert visitors to customers

Your website might have been designed using the best technology. It might also be telling some great stories. However, it isn’t of any use if it doesn’t provide you with desired business results. If it is a B2C website, you would just want your visitors to buy the product. But if you have a B2B website, you might have to get in touch with other business owners, explain them about the ways in which the web-to-print technology works, provide quotes and offer a compelling tool so that they can get interested in working with you.

4. Maintain your blog

A powerful content management system and a regularly updated blog about web-to-print technology can enable you to have fresh content and new pages on your website. It is advisable to have a blog that works on a feature-rich and user-friendly CMS. The technology framework for your blog can be different from your eCommerce store. For example, if you are using Magento for your online print store, you can keep the blog in a separate WordPress installation. That way you will get the best of both worlds – the power of Magento for eCommerce and the user friendliness of WordPress for blogging and content marketing. Also share your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc so that you can drive visitors through social media platforms.

5. Offer multiple language support

In order to establish a global reach, your website must offer multilingual support. There are extensions and tools available which can help you translate the frontend of your store enabling you to reach customers belonging to different countries. So when you are getting your web-to-print website designed, consider the language of some of the major countries that you are willing to target. This way, your clients will not feel reluctant in approaching you and you will also be able provide them with the services that they asked for.

6. Provide a spectacular web-to-print tool

It goes without saying that in order to have a successful print commerce online store, you must have a good online product design tool. Your website should provide the list of all the products that can be personalized by using the software. Instructions about operating it should also be given clearly. If the software is user friendly and offers the much needed designing freedom to the customers, they are sure to visit your website frequently. Not only that, they might also share their experiences with friends and relatives helping you to fetch more customers on your website.


Apart from acting upon the above mentioned points, you should also come up with loyalty programs, deals and discounts so that you can attract more customers and retain them. Try to know as much as you can about web-to-print technology and find out about the ways in which it can help you to grow your business.
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