5 Web Design Trends, Now Losing Sheen

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Are you planning to redesign your website for your growing business? Then this is the right time for your business to go digital with new web design trends and latest techniques. In today’s digital world it is really important to match your inputs with audience aspirations. While building a website it becomes key essential to design a digital storefront that is, above all, usable and appealing to your ideal customer.


Thus, to keep yourself update here are 5 website design trends that are losing shed with the growth of digital trend –

1.) Autoplay videos and music –

It becomes a nuisance for a user when he/she is already logged into their channel of choice, automatically playing music. Suddenly, when a visitor loads your site isn’t “classy” or “hip”. It is necessary to have playback or volume controls available, but do your visitors a favor and never make them hunt down the “turn off music” buttons when they reload your site in the middle of something. Similarly with videos: auto-playing videos can be extremely disturbing for users and creates fewer chances of enjoying and spending time on your site and coming back again.

2.) Mobile-only sites –

In today’s digital world of web and Internet, Mobile friendly websites have acquired great importance. According to recent Google update, responsive website or mobile friendly website is more than just a buzzword in web design. Creating a separate mobile website will require optimizing, updating, maintaining, debugging, and supporting.Beyond all these customization and maintenance it will cause duplicates issues with content.Thus, it is a smart idea to hire professional designers and developers to create a responsive website rather spending to build separate site.

3.) Splash Pages –


Image Source – business2community.com

Usually, we intend to create splash pages and flashy intros that force the user to read the entire content before they get to the landing page.This is the finest way to make your website look flashy but is it a smart choice to grow your business or just a tricky way to gather email address (pretty terrible for the users ). Don’t even get started popups or splash pages that exist solely to display a third-party advertisement.

4.) Using Flash –

I love flash websites having interactive multimedia, animations and huge images………..Said no one, ever. It would not be wrong to say that Flash is getting an extinct species or going on the way of dinosaurs. Nowadays professional firms have started using open source platforms which are totally compatible with mobile devices (responsive website ). It takes more time to create flash content and ignored by Google crawlers too.

5.) Image sliders –

Image sliders better are known as image carousels. They are in great demand as a website design trend for good reason. The mere disadvantage of Sliders is that people ignore it intentionally thinking they are ads. Sometimes they are very fast or too slow, people distract from content through these sliders. It can decrease your conversion rate sometimes rather increasing it. So it’s better to show one static image accompanied by some text.

If you are thinking to make the website appealing, usable and eye catchy that doesn’t mean a website should be flashy or full of images. It means that a website should be well designed in terms of usability and easy navigation. Redesigning a website is not being a champion with classic websites but considering websites that have clean designs, easy user and search engine navigation, effective planning and strategizing for right traffic like markupbox.com or valuecoders.com

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