25+ Awesome Websites to Make Funny Pictures Online

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Why every time you have to stand straight and stern to give a pose when even a cool and casually taken photograph can also be turned into an extremely artistic and professionally taken picture.

The presence of many online tools and applications makes it very easy and also fun to play with your images(not necessarily) or with your friends. The best part of these websites is that most of them are free to access, and you do not even need any technical knowledge to operate.


Below are few websites with which you can change backgrounds from dull to exotic ones, create a collage in different colors, morph your friend’s face with one of your dearest creature and many other things.


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1- PhotoFunia

Most of you must be aware with the real tricks that Funia can create. But those who have not experienced the magic of Photofunia this is the time to check it out.

2- BigHugeLabs

Create calendars, posters, covers, mosaic, collages and what not! Include the pictures of yours and your loved ones in your daily routine with BigHugeLabs.

3- FunPhotoBox

Select your photo, add different effects on your pictures, and start fun.

4- ImageChef

Slide your photograph into 40 fun filled photoframes and share it on popular site like Facebook.

5- InStyle.com

Try the hairstyle and beauty style of celebrities before your friends do.

6- BeFunky

Try Charcola, Inkify, Black & White and many other effects with high resolution and better clarity.

7- Front Page You

Create a fantabulous magazine cover in just 3 second for yourself and shock your friends.

8- Yearbook Yourself

Upload your photos and get yourself listed in black and white decade.

9- MagMyPic

Fake magazine covers and add comic to your pictures.

10- Letter James

Personalize your all photos, photo-calendars and send them to your friends and beloved ones.

More Websites to Have Fun With

11- Photo505

12- Xerox

13- PicArtia

14- WriteOnIt

15- Dumpr

16- Fakemagazines.com

17- Montagraph

18- piZap

19- AnyMaking

20- LoonaPix

21- myHeritage

22- OnCoverPage

23- Funny.Pho.to

24- Festisite


26- Create HDR

27- Blingee

28- MoronFace

Surely, you might have used quite a few, but not all, so try your hand in other remaining cool sites and let us know your experience in form of a comment.

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