10 Most Popular Websites Developed on Mediawiki: Wikipedia is Just One of Them

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You might have heard about WikiPedia; an online encyclopedia stuffed with millions of information in numerous languages. Also, it is the sixth most popular website in the world. Just because of this site, the word “Wiki” has been extensively popularized across the world.  One thing that most of you are not aware about is that Wikipedia is developed by the Wiki Software called MediaWiki, and just like Wikipedia, there are number of websites created on this platform. In today’s post, we are making an effort to familiarize you with the 10 most useful and popular websites powered by MediaWiki, including Wikipedia.

1)    Wikipedia–  The very first website developed on MediaWiki, and of course the most popular website using this script. It is an online encyclopedia that gives variety of knowledge & information, and that too with maximum relevancy.

2)    Conservapedia– It is also an encyclopedia that does not allow any partiality or deformation of the truth in its articles.

3)    Wikiquote– In Wikiquote, you would find famous quotations from famous people, movies and literature.

4)    WikiTravel– This is one of the most popular travel portal on the World Wide Web.

5)    Wikihow– This is the largest pool of ‘How To’ articles on the World Wide Web.

6)    Wikicars– Here you will find the maximum knowledge & information on cars.

7)    Wikia– It is a free web hosting services for wikis.

8)    Wikisummaries– Here you will find numbers of books’ summaries.

9)    Game Programming Wiki– This is one of the best resources for game developers, as they can get tutorials and code for programming video games.

10)    The TV Iv– Here in this site you will find articles on all aspects.

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