10 Finest Ways to Bump Up Web Visibility

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Each year, the internet becomes even more advanced and web design gets even more creative. The more users and website that are listed online, the more advanced search engine security gets. Search engines want to categorize every website to a specific keyword.

SEO can bring tons of hits to a web page and for the average business, good SEO means an increased revenue through the web. There are 10 magnificent ways that you can bump up your SEO ranks just a bit higher in 2017. Read Below.

1-Meta Tag Optimization. Meta Tag optimization is a very effective way to bump up SEO ranks. Every page on a website should have meta tags included in the top heads section of the script. Each page should contain different meta tags as each page should be different from the other. Meta tags will notify search engines the exact title, description, and keywords of a webpage.

2-ALT Keyword Tags. Every image that is included in a website should be optimized with ALT Tags. Crawlers always pick up on these alt tags.The correct way to optimize an image with the ALT tag is to specifically describe the image in specific text.

Good Optimization:
<img src=“computer44.jpg” alt=“Blue Computer Screen”>
Analysis: The above ALT Tag describes the image in descriptive words.

Bad Optimization:
<img src=“computer44.jpg” alt=“computer44.jpg”>
Analysis: The above ALT Tag has copied the image name.

3-Full URL Structure. The structure and length of a web pages URL effects SEO and the link indexing speed. There are different structures to formate your websites URL. When creating a link, the total word count inside the link should not be too long. It is preferred to have a shorter title vs a longer title. The perfect length for a title should be 55 characters long. Aside from the length, formatting your URL structure the correct way will definitely increase visibility ranks.

Good URL Structure:
Analysis: The above URL structure is short and contains only a one category deep directory slash.

Bad URL Structure: http://www.example.com/cat/inside/keyword/11/title_in_here.html

Analysis: The above URL structure is too long and contains underscores which are considered to be bad practice.

4-Increase Visitor Web Stay. When increasing the overall time spend by the average visitor on page, it prove a website accuracy to a keyword and result to higher trust/visibility in search engines. Search engines are looking for websites that will be most accurate to a keyword. Web visitors are the biggest judges that will affect this part of SEO. When a website includes meta tags, it will direct search engines to rank that particular site for that keyword listed and when a site proves accurate to their keyword selection, ranks will go up. It is important to increase your website visitor stay time and decrease the bounce rate. Alexa Rank is a great site that tracks a variety of websites stats and shows webpage bounce rates.

Web Design Trick to Improve Web Stay: UI Interactive web design animations are the newest way to increase the overall visitor on page web stay. Web visitors that go to an interactive website will most likely spend more time on that site than a plainly designed site with no interactive effect.



5-Local Business/Local Listings. Every business that offers a local service should invest time in doing local SEO in 2017. Local SEO is very effective and can bring a good amount of web visitors to a business website. Local SEO is very accurate and accuracy is the key to making quick sales.

Top Ranked Free Places to List Your Business: Yelp, Bing Places, Facebook, Google Business, and MapQuest.

6-Mobile Friendly Web Design. Mobile devices have become extremely popular. The average web visitor using a mobile device will browse the net on average 10 times a day. Since a large group of web visitors are coming from mobile devices, every site should upgrade to a mobile friendly web design to satisfy these group of mobile visitors.

Best Web Design Layout for Mobile Friendly Web Design:  The one-page web design is the ideal layout for a mobile friendly web design. The one page showcases everything on one page and loads everything at once. With so much space to design, the one-page web design has tons of room for extra web effects and very large font sizes. The top to bottom scrolling makes it easy for the average web visitor to look through the web page.

7-Minimize Javascript. Javascript is a great way to create custom web effects.  Too many javascript files may cause a website to become very slow when loading up. By removing some of the unnecessary JS files on page, a website will run much faster.

8-Broken Link Check. Websites that contain broken links are often seen as old, un-used, or poor in quality. Clean up SEO by doing a quick broken link check. When a website owner has identified the broken on page links, he/she has the opportunity to fix those broken links. Servers are char sensitive. The most common ways a broken link occurs is when there is grammar error inside the title url.

9-Press Release. A fast press release can certainly generate some SEO signals on the net. Aside from SEO, a Press Release is also known to be showcase a company in a positive light online.

10-Social Media Buzz. Social Media has become one of the ranking factors of SEO. Social Media is a place where a website or business can gain tons of followers and those followers can surely turn into future website visitors and possibly sales. Aside from that aspect of it, Social Media is a great place to share web page links and expand a website even further. Every website should include the top 5 social media buttons at the footer section of every web page.

What are the top 3 SEO Friendly Web Design Layouts of the Year?

1- One Page Web Design.
2- Responsive Grid Layout.
3- Multi-Page Web Design layout.

The internet has become one of the main platforms to connect people in different parts of the world. This year, minimal web design is in and mobile devices have positivity pushed web design to become even more optimized for search engines. SEO can bring tons of hits to a website and increase companies online reputation effectively. Using the list above to understand how to bump up your SEO ranks successfully in 2017 and remember to use one of the 3 SEO friendly web design layouts for your site!


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