5 Free Graceful WordPress Themes with Flat Design

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The use of flat designs for a WordPress theme is the latest trend in blogging. A flat design offers an uncomplicated look without compromising great features like a responsive design, social media integration, short codes for customization as among others. As more bloggers are beginning to show more preference on a flat design and minimalist approach in designing their WordPress sites, many are wondering what are the best free graceful WordPress themes that offer this kind of simplistic design. You need not have to pay to get a graceful WordPress theme because there are great free WordPress themes with flat designs that you can use for your blog.

1. Gridly Folio WordPress Theme

Bestdesigntuts-WordPress Themes with Flat Design-Gridly
This is a minimal but a responsive WordPress theme that comes in a portfolio scheme that is ideal for the graphic designers. The interface of the theme is clean and with a minimalist approach. You can post featured images and the theme is optimally designed for mobile viewing. It comes with a two color scheme and a widgetized footer. Its clean interface allows its users to highlight their images and art designs for their viewer’s better appreciation.

2. Respo WordPress Theme

Bestdesigntuts-WordPress Themes with Flat Design-Respo
This WordPress theme offers a minimalist design with a clean and sleek interface that is highly optimized for customization. If you want a magazine type WordPress theme, then this flat design of a WordPress theme is a good option. It is a highly responsive theme as it is capable of adapting to various screen sizes of your website visitors. The theme has responsive sliders and it is sleek to use even with the smaller screen sized SmartPhones. It is optimized with short code generators, sidebar tabs, 5 widget ready sections and 41 fonts that you can choose from in customizing your blog.

3. Sensitive

Bestdesigntuts-WordPress Themes with Flat Design-Sensitive
This is a free WordPress theme with a flat design, great for someone who is looking for a WordPress theme with an uncluttered interface. It is fully responsive for mobile viewing and works well for various mobile phones and tablets. It has a metro styled accent with a Twitter Bootstrap. Enjoy using the theme graceful features like customizable home page settings, background customization support, 3 page templates to choose from and is search engine optimized. Many of its users enjoy its clean coding design with a touch of a pro WordPress theme design.

4. Appliance

Bestdesigntuts-WordPress Themes with Flat Design-Appliance
This minimalist WordPress theme is designed with panels that showcase posts with a visual approach rather than displaying them as a list. It is optimally designed for blogs, portfolio or magazine type of blogging. Its minimalist feature gives the effect of a clean, light and responsive WordPress theme interface and it is conveniently easy to load pages using this graceful WordPress theme.

5. Ari

Bestdesigntuts-WordPress Themes with Flat Design-Ari
This free flat designed WordPress theme offers a flexible three column theme that is perfect for blogging. It has a clean and minimalist design that makes it easier for your website visitors to navigate. It is also optimized for viewing on different browser sizes and mobile screens like in tablets and SmartPhones. Its responsive design adapts to the kind of screen that is used for viewing your site. When using an iPad screen for instance the theme changes into a two column layout for better viewing and changes into a single layout when viewed using a mobile device. This graceful WordPress theme is best for personal blogging. You can enjoy using its customization options like changing the link and font colors and using your personalized logo.

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