Why Should Migrate From Drupal 7 To Drupal 8?

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The new release of world’s leading open source content management platform Drupal is packed with over 200 new features and improvements. With these prominent features, Drupal 8 will set new standards in offering plethora of ways to customize your website content, display data on mobile devices, and build API’s.

 The updated version reveals some of its astounding features, and better arms Drupal users to take advantage of the emerging internet technologies, particularly the digital marketing and social media optimization. It is essential for Drupal users to learn about the software’s continuous evolutions that bring forth new capabilities to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Here is what they all will get in the Drupal 8.Here is what they all will get in the Drupal 8.


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 1. More User-friendly:

Many often use to complain that Drupal is not as simple as WordPress. Drupal 8 has been designed to address all issues that used to make it complex. Now, it’s simpler, and easier to build websites quickly and upload/edit content in an effortless manner.

2. Simple & Mobile Content Editing:
The new Drupal version comes with a built-in WISIWYG editor that makes your task of editing content a breeze. Instead of puzzling at the back-end, now you may edit the content at the front-end as well, so that everything will remain visible to you instantly. Moreover, it allows you to edit content through mobile devices as well.

3. Responsive & Fast:
In Drupal 8, with an optimum JavaScript load, the content caching task is more efficient and faster. That’s why the content becomes available at a faster pace with no wait time. It also makes your website look impressive with more responsive characteristics. Thus, users will love to access your website via multiple mobile devices.

4. Multi-language Support:
If your goal is to build a multi-lingual site to penetrate new geographies speaking different foreign languages, Drupal 8 could be your sensible choice. It allows you to build a website for users speaking multiple languages and manage it more efficiently.


Did you get your website developed in Drupal 7? But now you wish to migrate it to Drupal 8? It’s not a worry! The previous versions of Drupal were not that supportive in terms of the website migration. It was mere supportive. But now with Drupal 8 developers can effortlessly shift the websites that have been coded in either Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. Undoubtedly, this is going to ease the work load of many developers out there, who are always expected to ensure the website compatibility with the new flowing in technologies. Thus, with Drupal 8 it is easy to update the websites for the developers.

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  • Can I get a little more information on the preparation of the source data? Do I need to create a copy of the live website and put it on to the same server as the D8 site? How can I set the live site directly as the source file?


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