Why Are Mobile Apps So Popular Anyway?

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Most people use their mobile phones to interact with other people online. It is estimated that 77% of mobile phone owners are always online and either catching up with friends or simply doing business. The invention of the smart phone may have even increased this estimate. With new mobile technology came the invention of mobile apps. Mobile apps are basically computer applications designed to operate on smart phones or other kinds of mobile devices. Ever since their invention, they have become popular among users and the reasons as to why they continue to rise in number. This article focuses on why these apps have become so popular.

For Speed

We live in a society where we know what we want and we want it ASAP. No one wants to wait around for a computer to boot so that you can access your stored documents. In such a fast-paced world, no one really has the patience. Mobile apps on the other hand are popular because they take the “wait” out of using the mobile phone.

For those that store their information in their apps, all it takes is a second to open and access your data. You can easily update your app in the background while doing other things on your smart phone. When using a computer on the other hand, most of your programs may bog down your system if you begin to update them. In addition, you can store large amounts of data such as videos, photos and other kinds of information.

Another reason as to why people like apps is that they do not require internet connection for them to work. Once you have downloaded it and installed it, you can use it at any time that you want. This enhances the user experience.

They Are Functional and Entertaining

Calendars, organizers, clocks, etc. are all functional mobile apps that users always use. This is because these are all items that we require in our day-to-day activities. Another reason that apps are so popular is because they are entertaining.

Developers have come up with gaming apps which can keep the user busy and entertained. There are several camera apps as well, which the user can use to take pictures and share videos. Some users prefer to use apps that can help them to interact with their friends and families. Such apps include Skype, Viber, etc. Social media has also developed apps that make it easier for their users to access their sites with just the touch of a button.

They Can Be Used for Advertising

Mobile apps are also very popular among business owners because they provide a good avenue for advertising. Businesses discovered that their clients are more likely to take note of an ad on an app than they are likely to remember, an ad on a billboard that they passed on their way home. Furthermore, the number of Smartphone users that download apps has greatly increased over the years and businesses have taken advantage of this by creating user-friendly apps.

These are just some of the reasons as to why mobile apps are popular not only among regular users but also among business owners.

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