Top Six Reasons to Pay for Domain Based Email

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Domain Based Email

As an Internet user, we’re willing to bet that you have at least one free email account. Whether you use a popular service like Google’s Gmail or Yahoo Mail, or whether you’re still clinging on to that old Hotmail account from years ago, you probably use that email address for everything from registering on websites to keeping in touch with friends and family.


All that’s perfectly fine of course, but if there’s one time when using a free email account isn’t such a good idea, it’s when it comes to running your business.

Think about it. Is it really such a good idea to connect with customers using the same address that you use for everything else? You could try it, sure, but as many business owners can attest to, it’s hardly ideal.

So, what’s the alternative? These days, most domain registrars and most of the best web hosts offer managed email solutions tied in with your domain name, meaning its just as easy -and much better- to run your business from an address as it is from your old Gmail account.

Present a professional image

From the design of your marketing materials to the after sales support, everything you do with regards to your business needs to look professional if you’re to achieve any kind of success. That includes your email. Put yourself in the shoes of one of your customers and imagine needing to contact your business. Would you feel as confident that you’ll get the response you need by email as you would

Gain the trust of your customers

On a similar note, building up long-term relationships with your customers is all about establishing trust. Sad to say, even if this day and age there’s still a lot of dodgy characters out there on the Internet, but at least customers are becoming a lot more savvy about who they trust. Anyone can get online and get a free email address, but it takes someone serious about what they do to have their own business email account. Again, look at it from a customer’s perspective, who would you trust more, our friend with the Yahoo! freebie, or the professional who took the time to establish his own domain-based email account?

Easy for your customers to remember

When you came up with a name for your business, you likely thought long and hard about coming up with something that was easy for your customers to remember. After all, you wanted it to stick in their minds so that they’d be able to quickly recall your company whenever they need you. You probably did the same when you created your website address, so why make things harder on your customers by making them remember something long and unwieldy. Yourname@yourdomain. com is much easier to remember, and means your customers don’t need to think too hard when it comes to getting in touch with you.

Present yourself as more than a one-man band

Some customers still prefer to buy from bigger name companies than small, one-man (or woman) operations as they feel that sole-traders aren’t always best equipped with the time, staff or resources to cope with any given job. Even if you’re a small business, you can appear much larger by using your domain based email to set up several different addresses. For example, you could have sales@, enquiries@, support@, yourname@ and so on.

Less spam

In our experience, we’ve found that free email accounts with even the most pro-active spam prevention methods like Gmail soon get clogged up with unwanted messages after a while, especially if you’re using that email address to sign up to every website and social media platform you come across. Conversely, by keeping your business email for just that purpose, you’ll find that you have less unsolicited junk to sift through in order to find the emails that really matter.

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