Top 5 Apps to Make a Facebook Cover With

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What are the best apps with which to make a Facebook cover? Launched back in 2011 as part of the Facebook Timeline rollout, Facebook Covers have fast become an integral and essential customization option for most users of Facebook. Indeed, despite only gradually rolled out to Facebook users, a Facebook cover is now the most dominant artwork on all Facebook user profiles, Facebook fan pages and Facebook business profiles.

The trend for the implementation of Facebook Covers had been to either select a picture from a pre-existing upload to Facebook or to download a designed Facebook cover from the internet. Few, at least of my friends, considered taking the time and effort that it would require to create their own Facebook cover.

This current trend, however, is likely to change with the emergence of a wealth of clever and time saving design apps with which you can make your own Facebook cover. This article will review the top five apps with which you can make a Facebook Cover.

1.  Make a Cover for Facebook

In the event that Facebook elected to make their own Facebook cover creating utility it’s likely that it would look something like this free Facebook Cover Maker collage app. Asserting a clean and easy to use interface, Make a Cover for Facebook is designed to be intuitive and easy enough to use for even the worst technophobe.

What I particularly find innovative and clever about this cover maker app is that it’s not so much as a design utility as a collage utility thus removing the two significant barrier to entry for most wannabe Facebook cover designers – design ability and time.

Those of you that like ease and simplicity will be pleased to hear that Make a Cover for Facebook supports both the ability to download the design and implement the Facebook cover design straight into ones Facebook profile by way of an button click.

2. First Cover – Cover Maker

Whereas Make a Cover for Facebook is designed to create a Facebook collage of pre-made designs and graphics, First Cover’s Cover Maker is designed to crop and decorate a pre-existing photo or design that you have made for the purpose of using as your Facebook Cover.

In the event that you have a photo or graphic that you wish to use as your Facebook timeline cover but you lack the skill or knowledge required to use a design utility to “touch” up that image with some colors or text prior to implementation then First Cover Maker maybe for you, this cover making design app will guide you in baby steps through the design process.

3. Timeline Cover Banner


Timeline Cover Banner provides an app much like tried and true Microsoft Paint, however, it’s specifically designed with Facebook timeline cover making in mind.

Whilst this app is useful to those that don’t have professional design utilities on their computer and to people that lack Microsoft Paint prowess, those that are familiar with computer aided design will find this application far too ‘spoon fed’ for their graphic design cover desires.

Users of Timeline Cover Banner are walked through a selection process first whereby they select a pre-made cover; you are then able to customize in a Microsoft Paint like interface their cover prior to implementation to Facebook. I do like the versatility and robustness of this Facebook cover maker and its ability to craft user made cover art over the predefined cover.

4. Page Covers Design App


The similarity between First Cover’s and Page Cover’s design apps is somewhat uncanny; however, the latter has a little more functionality.

For example with “Page Covers” one can elect to use “stock images” rather than your own – this is useful to those that lack the time or inclination to use their own art work but still wish to create something a little bit original.

You’ll find the filters and effects of Page Covers Facebook app to be particularly effective.

5. Adobe Photoshop CS

As they say in business, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box. You could be mistaken in your belief that the only way in which to create or utilize digital imagery for your Facebook cover is by making use of a Facebook or web app. However, this wide spread belief is not true.

Adobe Photoshop is just one example, but the leading design utility, of an application with which to create professionally designed Facebook covers. When using Adobe CS you’re only really limited by your imagination, time and skill set in your Facebook cover creating process.

On the flipside, Adobe Photoshop isn’t a free application unlike the other utilities mentioned – not only is it not free, it’s rather expensive. So, in summary Adobe Photoshop is expensive and time consuming, but it’ll help you create something truly bespoke.

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