Top 20 Websites to download free fonts

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While surfing on web you may find ample of free fonts websites where you can simply get a variety for your designing. But the toughest task is to choose best out of it which are not poorly  structured but well framed and are free to use.Therefore, here are some free font websites for your easy download.

  1.  The Northern Block


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Northern Block was created by a creative director Jonathan Hill in 2006 offering a number of free fonts. If you are looking for some geometric design or bold to modern you are here to find a suitable font for your project.

   2.   Fontcab

Font Cab

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Another source for free download of fonts is Fontcab.The website has a simple layout and easily navigates through the fonts without much effort. It does a great job by finding great fonts without wasting your time.

  3.    The Open Font Library

Open Font Library

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The Open Front Library is most popular free font site and mainly used for personal creative work. The website showcases extensive fonts to study and share for your personal or professional designs.You can choose from exclusive catalogs inclding a wide range of web fonts too.

  4.   Fontellium


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Fontellium is basically known for traditional fonts used for historical projects. Its unique styles and fonts make it a hub of historical themed projects. It has everything relic including categories from Egypta to Art Nouveau.

  5.   Vitaly Friedman’s Font List

Vitaly Friedman’s Font List

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Vitaly Fiedman’s Font list consists suitable fonts for official sites and business pages.The fonts of Vitaly Fiedman’s Font list cannot be used for websites related to social networking.

 6.  Fonstruct


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Fonstruct is not a mere website but a community place where members can freely structure and share their fonts with others. It provides a variety of fonts to work with, in addition to the daily newly generated fonts.

 7.  Adobe Edge Fonts


Image Source –

Adobe Edge Fonts is a free to use, high performing and stable font resource, contributed by Google, Adobe and other designers throughout the world. It  allows you to gain access to a massive font library.

 8.  The Fell Types


Image Source –

The Fell Types website lets users to access digitalized fonts versions to use in websites. You can enjoy contemporary and improved fonts available on the website

 9.  Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts

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Abstract Fonts is famous for one of the most cleaner interface in this arena and easy to navigate. It has extensive fonts available (a list of 14,000 to select) .There is a custom font preview option updated on a regular basis

 10. 1001 Free Fonts

1001 free fonts

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1001 free fonts does not contain only 1001 free fonts but more than that, probably more than 10,001. All these fonts are managed into 64 divisions. Also there is an option for browsing according to designers ease.

11. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal

Image Source –

The oatmeal website provides comic fonts which are freely available. These fonts are mainly used for comic writing and animation themed project.

12. TypeDepot


Image Source –

This website offers free as well as paid fonts. TypeDepot allows its visitors to have free fonts to download. It has business fonts seperately.

13. Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

Image Source –

Google web fonts makes it easy and simple for everyone to use fonts on their website. Using fonts from Google fonts makes it quick and offcial to use for all purposes. Excitingly, it is an open source font site where you can freely share, edit according to your use and also can hook up with the original designer for further improvement.

14. Iconian


Image Source –

Iconian site contains fonts that are free for non-official purpose but if you want official fonts then it is pretty costly. There are hundreds of fonts to select from a huge list (listed alphabetically).

15. The best free fonts for designers

The Best Free Fonts

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If you searching for some stylish, new and amazing fonts, here your search ends. Browse through the list of The best free fonts for designers.They update their Blog regularly with some innovative fonts.

16. Impallari


Image Source –

Impallari is one of the most popular free font website on the web. Its exciting design, excellent OpenType features, constant development and inclusion in the launch of Google Web Fonts last year have made it a favourite for millions of people.

17. Kevin and Amanda

Kevin and Amanda

Image Source –

Kevin and Amanda is meant for scraped themed project. If you are looking for crafted or scrapbook themed fonts then Kevin and Amanda is for you. It has 500 handwriting and scrapbooking fonts to download for free (adored as cute by fans all over the world.)

18. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Image Source –

This site is very nicely designed and gives you free commercial fonts to download. Anyone can get quality and font-face compatible fonts in Font Squirrel.



Image Source – is a huge extract of freely downloadable fonts.You can browse the massive listing by alphabetical order,by theme, by author, by style, or by popularity. This is something on a professional side but still you can find some good stuff specially for novelty theme.

20. LostType

Lost Type

Image Source –

LostType was founded by Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin in the year 2011. It is a unique website where you can pay whatever amount you wish to pay for font downloading.Even you can pay $0 for a free download.

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