Top 10 cool marketing trends for 2015

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Fundamental principals and theories of marketing was same and will be the same . But this picture is being changing proportional to the advancement in technology. So no one can operate on the fundamentals of marketing but smart marketers focuses on the methods of activating the fundamentals as they know that they have to get ahead of the trends to earn big things. So 10 interesting marketing trends to see in 2015 are as follows:-

1. Transparency with the Customers:-


Transparency with the customers is going to be one of the important weapon for marketing. The radical transparency shows the involvement of consumers and companies. It is something which is exploited and used by many companies for their ultimate profits. For this reason you will be watching the companies doing in the interest of the customers. This is the first marketing trend to see in 2015.

2. Chief Simplified officers will be the next name of all CMO’s


Most of the companies creates complexities by arranging vertical styles, product, functions, by geography which is considered to be the obstructing reason of customer’s feedback and engagements. So for perfect customer optimization CMO’s will be working on integrating the messages, busting on the top of their agenda.

3. Birth of marketing technologists

Marketing technologists

Thinking and engagement with the customers are the important steps to reach maximum customers and to know their requirements. Marketing technologists will be introducing and focusing on digital world rather than digital marketing. People who are possessing Digital DNA will be categorized as marketing technologists and they will be included in the marketing groups who will lay an important role in making the strategies, how they are developed and applied.

4.Media agencies are going to be the frontiers

Media agencies

Media agencies are already moving from media to consumer facing. Big data and other technologies will result in maximum data retrieval for attaining maximum traffic. They will position themselves at a place which is going to be the intersecting point of the consumer and technology.

5. Adapting the concept of Agile marketing:-

Agile marketing cycle

Social media have given rise to new variety of customers who are elusive with short term thinking. Marketers are chasing their likes, shares and comments and other metrics. So more and more consumer information, shortening lead times, faster adaption and other real time marketing strategies the focal point becomes the next hour instead of quarter or next month visions for winning.

6. Hispanic agencies are going to be the mainstream media:-

Hispanic agencies

There is a huge population of Hispanics residing in US who are 56% of the total population growth in America. U.S. Hispanics purchase more than $ 1 trillion power. So involving the Hispanic agencies in the marketing areas will help to increase consumer engagement beyond this demographic.

7. Globalization to personalization:-

Globalization to Personalization

Due to consumer homogenization the marketing is getting localized, regional-ized or individualized.Companies are decentralizing their structure to influence this regional or personal involvement.

8. Procurement will be the name of ultimate power :-


Cautious financial stance and marketing procurement of the companies will continue to better transparency and accountability. Procurement will cause more focused agency operation for improvement of the efficiency but not for the negotiations.

9. More focus on Internal communications :-

Internal communication

After a long research by different companies it is being found that internal communications is going to be one of the important marketing asset in a company. So they will be contacting with the people with good hold and making them the brand ambassadors so that the employees and vendors get to know about ‘the brand’.

10. Economics of marketing will challenge marketers of digital marketing :-

Economics of marketing

Creation of smart content must be native to all the digital channels so that they can reach the audience. So the next biggest challenge the markets will find is to scale content in an economic way. SEO tips for 2015 will help to grow the economy of digital marketing.

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  • I was concerned about the 2nd point that chief simplified officiers are going to be the CMO’s. That means there will be a huge requirement of CMO’s all over the world. It will create a good job opportunity forthe people who want to work in this field. Good review on the marketing trends to see in 2015.

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