Top 10 companies offering dedicated offshore staffing

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Many IT companies all around the world prefer to outsource their software development projects to offshore development companies due to various reasons. One of the important advantage is the cost factor associated with hiring offshore dedicated developers is much less. In this era of global financial crisis, companies are reducing the cost of the company by hiring offshore dedicated development team.

Offshore staffing


Top 10 companies offering offshore staffing are :-

1. ValueCoders :-

No doubt it is considered as the king of the companies offering dedicated offshore staffing. You can hire developers who are considered to be the best in the industry. They believe in consulting, planning after evaluation and finally executing the whole thing. With the support of matured business processes they have given excellent services for their clients from the last 12+ years.

2. Etisbew :-

Etisbew is one of the shining stars in the field of offering best developers for hire. They have more than a decade of experience in harnessing the power of IT and business challenges across all domains.

3. Accelerance :-

Accelerance is one of the best offshore software development firms from which you can hire dedicated developers without any doubt. They believe in breaking the boundaries of geographic boundaies or borders to connect with other companies. They have more than 35 years of experience working offshore and onshore for different renowned companies all around the world.

4. Macrotech :-

Macrotech uses onshore and offshore software development delivery model which combines the technical expertise into the business agility. You can hire dedicated programmers who will work round the clock without having any problem with the time variations.

5. Whatech :-

This is considered as one of the best companies from where you can hire offshore developers. They offer quality service at a cheaper rates than others. They are considered for their best services which is offered to complete the project in estimated time.

6. Azonicinfotech :-

Azonicinfotech is a well known offshore development company which is equipped with the best professionals and facilities available all around the world of IT solutions.

7. QArea :-

QArea is one of the outsourcing company which has met a huge growth in the last 13 years. They have more than 6 representative offices scattered all over the world. They have made their impression portfolio with most of the Blue-chip companies.

8. Eureka Exim Pvt. Ltd :-

Eureka Exim is known for its expertise in the field of fetching bottom-line benefits of offshore outsourcing. The service quality of Eureka Exim presents an unmatched value with other companies.

9. Angler :-

They are expert in developing cutting edge product. It proved to be the best team working offshore who effectively work in a speedy manner and they don’t compromise with the quality of the product delivered.

10. DRC systems :-

They believe that outsourcing is the best model of business for leveraging the revenue. This company works extra miles to provide excellent support to their clients.

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