Tips To Create a Web Design Style Guide

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These days creating a website is not easy. It requires more than one resource to complete it. It’s getting more and more complicated to complete one website including consistent design, optimized layout, search engine and user friendly site. It should also ensure to meet the business objectives and create enjoyable experiences for users.


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Every website needs a designer and a developer to work in coordination for its completion. Thus, to ensure that they both are on the same page while creating separate parts of the website or saving designs from developers, a design documentation or web design style guide is created. This web design style guide helps to create cohesive experience between different pages and ensures that third party development will follow the same guidelines.

Here are few useful steps to create a usable web design style guide for your project –

1. Study the Brand


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The very first you need to know or research about the brand. You should know what it stands for and the story behind the brand. Study about the brand, observe and understand the mission, vision and core values of the company. Much deeper you will dig about the brand, good presentation/ style guide you can create representing the company. If you know designing create a better version with photoshop by giving suitable title and short description or if you are good at coding create it in a html document.

2. Define Typography


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Typography is 85 % of web design. The reason why typography weighs so much weightage is because it is the mere tool of communication between audience and website. After identifying right typography you must set hierarchy like –

– Define font family
– Correct color and weight
– Headline type (h1,h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6)
– Fonts types – Bold, Italic
– Intro text

3. Color Palette


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It is incredible to think that how human beings relate colors to well known brands. I bet when I will say Coca- Cola you will see red color now. Initially you should start primary color for your style guide. Avoid using dominant colors (If needed don’t use more than 2 – 3 shades). Dont miss to include neutral colors like white, grey and black for the primary brand colors to stand out.

4. Voice

The voice I am referring is the actual copy.If you have studied the brand deeply and know that it is youthful and trending brand then rather placing a message “404 not found “ you should place “Lost your way? Sweat no more. Market’s on the shelves. Go explore”

5. Iconography


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Icons are the great source to convey your ideas. Be careful while choosing icons, it should be related to your niche, targeted audience, religion, history, so you avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings. Selecting right icons will add context to the content.

However, the above stated web design style guide are helpful to get on the same page while creating separate parts of the website or saving designs from developers, a design documentation or web design style guide is created.

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