Tips to Create a Professional-Looking Video Guide with Screen Capture

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Screen Capture Studio

Screen capture technology has allowed pretty much anyone and everyone to create their very own video guide – with the only caveat being that it has to be something carried out on the PC. That being said, there is a very noticeable difference between some video guides in terms of how professional they look.

If you’d like to create a video guide that oozes a professional sheen – here are several tips that should help to put you on the right track:

1. Come up with a detailed plan

Before you start recording the footage that you need, you should already have a firm idea of what you’re going to record. Be sure to include as many details as possible, including what is going to be shown in each scene, and the corresponding voiceover narration while it is being shown too.

2. Be prepared to be flexible

As much as having a plan is essential, being flexible is important too. If at any stage you feel that your plan can be improved or tweaked in any way, you should be open to doing so – just as long as it helps improve your video on the whole.

3. Shoot multiple takes

When you record your video footage, don’t just shoot a single take. Go over each take once it is done, see what could be improved, and shoot a second or third take if possible. Even if none of the takes turn out perfect, by cutting and combining segments of video you may be able to come up with a final cut that is.

4. Choose appropriate background music

Having background music can really make your video feel a lot more professional, but at the same time it must be appropriate. The music that you choose shouldn’t ‘drown out’ the voiceover, and in most cases something light and subtle should suffice.

5. Include subtitles

It may seem like such a small touch, but you’d be surprised how subtitles can really transform your video. Not only does it look good to have subtitles, but it also ensures that even if people can’t make out what the voiceover is saying (for whatever reason) they can still read the instructions on screen.

6. Use transitions, special effects and filters tastefully

Having stylish transitions, special effects or visual filters looks great – but they need to be used tastefully to produce the desired effect. If used sparingly and strategically they can really make your video’s production value skyrocket.

To accomplish all these things, the one key ingredient that you need is the software to record screen and give you the raw footage that you need. With the Movavi Screen Capture you’ll find that it is easy to do so, and you can adjust the settings to record exactly the sort of video that you need to come up with a great-looking and professional video guide.

Some of the features available will let you highlight the keyboard and mouse actions, capture audio from various sources, set a timer to automatically stop the recording after a certain duration, and even grab screenshots while the recording is going on.

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