These 3 Deadly Design Mistakes Can Dramatically Lower Your Conversion Rate

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In online business world, building credibility for your business is harder than you think!

The core purpose of any website for online business should be – to be convert visitors into customers.

Studies have shown that you’ve less than one second to keep visitors engaged on your website. This means, the website design is the first impression on a visitor for any online business. Sure, it needs to be eye-catching, but it’s not the only factor for selling your product.

Now that I’ve made my point, we’ll go and look over the design mistakes that dramatically affect conversion rate.


#1 Designed – But, For Whom?
For instance, if you ask any person how they want their website to look, the majority of them will have an idea or an image of how they want to portray their business website.

But, let me ask you one simple question here.

Are you designing a website for your customers or for yourself?

Because, the fact is, what looks good to you doesn’t matter, it’s about what appeals to your visitors. The purpose of your website, in fact any website, should be to serve the end user – the visitors of your website. So, if they don’t like your website appearance, then they’re more likely to move to another site, and you’re going to lose customers.

However, the best way to identify whether your site design is converting visitors into customers or not is by understanding the visitor flow across your website.

Check the analytics of your site to learn where your visitors are landing and where they drop off. And, If you’re unaware of the process, you could either learn it or hire a web development company for the quick solution.

And, once you have the whole insight about your visitors’ behaviour, it’ll be easy for you to improve the overall website design to increase conversion rate.

#2 Creativity is Important, Not Essential – Don’t Give it Your Full Attention
Let me start – again – with a simple question.

Is the goal of your website to win an award for creativity or to generate revenue?

Of course, the second one – to generate more revenue, right?

Then don’t make finding products or content a treasure hunt for your visitors. You’re not running a contest. You’re running a business. And, creativity is just another factor in your website design, not the only factor.

The point is, instead of focusing on just designing a creative website, focus on what your visitors are seeking. Because, they are not on your website to see beautiful images or smooth sliders, they are finding the solutions to their problems.

In fact, the majority of your site visitors aren’t going to make a purchase because your website was designed by a top-notch design genius. No, they won’t. Visitors only make a purchase if their expectations match. Therefore, make sure your website is providing the outcome that your visitors expect.

#3 Ignoring Website Performance
A delay of one second in website page load time can drop the conversion rate by 7%. I know it’s surprising, but it’s a fact. According to surveys by and akamai, half dozen of web users expect a website to load in just 2 seconds. With that being said, if your site performance is already low, your bounce rate is more likely to increase, and you might not see any sales at all in the near future. Check out this conversion rate by page speed graph.

This single graph concretes the relation between conversion rate and page load time.

Now, nobody wants to lose their business, of course. Moreover, the consumers are impatient. If they are looking for a specific product, piece of information, or solution, they’re not going to sit steady just to see the beautiful images or design you have to show. They will quickly go back to the search results and try another site.

Try GTmetrix to find your website loading time and how to improve it. For example, we tried this tool to check the page speed of Space-O Technologies.


It’s 14.2s. I’ve sent this image to our development team as well, because the average loading time of any web page should be below 5s.

The bottom line is, check your website performance for both, mobile and desktop. While it’s true that a broadband connection is faster than mobile network, but the mobile users also expect a website to load as fast as on the desktop.

The final words I’d like to leave you at the end is if you’re looking for ways to improve the conversion rate of your website, take the above-mentioned points as important considerations. And, if you do make website design changes, make sure you verify the UX and UI of your site through split testing or user testing.

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Yuvrajsinh is a Business Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies. He keeps exploring online tools that can help Entrepreneurs to grow their business organically. In his spare time, he loves to read fiction and copywriting books.

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