The Fundamentals of Creating a Shareable Infographic

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The most important part of infographics is the part where you share them with other people. After all, in most cases the entire point of making them in the first place is to promote something. If no one shares your infographic, than it is isn’t doing its job. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your graphic will be shared as much as possible.

Engaging Hooks

Engaging hooks
A “hook” is something that draws in a reader’s interest. This can be anything, really. Generally one type of hook that’s often used is a strong opening sentence.  Basically you need to blow people away with the title and the first few lines or images of your infographic in order to make it impossible for them to click away since they need to know how your particular graphic ends. It’s worth spending a minute or two on making sure this works.

Share Buttons

Share buttons
One thing that is fairly universal about the Internet is that trivial inconveniences can sink any particular endeavor. If the time it takes to share your infographic with other people is more than a second or two, they generally won’t do it because it’s too much of a hassle. This is exactly why it’s a good idea to add some simple buttons that people can press to instantly share your infographic with others with only one button push. There are various sites online that will help with this, but almost any blog will have options for share buttons as well.

Cause an Emotion

This can be anything really. The idea though, is that you want to make people feel something strongly enough that they feel compelled to share that emotional experience with other people. This can be anything really, you could cause someone to feel outraged by a statistic about government waste, for example. You could fill someone with awe about space, you could make people laugh, horrify them, and so on. The important thing is that the infographic strikes home in their brain and they feel something strong enough to spur them to action. However you can do this is an action worth doing.

Make it Straightforward

making it straightforward
No one wants to spend all day figuring out exactly what the data you’ve presented actually means. Really, that’s the point of the infographic in the first place. So, it should be easy for people to boil down your infographic to a bottom line in a relatively quick manner. Don’t make them add numbers together or do too much calculating or you’ll be likely to completely lose their attention. And on the Internet, attention is an all-important commodity.

Above All Make a Splash

The important thing is to get people’s attention. You can do this with something like animated infographics, with a video, or just by showing info in a way that is rarely done on the Internet. If you make people remember you then you’re half way to getting them to share your work with other people.

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