The Best Types of Hosting Products For You

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Reseller hosting

Hostoople also offers the best reseller hosting The company offers 4 types of reseller plans namely Premium, Deluxe, Economy and Essential plan. The Essential plan is the cheapest plan as it costs $19.49 per month. On the contrary, the most expensive plan is the Premium plan. This plan costs $49.99 per month and includes free WHMCS, 4000GB transfer and 200GB space. Hostoople also offers round the clock customer support to all its customers. If you feel that the cost of acquiring a reseller hosting plan is high then don’t worry as you can find a couple of reseller coupons on the internet. These coupons will help to lower the price of a reseller plan.

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WordPress Hosting

Hostoople offers 4 types of WordPress hosting plans. The Pro plan costs $6.99 per month and allows users to host unlimited websites. The Business plan costs $5.09 per month and allows users to host not more than 3 websites. The cheapest plan is the Starter plan. This plan costs $1.59 per month and includes 10GB space, single domain, unlimited bandwidth and 200 email ids.

The Plesk reseller hosting is really the great opportunity for lucrative business. The service providers of hosting can monetize this opportunity. The reselling opportunities may be establish in the shared reseller hosting environment or may be the white label reseller. In the hosting plesk reseller model, you can provide a level of instructions to your own partners and also the hosting service resell their hosting plans. Within the reseller model of white label, you may delegate the plans of service for your own partners to offer and resell an extensive collection of applications via your partners.

Shared Plesk Reseller Shared Hosting

In order to provide the full options for line, shared hosting plesk reseller companies always promote the reseller package. By this way, the hosting plesk reseller provider may create some other providers of share hosting who will utilize the same tools. The plesk reseller hosting purchases the quantity of resources of server and later sells to the individual websites, which use this resource. Generally, the reseller may fully own the affiliation along with the customer and is highly responsible for billing, maintaining and supporting each characteristic of its relationship.

Several efficient plesk reseller hosting companies recognize the value, which is offering the services of hosting to you, but they are cautious to penetrate the market because of lack of willingness or expertise to invest capital and time needed to build the hosting plesk reseller businesses as of the land up. The resale of while offers you an oblique sales channel as enabling your plesk resellers to handle the independence of their brand and retain customer loyalty.

Assisting the partners of resale channel to present hosting plesk reseller services as the competency of core under the brand of resellers is the major factor in growing the reseller of white label as the source of revenue.

White label is very ideal for the hosting plesk reseller hosting service providers, which are mentioned as follows because of the portfolio of broad service, strong and client base of the hosting plesk reseller service providers. Some of the plesk reseller hosting service providers are web developers and designers, systems integrators, value-added resellers, net service providers and application developers etc. The hosting service provider obtains charge for the resource whether you can utilize them or not.

eApps Shared Plesk Reseller Hosting Services

EApps provides best hosting plesk reseller service to you. The hosting of eApps is comes under the control panel of ISP manager through ISP system, that is grouped in along with selected operating system templates. The control panel will meets your needs yet this is not created for the shared plesk reseller hosting in virtual machine.


For the purpose of reseller hosting, eApps provides the widely used two control panels are parallels plesk and cPanel/WHM. You want to know more about it, visit the overview page of control panels in internet. The eApps hosting provides an affiliate program to you that you want to get profit from the speedy development of shared plesk reseller hosting.

EApps virtual machine in the shared plesk reseller hosting of cloud united along with the control panels provides you the good shared plesk reseller hosting services. Many advantages are there of using the control panels like parallels plesk and cPanel/WHM. Some of the benefits are choosing resources, current versions, true cloud and responsive support etc. The equipment of Create-A-Cloud enables you to choose the CPU, disk, RAM and some other resources to your eApps virtual machine. You may instantly and easily downgrade or upgrade the allocations of resources of hosting plesk reseller.

The art true cloud platform is reliable, self-healing and fast. If the server fails, your eApps virtual machine may be recovered instantly in some time. eApps hosting plesk resellers provide the recent versions about control panels and make sure that you obtain the functions and features of shared plesk reseller hosting service you need. Utilize of Create-A-Cloud equipment to create your eApps virtual machine, choose the panel of parallels plesk or cPanel template of operating system. Then pay some amount for the shared hosting plesk reseller service and the control panel may be activated in few more minutes.

Responsive Support

The eApps plesk reseller hosting staff is really knowledgeable regarding the environment and the requirements of the plesk reseller hosting of cloud. Since the in-house support, representatives are the employees of the eApps reseller hosting. The service provider of the hosting offers the good and quality hosting service to you. The services of plesk reseller hosting are obtainable by chat, email and phone.

Webhost Manager (WHM) and c panel united to form the complete featured control panel system of plesk reseller web hosting. The WHM package and cPanel enables you to handle each aspect of the plesk reseller hosting of your server needs through 2 easy-to-use interfaces. WHM and cPanel assist your staff and your customers to handle your domains, accounts and servers on them. You want to know in depth details about the plesk reseller web hosting, visit the site of cPanel.

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