Simple Steps To Implement Taxonomy Menu in Drupal Website

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The main purpose for creating a taxonomy menu in Drupal is to make the things come together on this platform. Drupal is one of the content management systems which offer a taxonomy feature for its user. Logically speaking, the use of taxonomy is to add a descriptive term to each content of the website.

In this way, the users will able to know the content description in the short form. It is very much useful for any Drupal. Another way you can tell that the taxonomy will organize your website content. It is very much vital for any website. Because, if the visitors get stuck for searching the information which they are looking for, then they will never come back again.

It is true that at the initial stage, the understanding of the taxonomy concept may be difficult. But if you know the Drupal system well, then it will not be difficult for you. But one thing is sure that you have to know Drupal’s operation and its features very well. The proper use of taxonomy belongs to the seasoned Drupal professional. But for the layman, it is a daunting task as well. Generally, the use of taxonomy with the URLs makes a nervous system for the website.

Installation Process

The installation process of the taxonomy menu is very important. You have to follow it as per as it is stated. First you have to go to Drupal window where you will see site building tab, just click on it, then go to the module screen and enable it. Because in the next stage, you will able to create your own taxonomy according to your choice. For creating your taxonomy, you have to go to content menu and it will open the taxonomy screen. Now you will have to create a taxonomy vocabulary. Just click on Add Vocabulary link tab. Give your vocabulary a name, description and the type of content you like to add it.

Now you have to configure your taxonomy menu settings. So for this reason, you have to click on all options on it and save it. After you save it, then Drupal will automatically create the taxonomy menu for you. One thing you should remember that before installing the taxonomy menu in Drupal window, you have to read the Drupal manual carefully. Because it will help you in the long run, when you will use it.

Vocabulary and Terms

As far as the taxonomy is concerned, the vocabulary and terms are vital issue for it. Moreover, you have to under it and also implement it carefully. To the website administrator, the taxonomy is a method which is used for organizing the website content. When you are going to implement the vocabulary for your taxonomy menu, then you may face difficulty in doing it. You have to understand that a vocabulary is a set of terms and terms are the other word for the categories. For working with vocabulary, you have to go to admin / content / taxonomy / add / vocabulary.

In the vocabulary window, you will get the different options for using it. But you have to use these options according to your requirement. Whenever, you will make the changes in the vocabulary, you have to make sure that the website content can be worked in an organized way. If you like to make the taxonomy menu by manually, you can do it. But for it you will need a taxonomy menu module which will assign the taxonomy terms to the nodes.

Another way you can create the custom taxonomy menu through the images as well. But you will need some prerequisites like image cache, taxonomy image, views, public file system and taxonomy with hierarchy support. In the taxonomy menu, you can add the articles and also classify them through the term reference field. So in this connection, you have to use terms precisely according to the requirement. In this section, you can explore the power of the nodes in the taxonomy. Moreover, in the market, you will get the different kinds of the taxonomy module. So you can use any of them according to your needs. But before installing in Drupal, you have to make sure that the module will fulfill your needs and it will work without any trouble.

Therefore, creating the taxonomy menu in Drupal is a difficult task for the layman, but if you have a prior knowledge about it, then you will able to create it without any problem. Moreover, if you could precisely implement the taxonomy menu in your website, then your website will run smoothly.

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