Photoshop Tutorial – Wet Ink Typography

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A cool-looking typographic font designed for a smeared look with water gives a cool quotient to art. Photoshop helps us attain this font easily with the help of its tools. We can find these fonts in printed form and can be achieved with a smearing effect. The fonts are so well smeared that they look elegant in spite of being smudged together. These fonts can be used for t-shirt prints as it gives cool effect. The effect is actually created in Photoshop, but gives it such a real effect, as if ink and water are mixed together by mistake.

We all know that water and ink do not mix. Then what is the way to create such effect?

Photoshop comes to the rescue. With the effective use of its ‘brush’ tool, we can add unlimited effects to any font. Herein, is a simple guide to use Photoshop to create such a smeared looking font.

The first step to create this effect is to choose a good canvas on which you are about to write. Along-with this a clear, seasoned font should also be chosen for the slogan or expression you want.

Proper gaps should be provided between the letters. The words in the expression should be separated and balanced with proper layering of letters on the top and bottom. Structurization and alignment of letters and words should be such that a proper gap is formed with a lined layout.

Creating Handmade designs is a tedious job, and being in digital era, one has the liberty of using ready-made resources provided by artists. You can make a search on Ink Splatter brushes for Photoshop and you can get ample of brushes like Coffee Stains, Gradient Splash, etc.

You can download these splatters and place the ABR files into a single file. The Brushes palette in Photoshop has a small arrow. One can select the Preset Manager and load all the ink brushes.

You can choose ink shapes from different brushes and splats should be painted over the typed expression on a new layer. You can use square bracket keys to adjust the size of the brush for a good splat.

The shape of the splat should be such that it suits and fits the letters it is used on. A long letter should have a long splat and a round letter should have a corresponding suitable one.

To create a distortion effect on some letters you can use a good amount of ink marks, but one should not overdo it. The words should be readable when viewed at 100%.

Photoshop also has its own set of paintbrushes. You can use these brushes for some added effects than relying on the import splatters. There is a collection of splats, drips and drops present in Photoshop to give every typed phrase a natural look. One can make optimum usage of these effects.

You can reuse these brushes innumerable times. To avoid repetition of shapes of the drops you can easily rotate the brush in the palette. Angle adjustments can be made with the help of circular crosshairs.

You can add your own imagination to the expression by downloading some spray paint brushes and tiny drips. These can be added to give final touch to the canvas.

The background can also be highlighted to create an interesting visual effect. You can use some grungy paper texture background for this. Desaturate the image and the opacity level should be dropped down to 15% to get a fine background.

Some final touches can be done after viewing the design at 100%. The opacity of the letters or words can be adjusted in different layers; you can use a small soft round brush for blending the ink and the text written.

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