Project Management Best Practices for Creative Freelancers

As a creative freelancer, you’ll usually find yourself working with more than one client at a time. Successfully juggling simultaneous jobs requires a system that can handle all aspects of project management without slowing you down. If you routinely find yourself sliding down the rabbit hole of

Blog Marketing 101 – The Basics

Starting a blog is something that all of us can do, we can download WordPress or even create a WordPress account and begin writing, easy stuff. If we’re feeling a little bit devious we could also consider blogger, but let’s assume we’re not that deranged. The other

How to Improve the Security of Your Mobile Device

These days, everyone has a smartphone, most people have tablets, and those of us still bound to a keyboard are still at least packing a laptop. The rise of the mobile network has spawned a revolution in connectivity, and people have access to information like never before. There’s

Top 10 WordPress Development Companies for 2016

What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source site creation tool written in PHP language. But if we speak like a non-geek, it’s apparently the easiest and most dominant blogging and website content management system (or CMS) present today. Who uses WordPress? Numerous popular websites, news

Hot Tablet Deals At Gearbest

Gearbest is an impressive website for technology and gadget lovers. The site offers interesting offers and discounts for its customers. The exchange and refund policies of the the site are impressive too. The site offers a range of products like cellphones, tablets, audio and video and lifestyle

How to Cultivate the Perfect Relationship with your Digital Agency

It is something that is overlooked by many on both the client and agency sides in marketing. In fact, many ignore the value of the relationship so much that it hinders the campaign’s current or ongoing success. Relationships forge bonds. Working in silo makes it easy to

How to use the psychology of colour to influence brand perceptions.

Australian consumers are presented with thousands of marketing messages everyday. The abundance of advertising makes it difficult for businesses to stand out in what appears to be a crowded market. It is important for businesses to leverage the differentiating factors that will enhance their USP (Unique specific

How to optimise your website performance

In this digital age, the website performance is a significant factor to a web business’s success. Many developments have occurred that have helped to improve website performance, but the wider community outside of web developers aren’t completely aware of what they can implement and make their website

10 Design Freebies To Make Your Day

I remember how as a kid the Ice Cream man would always put some extra cherries on my ice cream. I can never forget how it would make my day! We might not have extra cherries for you, but we definitely have freebies that would come pretty

10 Essential Requirements of a Novel Web Design

There are websites which seem to be made just for the sake of creating a website. There’s absolutely no thought process involved in developing them having been designed with a haphazard approach. If you’re planning to create a website, make sure it is an interesting and trendy

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