Website Content Layout – Striking the Perfect Balance between SEO and Design [Infographic]

10+ Top Magento Themes for Your Ecommerce Website

Magento is one of the most popular platforms best applied for setting a robust online store. Its flexible architecture has made it the most demanding web platform for creating an online store. In today’s post, we brought some beautiful Magento themes for the store owners, who want

Affordable logo design contest at 48hourslogo

A strong brand begins with a creatively designed logo. Launch a logo design contest at 48hourslogo can help you achieve that without costing you an arm & leg. In the past it has been expensive and time-consuming – finding an agency to work with, going through ideas and

Top 10 file management modules in Drupal

Drupal is a popular web development platform with its scalable architecture and an integrated Content Management System. This open-source platform provides the best security to the developers with its multi-tier authorization level, allowing multiple users to access content in a website in different levels. There are several

Freelance Designer – Tips to Boost Confidence level

When you start your career as a freelancer, everything seems fine. You are happy to have multiple projects under your belt and clients are happy with the quality of work you are delivering. But as these projects draw to a close, you will have the strange sinking

How to Create a Well Structured Website

Very few people are aware of a structured website, which is nothing but a website with updated content, up-to-date layout, search engine friendly and competitive. So, how can you make your website well-structured? Here is the checklist to help assess if your website fulfills the requirements of

An Introduction to Magento Design Terminology and Concepts

Magento is often considered a very potent platform for custom designing and theme development. This E-commerce open source software can be used to create online stores and its extensions help add powerful customization features. However, for any beginner, it’s important to have a deep understanding of the

How to Use Color Filters for Fantastic Website Designs

For many web designers, maintaining an aesthetic appeal of the web pages could be an important goal to achieve to win the appreciation of their clients. Besides creative and imaginative thinking, an intelligent use of color filters can be very effective in enhancing the attractiveness of the

How Your Responsive Website Design Can Optimize Your SEO Efforts

The importance of a responsive website is well-understood today for optimizing the performance of a website on search engines. A responsive website design can significantly enhance the SEO and can make it more visible on the web. A responsive website can be accessed by users of a

E-Commerce Website Optimization – A Know How

Are you struggling to make more money from your e-commerce website because the competition is too fierce? Then continue reading for some tips that will help you boost your sales. Design a Site That’s Easy to Navigate Oftentimes, the most effective websites are also the simplest in

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