How All Your Hard Work Could be Ruined (And What to Do to Avoid it)

The success of online businesses often depends on your customers’ experience of your website. It is your shop window after all. It is for this reason that we invest serious time and effort into web design and content – but what if after all of that hard Cloud Sites – Scalable and Reliable Cloud Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important processes in web development. Traditionally business would look towards shared hosting. This model is slowly being replaced by a new hosting model known as the cloud sites where your site will be hosed on the cloud on fully redundant hardware.

The Importance of TITLE

The HTML title for a web page is more important than it is made out to be. In many cases, the HTML title is the largest title visible, often the main title for the page itself but it is not limited to that. In HTML terms, the

Framing Your Content for Visitors: Three Must-haves For Arts Websites

Museum websites should ideally be at the forefront of website design, since they’re dealing in the aesthetic, but that’s not always the case. One of the most common criticisms of museum websites is the inefficient organization of content. Although the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website was later

5 Simple Tips to Customize your Embroidered Sports T-Shirts

Won’t it be great to wear your sports jersey with your name or lucky number embroidered on it? It is quite a fanciful idea considering the fact that we have all grown up idolizing our favorite sportsperson proudly wearing their jerseys with their names or numbers. Seeing

Webydo Review: Professional Website Creator For Designers, By Designers

If you’re planning to develop a website you will be in a dilemma on whether to hire a professional designer or make use of DIY tool. The first option is expensive and the second doesn’t always produce quality results. This is where an online website creator, such

10 WordPress Theme Providers Leading the Brigade in 2013

Rating: 2013 has witnessed a salvo of new WordPress themes, each awash with a whole lot of imagination. Whilst some theme providers have found their stride, others have taken a step backwards. Here, we throw some light on the former, and what makes their WordPress themes best

LiveMinutes – A Perfect Online Collaboration Tool For All Businesses

Rating: Web conferencing is one of the most important by-products of the broadband era. It allows you to hold meetings, discussions and conduct interviews with different people without having to physically meet them. The fact that you can chat, talk and see your clients and business associates

GraphicStock – Download Unlimited High-Quality Stock Images

Rating: If you are in design industry you will be working with graphics, images, icons, buttons, backgrounds and textures on a daily basis. Thus you need to have access to a huge library of these elements allowing you to meet different needs and taste of your clients.

10 Best Premium Horizontal Scrolling WordPress Themes

Rating: Whenever you think of a WordPress theme, you possibly image your typical vertical-scrolling (up and down) theme; these sorts are absolutely the most prevalent. But, if you are considering to make your blog stand out or just need an exclusive portfolio theme, you may wish to

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