Best HTML5 Tools for Website Designers

The websites designing process has come of age. The screen and browser compatible designs have taken web development to a different level altogether. For the web designers of today, HTML5 has come as a true blessing. It makes web designing seamlessly simple and effortless. Online HTML5 tools

10 Tips to build useful eCommerce Website

E-commerce industry is going at a neck breaking pace across the world and is expected to touch $252 Billion by 2014 in US alone. More customers are utilizing the power of internet and choosing e-tailing portals to make purchases. The techno savvy customers of these e-commerce businesses

10 reasons to choose WordPress for your small business website

WordPress is an excellent blogging and content management platform these days. First it was only used as a blogging platform but slowly it increased its pace and became the most popular content management system. From that time it has attracted small or start-up businesses as it is

Build a Joomla website by using 5 extensions

Building a new website in Joomla is much easy. With just a few clicks you could be able to manage your content of your website even if you are a novice. Here an important question arises- Which Joomla extensions should you use for it? In this post

8 reasons for using Bootstrap while converting PSD to HTML

In 2011 the team of Twitter released an excellent framework called Bootstrap. It is used for creating effective web applications and websites. Twitter Bootstrap is a popular framework among designers and web developers. This open source platform is blended with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Bootstrap framework is

6 stunning website templates reflecting transparent overlays

Overlays are quite common in the website designing trends these days. They inherently enhance the design aesthetics by impressively using the properties of transparency and opacity so that you add depth to the design and weight to the important content. The most common overlays types are transparent,

Common problems with flat designs and their solutions

As the world goes online, the need of smart website keeps evolving. Websites designed in the initial period followed different design patterns than what we see today. Flat designs for website creation have been in existence since the early age of site design. These websites in their

Choose JoomlaShine templates – How and Why?

JoomlaShine is a team of fully dedicated web designers, developers and active supporters. They focus on the functionality, design and also the usability of the product. JoomlaShine has already launched wide variety of Joomla templates and extensions. It have maintained the improvement constantly in the quality of

Top 10 companies offering dedicated offshore staffing

Many IT companies all around the world prefer to outsource their software development projects to offshore development companies due to various reasons. One of the important advantage is the cost factor associated with hiring offshore dedicated developers is much less. In this era of global financial crisis,

5 reasons behind choosing the best WordPress Theme

WordPress is playing a dominant role in today’s world Wide Web. It has become one of the best and recommended platform for designing and developing outstanding websites. WordPress has proved itself to be the best CMS platform by doing the basic groundwork which are carried out for

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