10 Best Premium Horizontal Scrolling WordPress Themes

Rating: Whenever you think of a WordPress theme, you possibly image your typical vertical-scrolling (up and down) theme; these sorts are absolutely the most prevalent. But, if you are considering to make your blog stand out or just need an exclusive portfolio theme, you may wish to

HTML5 Development – Plays Very Significant Role in Responsive Web Design

Rating: As we all know that in the responsive web design arena, HTML4 as well as XHTML can be also used because responsive web design is done with the help of CSS3 media query. Now, you will surely think, than what about HTML5 and how it plays

8 Best PHP Debugging Tools For Web developers

Rating: Hypertext PreProcessor or PHP was developed at the time, when Java was being developed. It was 1995 that Rasmus Lerdof created PHP, which is an open source scripting language for websites. This server-side scripting language had many features that made it popular and it continued to

OLX App for Android and iOS Simplifies Buying and Selling

Rating: OLX.in is the most popular classified website where people can post free ads in India and this great classified website attracts over 600 million viewers each month and is nearly four times its nearest competitor in terms of brand awareness. In a bid to cater to reach

12 Most-Useful Ajax and JavaScript Code for Web Designers

Rating: As a web designer you might have made use of Ajax at some point of time. Ajax has become quite popular of late but the problem is most developers in web application development. There are many ways in which Ajax is implemented and the most common

The 5 Phases of Drupal’s Learning Curve

Rating: Drupal is an open source content management system, which is used to build websites. It can easily create enterprise applications and personal blogs, etc. It has countless add-on modules, that make designing possible and easier for almost any kind of website on earth. It is amazing

Create Portfolio Websites With Pixpa

Rating: There are website builders, and then there are photography website builders. The main challenge for a photography website builder is to maintain large, striking displays without slowing down the site. So, today we are reviewing Pixpa.com, another website building service targeted at professional photographers and designers.

Showcase of 20+ New Pixel Fonts for Your Next Project

Rating: When it comes to graphic design, fonts play a very important role. While there are many options available at your disposal there are chances that you can get tired with sleek and grungy new fonts. What do you do in such situations? Going back to the

10+ Useful jQuery Tools to Create Desired Functionalities in Your Website

Rating: The best way to create web effects using brief coding is to use jQuery , which is known to simplify HTML and acts as a JavaScript library. In order to add JavaScript functionality to websites, jQuery tools and tutorials are frequently being used by the developers

Why Twitter Bootstrap is The Most Popular CSS Framework For PSD To HTML Conversion

Rating: We use different type of gadgets and devices to access Internet these days and the biggest problem faced by most of the developers is the adjustment of the website according to the screen size of the device. The website owners therefore want their websites to have

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