10 Essential Requirements of a Novel Web Design

There are websites which seem to be made just for the sake of creating a website. There’s absolutely no thought process involved in developing them having been designed with a haphazard approach. If you’re planning to create a website, make sure it is an interesting and trendy

5 Helpful Tools For Responsive Web Design

Converting all your client requirements to full fledged live website is not an easy task. It requires multiple rounds of discussions between the development team, the designing team and other coordinators of the project. With a growing need of responsive web design, development work has become much

Tips to Create a Professional-Looking Video Guide with Screen Capture

Screen capture technology has allowed pretty much anyone and everyone to create their very own video guide – with the only caveat being that it has to be something carried out on the PC. That being said, there is a very noticeable difference between some video guides

Responsive Web design vs Fluid Design

Browsing the internet has limited desktop users and increased mobile, notebook and tablets users. Thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive web design. Beautiful web design is as important as salt to a tasteless food. Not only beautiful design but mobile friendly design is just as important

10 Free Vector Art Resources

If you are a designer you will surely understand the feeling when a piece of work is not coming together and cannot risk the extra time drawing something from scratch. You start scratching your head and find for a better solution. And then you decide to search

Google’s Revised Logo for Mobile Era

Tuesday Morning, Google rolled out and announced a new logo. Undoubtedly, it looks like a empty design exercise rather a brand new logo. Gone are the days to have traditional logos with sharp turns, hard edges, and a slightly medieval look. It’s time to say Hi to

Top 5 free photoshop Alternatives

Today Photoshop has become so famous and dominant that to get your hands on it you have to spend at least $10/month. Spending $10/month while learning sound too much. Don’t worry !! There are many options available for free, called as best photoshop alternatives. Here are few

7 Drawing, Sketching and Painting Apps For Android

Do you want to use your Android tablet for drawing, painting and sketching ? Then here are some interesting apps for your Android tablet. From some stunning sketch apps to powerful photo editing tools, here is a list of 7 Drawing, sketching and painting Apps For Android

Top 10 iPhone Apps For Designers

For every professional designer, iPhone applications are a huge extension to the workflow. Here I have compiled a collection of most useful iPhone apps for graphic designers. Each and every app offers an exclusive skill set to assist you on your graphic designing journey - 1. RulerPlus

Tips To Create a Web Design Style Guide

These days creating a website is not easy. It requires more than one resource to complete it. It’s getting more and more complicated to complete one website including consistent design, optimized layout, search engine and user friendly site. It should also ensure to meet the business objectives

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