5 best upcoming WordPress e-Commerce Plugins for 2015

 The popularity and use of e-Commerce websites is increasing day by day. More benefits can be earned from the business with a e-Commerce business website. Most of the people who are bloggers and webmaster they use WordPress CMS to e-Commerce business, write, maintain blog or website. WordPress have already launched more than 17,000 Plugins which

Six Simple Steps to Building Your own Website

From starting your own business to showcasing your creative talents, there’s any number of reasons why you might be thinking of building your own website, not to mention a lot to enjoy as you go through the process. There’s the excitement of laying claim to your own

9 cool things to know about Drupal

Before writing on the topic I assume that all the readers have some basic knowledge on Drupal. If you are a novice reader about Drupal then you can go through the post Top 10 file management modules in Drupal and get some knowledge on Drupal.  Now, whenever I go

The Expected Specifications of HTML6

Web developers often appreciate the astounding features of HTML5. This adorable tool has virtually revolutionized the web development field. However, it’s time to look beyond HTML5 and think about a more innovative and evolved solution that can help add advanced features to your website. We are talking

15 HTML5 Frameworks for Web Developers

HTML5 brings in new features and capabilities that are making it popular among the new-age web designers. It allows web pages to include specific structure tags to achieve a more semantic structure. Moreover, an HTML5 website can easily be accessible on all major web browsers, including Internet

Choosing the Best Magento Edition for Ecommerce Developments

In the recent times, Magento has emerged as a reliable solution to build an e-commerce platform. However, there are different editions of Magento, and each has its own benefits as well as limitations. Thus, when it comes to an e-commerce development, one needs to focus on a

Top eCommerce Trends to witness in 2015

The year 2014 has been a great year for the e-commerce, as new-age shoppers gained confidence to shop at online outlets for various positive reasons, from convenience to cost-effective shopping deals. Will the same trend continue in 2015? Are there some new trends that we will witness

10 CMS you can use for your business success

Rating: A Content Management System (CMS) plays a great role in keeping your website updated and win the favor of search engines. Moreover, fresh content encourages people to visit your website again and again. A CMS is the need to satiate the information-hungry modern internet users. There

15 Pivotal Trends That Will Rule Web designing in 2015

Web designing is a continuously evolving field. In 2014, we witnessed several new web design transformations. But are we going to see some new trends in the next year? Definitely, in 2015, some new ideas will hit the web designing field. Here are the 15 emerging trends

7 Tools to Rapidly Develop Mobile Apps Using Web Technologies

The growing popularity and explosion of smartphone users across the globe has sparked the creation of thousands of apps. From business apps to games and news apps, there is an app for just about anything you can think of. Does your business have a downloadable app on

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