Choose JoomlaShine templates – How and Why?

JoomlaShine is a team of fully dedicated web designers, developers and active supporters. They focus on the functionality, design and also the usability of the product. JoomlaShine has already launched wide variety of Joomla templates and extensions. It have maintained the improvement constantly in the quality of

Top 10 companies offering dedicated offshore staffing

Many IT companies all around the world prefer to outsource their software development projects to offshore development companies due to various reasons. One of the important advantage is the cost factor associated with hiring offshore dedicated developers is much less. In this era of global financial crisis,

5 reasons behind choosing the best WordPress Theme

WordPress is playing a dominant role in today’s world Wide Web. It has become one of the best and recommended platform for designing and developing outstanding websites. WordPress has proved itself to be the best CMS platform by doing the basic groundwork which are carried out for

8 e-Commerce trends to watch in 2015

In the year of 2014 people experienced some major changes in the scenario of e-Commerce trends. The number of users jumped from million to billion. This sharp growth in business resulted in the formation of some successful brands. Some of the fashion e-tailors like Jabong, Myntra, Zovi,

3 simple steps to improve sales in your Magento store

Magento stores are gaining their popularity worldwide. For that reason choosing the best Magento edition for e-Commerce development is a much needed task. Recently I got a chance to roam around the internet and analyzed some of the Magento stores. I found each and every website to

The do’s and needs in 2015 B2B marketing strategies

Marketing strategies of B2C varies from the strategies used for B2B e-Commerce. So my article is solely based on the B2B and B2G (in some cases) customers. Before going into the depth it is important to note that in order to work in marketing properly, you need

Top 10 cool marketing trends for 2015

Fundamental principals and theories of marketing was same and will be the same . But this picture is being changing proportional to the advancement in technology. So no one can operate on the fundamentals of marketing but smart marketers focuses on the methods of activating the fundamentals

Best 5 Joomla web designing trends to see in 2015

2014 is the year when e-Commerce attained its maximum popularity, Joomla, WordPress and other CMS platform launched many plugins, many apps launched but some of them gained its popularity and some of them lost its existence. Its popularity and need have increased a lot and that is

Simple ways to repair broken WordPress installation

Like every software, WordPress also have the possibility to break resulting in the anxiety of the blog owners. There are many reasons for the breaking of WordPress that includes File corruptions, WordPress e-Commerce Plugins and others are not working properly, database connection problem and many other reasons also. Though

5 best upcoming WordPress e-Commerce Plugins for 2015

 The popularity and use of e-Commerce websites is increasing day by day. More benefits can be earned from the business with a e-Commerce business website. Most of the people who are bloggers and webmaster they use WordPress CMS to e-Commerce business, write, maintain blog or website. WordPress have already launched more than 17,000 Plugins which

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