Izzonet: Build Your User-Friendly E-Commerce Store With More Enhanced Features

The provenance of internet has changed the way of conducting business and our life style. The business owners have started taking advantage of the evolving technology, and more or less they have succeeded in their concepts and ideas. One of the ideas that was evolved with the

Top 10 PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Providers

WordPress is an open source content management system has been around since 2003. In the very beginning, WordPress is used to edit the website content where you can manage, control, publish, edit or delete the data.

5 Best Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Website

WordPress is considered a leading platform for entrepreneurs to create sites for their small business or startup. This CMS is widely used by business owners who live in every corner of the world. Over 400 million sites worldwide are powered by WordPress, including over 100 million in

What Differentiates The Android And The iOS?

The day is not too far where mobile phones would be included as one of the basic necessities of life. To increase the efficiency of mobile phones we have applications that are soaring the app stores and the play stores. It is believed that applications were prepared

Top 5 Apps to Make a Facebook Cover With

What are the best apps with which to make a Facebook cover? Launched back in 2011 as part of the Facebook Timeline rollout, Facebook Covers have fast become an integral and essential customization option for most users of Facebook.

Web Design in the Age of the Cloud

The Cloud Computing Revolution The advent of cloud computing is changing the way people use their computers. With the cloud computing model, all of the user’s software and data are stored on remote servers and accessed via various devices. Software and applications may be accessed through the

A Plunge Into Attaining a Pixel-Perfect UI For iPhone Apps

App Development is a tedious, quirky process. Understanding the programming libraries, the design standards and the common themes present in user interfaces is a pre-requisite.

Tips to Avoid the Common Responsive Web Design Problems

Responsive web design has been around for at least a couple of years now. In the online world whereby changes occur by the minute this is definitely considered a long time. Nevertheless, a lot of designers are still experiencing problems with creating and updating their clients’ responsive

Top 5 Cool WordPress Video Gallery Plugins for 2017

WordPress is a fantastic blogging, CMS tool favored by many worldwide. Reason, it is simple and easy to use. However, its performance can be multiplied and can attract even more visitors when a few additional plugins are added to it. Today, you have some fantastic plugins for

Top Features in Drupal That Conquers Technology & Design Challenges

With endless opportunities to create business websites, discussion boards, blogs and social networking portals, Drupal emerges as a functional CMS. The upgraded version of Drupal brings many advanced functionality that makes it better in terms of performance, scalability, revenue generation and customer-orientation. Without compromising on its powerful

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