Modernizing our App, Uber

The GenNxt is all about technology and trendy looking apps. Tech gigs are making the most out of the technology provided to them. Each and every application developed for the smart phones has some kind of update. Application developers want their applications to be looking vogue and

Confused About Selecting The Right Mobile App Platform ? Check Our Considerations Below

The mobile enterprise is progressing at a staggering rate since the past few year, it still has huge potential and many fresh developers would definitely want to cash in on this opportunity. For the newer or less experienced developers who aspire to create great apps there are

5 Critical Signs that Your Website Needs an Update

When do you know that your businesss needs a website redesign? In many cases, it’s not just because of a single factor. Instead, it’s the result of a combination of factors. According to Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the

JavaScript Unit Testing Tools

Javascript testing (Javascript unit test) is an essential part when your developer is using logic in his code. Like hundreds of other things in the world of JavaScript , there are many choices for how to unit test the code. To help you save time when setting up a

Why Choosing Magento Development Company Over Freelancer?

In the current development scenario, Magento eCommerce development powers numerous online shops on the digital platform. Magento is widely renowned for its advanced features, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. It is known to be a truly versatile eCommerce solution, helping developers build next-generation online stores with complete focus on

PHP 7 : New Way To Code The Website

Significant changes to PHP have increased the performance of sites that use the language dramatically. In fact, it is estimated that PHP 7 offers a 100% improvement in performance speed over PHP 5.6. This major improvement in speed allows web developers to create sites that provide interesting and

Make your windows stand out with these genius ways

Believe it or not, the appropriate type of window treatments can change the aspect of a room to 180 degrees. It is a great way of redecorating a space without investing a fortune in new furniture or accessories. Replacing curtains and opting for more modern variants might

Best Steps To Hiring A Perfect Mobile App Development Company

In this digital age, taking in to consideration the huge variations in prices from one web development company to the next, web development and application development is a highly convoluted area. There are thousands of budding new development companies joining the market everyday and a lot of

Understand The Term ‘Internet Of Things’

Internet of things (IOT) one of the raging technologies is luring end users with its captivating benefits and features. Every emerging technology has a dark side to it, which should be explored and kept in mind while using the technology. ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, one of the

5 Reasons To Choose Ruby On Rails for Web Development

Ruby on Rails is one of the hottest technological trends for 2015 which has taken over the web development industry. Ruby on rails developed in Ruby programming language is an open source web application framework. Rails is the software library which extends the software code that are

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