ManageME7: A Recommended Financial Tool for Designers & Developers

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Dealing with your website design business finances when a lot of website design projects are waiting to be delivered, is a crucial task. With project deadlines approaching near day-by-day, designers and freelancers find it quite difficult to manage their income, expenditure, investments and taxes. The improper money management can take you towards a deep pool of debt.

To manage their hard earned money, designers/freelancers should switch towards an online money management tool which could manage their finances efficiently and let them live a life without any financial worries. Online money management tool enables you to manage your finances in an efficient yet easy way. It acts as a lethal weapon in combating your tangled finances, and help you enhance the financial worth for your business as well as personal use.

A well designed money management tool, manageME7 fulfills all the financial management needs of a business. With a simple and logical interface, and use of latest encryption standards, it ensures a proper management of your business finances. Multi-currency support, one of its features enables you to manage up to 10 different bank accounts. You can categorize your expenses and will be alert by the budgeting software if you’re going to exceed your budget. The application enables you to Track your expenses anywhere, anytime even while traveling.

The brief login process takes you to the dashboard which provides an overview of your finances so as to keep you abreast of day to day financial matters. You can manage multiple accounts, add transactions, set your monthly budget and categorize your expenses through your dashboard. The reminder function reminds you about the payments to be done.

ManageME7 allows you to generate account wise report of your income and expenditures and helps you track all your monetary transactions. The anonymity of data is ensured with 128 bit SSL encryption that is used to store any sensitive information. The firewall protection prevents security breach, and data back up is also provided to prevent any loss.

Ease of use and clear financial information are major strengths of this money management application. This free online budgeting software addresses all your financial hurdles by managing your finances in a simple, secure and convenient manner.

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