Make your windows stand out with these genius ways

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Believe it or not, the appropriate type of window treatments can change the aspect of a room to 180 degrees. It is a great way of redecorating a space without investing a fortune in new furniture or accessories. Replacing curtains and opting for more modern variants might be exactly what your home needs to feel welcoming, modern and appealing again.

How do we make a room feel stylish once again using the simplest, most conventional ideas? Believe it or not, there are so any things you can change in your home on a budget. All you need is some imagination to get started. Here are some trivial but genius ways to make your windows stand out.


Neutral elegance

Neutral beige colors are the best when you’re trying to have an elegant living room. Floor to ceiling window treatments will add more height to your space, as well as width. Your room will appear larger and it will feel fresher. Also, beige accents give you the opportunity to play with colors; add stronger accents for the throw pillows and accessories, and transform your home into a comfortable, modern and stylish environment.

Contrasts are a great way of adding a touch of ingenuity into your personal space. Pick a theme, adapt is to your personal preferences and make it work. For example, naval influences are in trend this season. Choose light blue for the shades, stripped blue in the same hues for the cushions and throw pillows, and complement the room with a darker blue rug. The end result will exceed all your expectations.

Simple elegance

When adorning window treatments, you should know that drapes and curtains are not always the most important accessories. Sometimes, it’s all about the hangs and ring headings. Choose luxurious varieties with interesting designs and color palettes and keep the aspect of the curtains as simple as possible. Light orange drapes for example will match perfectly with all-black stainless steel hangs and rings. Counterbalance and make your windows pop; choose window accessories that shape the frames and give your home an architectural, innovative appeal.


Pastel pinks

Pink is not just a color that goes into your little girl’s room. When properly adapted and adorned, the hue can actually work miracles in the living or dining area too. It’s all about staying away from strong accents of bright pink and fuchsia. Pastel pink on the other hand, shouldn’t be neglected. Ideal in home with little sunshine, curtains and drapes in this nuance will bring more light into your home; it will make your space look bigger and your furniture more chic.

Dramatic draping

Add more drama into the living room and invest in longer drapes and curtains. This will make your space seem extravagant, out of the ordinary and incredibly chic. Loose linens make a space seem more fluid; they’re excellent in the bedroom when you want the ambiance to scream comfort and elegance. For a more casual allure, leave the curtains shorter but opt for a striking design. Stripes for example, might be the best solution to create a dramatic living space without cluttering it.

Industrial accessories for window treatments

Now that you’ve done with the window installation process, how about changing the general look and appeal of your drapes with some innovative drapery hardware? This season, all eyes are on the industrial trend. Unique and colorful holdbacks, curtains finials and additional accessories are an excellent way of adding glamour and shine to standard drapes and curtains. The variety of styles and colors is endless. Choose holdbacks with interesting designs – colored flowers, twigs and leaves – and after you’ve selected your curtains, pay some attention to accessories like rings, hooks, and rod brackets. These will give a finishing touch to the window treatments, and your home will scream both comfort and style.


Changing your home’s appeal is a lot easier than you think. Believe it or not, you can make your space feel comfortable and look chic without spending a lot of money. Be smart and invest in high-quality window accessories. Choose drapes and curtains in timeless colors, and pick materials that are thick, full and durable. Warm combos are the best because they provide warmth and comfort; however, if you want to welcome more light into your home, lighter shades are also highly recommended.

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