Know More About Photoshop Errors and Crashing

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What happens when you are working on an urgent project and at the last moment photoshop crashes ? I better know the feeling of sudden and interruptive crash as photoshop really crashes a lot while working. This abrupt crash leaves you irritated and frustrated and loss of work. Also the delayed deadlines can hamper your productivity with bitter experience.This issue arises whether you are an experienced designer or a newbie. This is common problem arousable with most software but there are solutions to resolve them.

Solution 1. –  Cleaning your PC



The first and the foremost step is to check the available disk space on your PC. Photoshop work performance is defined by the availability of space on your computer. Delete the files that are not in use or taking more space. If you feel all of them are necessary for your project you can consider an external hard drive.

Solution 2 – Define your daily task



If you are working on many projects at a time you might be using different software and web apps. To avoid abrupt crash you must be careful while opening other windows as well. Limit it to avoid any unnecessary clutter that may affect to photoshop’s performance. Many experienced designers use dozens of layers to display their work which results in hanging or slow down your photoshop, even sudden crash too. To avoid all these consider layers merging together or flattening them.

Solution3 – Setting your preference



You can adjust your scratch disks,memory and history and cache by going to Edit > Preferences > Performance. You can manage these settings according to your operating system. Make sure that your new settings are in compliance with your photoshop usage like painting, photoshop editing etc.

Solution 4 – Purge


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As we discussed above Photoshop uses more disk space to store data like undo and clipboard. If you are comfortable to loose the latest changes (Undo) , go to Edit > Purge > All. This will help you to create more space in RAM by deleting the history.

These are few solutions to resolve your photoshop crashing and sudden errors. Do write if you have any other solution for the same.

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