Joomla Vs. WordPress 2013:Which One Wins [Infographic]

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Joomla vs WordPress, this story is almost 10 years old which is considered quite old in the terms of virtual world. Joomla and wordpress could be acknowledged as Pepsi and Coke of the Internet world and can be called as veterans as the pace at which development is going on these platforms is measured in months, weeks or even days and shares almost complete content management system industry.

While there are numerous other CMSs are available in the market doing great job for the people with several levels of technical know-how, Joomla and wordpress have emerged out to be the winner which have made the biggest impact accross the world.

This Infographic is presenting the latest information, raw facts and figures on the main features of WordPress and Joomla, such as: extensions, frameworks, technical features, learning curve and much more.

WordPress v Joomla - Infographic by Red Giant Design

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