It’s time to get engaged with the third iOS 9 public beta with striking wallpaper release

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Apple has come up with its 3rd amazing version of iOS 9 in the world of technology. The company goes on adding up the latest software updates to iOS launches. Whereas, the newly introduced iOS 9 includes a bundle of latest features such as the navigator, a higher of this application is aimed for endowing the users worldwide with a smoother and better experience on the cell phones by ‘Apple’.


Apart from all these technicalities, the lately introduced Apple wallpapers range came up as the most distinguished version to this slightly enhanced edition of recent software update by Apple. The new wallpaper version by the company is extremely gorgeous. This recent beta update came up with various sorts of minimal alterations and improvements to the device.

After this new launch, it has been noticed that iOS is performing in a smoother and faster way as compared to the previous times. The lately launched news application performs faster and has stopped crashing unexpectedly as before. The exaggerated and prominent advertisements have been noticed at the time of scrolling the screen in “For You” section. Adding more to this point, there were also a few suggestions presented for various other facts you might like being acknowledged with.
In the new updated iOS version, there are small changes made to the display settings of the device. For instance, the delete & shift keys on the keyboard have been added up with a broader outline. In addition to this, the sign for music shuffle is turned to get notably positioned in the music application.

As a point of security, it is important and convenient to keep a backup of the files on the device sooner than installation. The iOS is updated and performing in a comparatively smoother way but still it is a beta. iOS 9 is a grand release and much effective for the iPhone than for the iPad.

Well, there is good news for the users of iPad Air 2 as now they will be able to work on two applications at one time. The next amazing feature which is to be introduced to all iPads will let the users slide in the applications with the quick access key on the side. This upgraded technicality in iOS will endow the iPhone and iPad users with an improved battery life, a refurbished notes application where the user can draw and can also save websites & documents.

The iOS 9 will be introduced in the market soon this year. This upgradation will definitely be compatible with iPhone 4s and other higher versions. The iPad 2 and higher versions will also be compatible with this new launch. Well, the next best piece of information is that the 5th and 6th generation iPod touch users will also be able to enjoy this updated version.

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